The Flash Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The Flash is one of the comic book’s most notable superheroes, he is also one of the first created! Dating as far back as the 1940s, the Flash is still a very relevant and ongoing comic book series. As of recently, the Flash has even gotten his television show on the CW Television Network.

The Flash was adopted by DC Comics in 1956, changing the character’s name from the ‘Scarlet Speedster’ to ‘The Flash’. Although over the years there have been changes made to the character’s names, they all have the same thing in common. They all possess an incredible, super-human ability to run at a super speed, which also includes being able to think and make decisions at incredible timing. His reflexes are also ridiculously fast, and he can defy the laws of physics by moving through solid walls and other objects with his ability to manipulate molecular vibrations.

Barry Allen is a forensic scientist who collects, preserves and analyzes scientific evidence that is needed at the time of an investigation. Forensic scientists such as Barry often go to the crime scene to collect evidence, where they take it back to their lab to conduct research. Forensic scientists testify as expert witnesses when the case is presented to court. Barry Allen was often ridiculed by his peers because of his ‘always late’ and slow, clumsy demeanor.

One night while working late in the laboratory during a wild storm, a great lightning bolt crashed through the lab in which Barry was working. The lightning crash exploded a shelf full of research chemicals above Barry, drenching Barry in a toxic liquid. This resulted in Barry Allen, the sluggish forensic scientist, gaining the ability to run and think extremely fast.

Due to the agility of the Flash, he quickly learned that with his new superpower, he must adapt his clothing to such speeds. This resulted in Barry constructing a suit that could stand the amount of friction he caused by moving so fast. Being a genius, he developed a suit made with materials that are similar to the materials on a spacecraft that re-enters the earth’s atmosphere at top speeds.

His suit, from head to toe, is a scarlet red with golden lightning bolt symbols and emblems planted throughout the suit. Many versions of the Flash’s costume are out there but they all have the same lightning bolt icon embedded in the center of the chest, and a bright yellow utility belt accompanies the rest of the costume nicely.

Tattoo Designs and Placement

Since The Flash is a superhero coming from a comic book, he and many other superheroes and villains make for great body art. The vibrant colors used in comic books are so eye-catching that a tattoo about the superhero many adore will be sure to turn heads. The first question is, how far are you willing to take your love for this hero? Full sleeves of the Flash have been spotted as well as simple one-image designs, no matter what the size, the Flash always has that dynamic and electrifying effect.

Check out some of these Flash tattoos below for a better idea of some designs.

Lightning Bolt

If you are a fan of the Flash but do not have enough room or just want a simple tattoo design to show your devotion to this hero, the perfect image you could choose is Flash’s signature lightning bolt symbol. Almost all superheroes have their self-identifying logos, the Flash’s in particular is a jagged lightning bolt striking through the center of a circle. Lightning is such a powerful and impossibly fast force that the lightning bolt is the best symbol to associate with this hero. Also, a lightning bolt is what infinitely prevented him from gaining his powers.

This tattoo of Flash’s icon can be incorporated in so many different styles and sizes that it will look good by itself or amongst the rest of your tattoos. You can even take an image and fit that particular image inside the shape of a jagged lightning bolt. This not only combines the frame of the lightning bolt but shows more character and imagery within the simple design.

An example of this would be to get the Flash running full speed inside the lightning bolt, giving it a kind of 3D effect, it is a great way to accommodate two ideas into one. The lightning bolt image is a fantastic conversation starter and a very virtuous graphic to have. This tattoo is most commonly seen on the forearm, upper arm, and chest.

Action Pose

Seeing your idolized superhero’s inaction is what it is all about. Spider-Man has his webs, Superman has his cape soaring through the clouds, and the Flash has his insane ability to run faster than the speed of sound. There is always the classic image of the Flash decked out in his costume in the running position. This is a great tattoo, but if desired, it can be tweaked out a little bit to give it more of an edge. In the comic books and television series alike, the Flash runs so fast that he is seen leaving a trail of fire and smoke behind him. This graphic shows the Flash in hot pursuit, full motion, and on his way toward some action.

The Flash in Battle

A superhero would not be a superhero if he wasn’t fighting crime. If you are looking for a graphic that not only shows off the Flash’s superhuman abilities but also shows the hero fighting evil forces, this is an idea you can play around with. Supervillains are just as important as the heroes themselves, after all, if it wasn’t for the bad guys, who would we need protection from? One of the Flash’s main archenemies in both the comic book and the television series is a deranged psychopath known as ‘Zoom’. Zoom is also known as the Reverse Flash and Professor Zoom.

Just like the Flash, Zoom is also able to run faster than the speed of light, allowing it to cross over to other dimensions in space and time. A battle scene of the Flash and Professor Zoom makes for an incredible body art piece. The vibrant colors and action-packed illustration of these two, almost identical, characters will always be a great comic book-style tattoo!

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