Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have become extremely popular over the last 10 or so years. These temporary tattoos allow people of pretty much all ages to put some flashy tattoo designs on their skin without having to worry about regretting it later on. These modern age temporary tattoos seemed to be a fad when they first started popping up, but the industry has continued to grow and now you have thousands of flash tattoo designs to choose from.

One of the many reasons why temporary tattoos are so popular is because they are extremely easy to stick onto the skin. It’s as simple as laying the flash tattoo on your skin, holding a wet cloth over it for 30 or more seconds, and then peeling it off. Unlike traditional temporary tattoos, flash tattoos will stay on your skin for a long time, yet they’re still easy to get off when you want them off.

The biggest difference between classic temporary tattoos and flash tattoos is that traditional look like stickers while flash tattoos are semi-realistic and usually metallic looking temporary tats. In many cases, people will not be able to tell that you have a temporary tattoo on when you’re wearing a flash tattoo, while that would never be true with classic temp tats. Also, flash tattoos are quite a bit “flashier” than the temporary tattoos that kids wear.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are a lot more flash tattoo designs to choose from these days. Thanks to the trend blowing up over the last decade, plenty of companies have gone all in on it and have come up with hundreds of designs. This obviously gives you a higher chance of finding flash tattoos that both suit the occasion you’re wearing them for and that suit your skin tone. It’s actually really easy to find flash tattoos that you’ll be happy to wear these days.

Another reason why flash tattoos have continued to grow in popularity is because there are plenty of different sizes to choose from. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but it is when you realize that these temporary tattoos are now worn all over the body. For example, if you wanted to get a flash text tattoo, then you might need a specific size to wrap around your arm or down the side of your body.

Obviously (or maybe not obviously to some) flash tattoos are more popular during the summer than during any other time of the year. Whether you are going to the pool, beach, or just hanging out with your friends outside, there really isn’t a bad time to wear some flash tattoos during the warm weather months. You definitely can wear them to certain events that pop up throughout the year, but it seems like everyone starts stocking up on flash tattoos once the hot weather rolls in.

One of the reasons why flash tattoos became so popular over the last decade or so was because everyone started wearing them to concerts. They have the perfect bit of “wild” to them without being too over the top. It’s not uncommon to find huge groups of people at concerts that all have multiple flash tattoos on their skin.

Coachella is most definitely the concert festival that made flash tattoos the trendy products that they are today. In fact, you could say that flash tattoos weren’t “cool” until hundreds of people (including extremely famous people) started wearing them to this music and arts festival. This is one place where you can confidently put some flash tattoos all over your skin and not feel like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb.

Another great time to get some new flash tattoos is when you know there are parties coming up. Flash tattoos are the epitome of “fun,” so plenty of people whip out their sheets of tats when they know the party season is coming. Of course, it’s just as fun to wear flash tattoos with a couple of friends at a birthday bash as it is to wear them to a work party.

If you are thinking about getting a new real tattoo, it’s actually not a bad idea to try to find a flash tattoo that looks like the design you want. This is one of the many benefits of the flash tattoo industry blowing up like it has. There are so many top notch flash tattoo options out there that you will probably be able to find one that is similar to the real tattoo design that you want. Test it out for a couple of days to see if it’s the type of tat you really want.

Is it important which flash tattoo line you use? Like any other product, some people will want to stick with one brand, while others will buy from a bunch of different companies and mix up their flash tattoo styles. If you know that you like the metallic look of certain flash tattoos, then you will want to focus on the companies that specialize in metallic tats. If you’re new to flash tattoos, it’s a good idea to get a couple of different styles so you can test them out on your skin before you commit to buying from a single company.

Keep in mind that flash tattoos weren’t created to mimic real tattoos. They are meant to be fun party wear that’s both inexpensive and attractive. Yes, you can use your flash tattoos to give yourself a feel for how a real tattoo might look on your skin, but that really isn’t what they’re on the market to do.

It is very easy to see why flash tattoos have become as huge as they are today. They look great for multiple occasions, and people of all ages can enjoy having a new style of body art. Not too long ago it seemed like flash tattoos were going to be a temporary trend, but it now looks like the industry is only going to get bigger.

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