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Regardless of what style of tattoo you like, thigh tattoos can be some of the most beautiful and attractive tattoos around. Even if you’ve never thought about getting a tattoo in this area before, chances are you can think of a larger design that could look perfect on your thigh. Below you will find some thigh tattoo ideas, including some specific designs that look great in the area and some tips on how you can make these tattoos look amazing.

What you’ll find is that the thigh is often a great place to put a tattoo that doesn’t quite fit on the bicep, the forearm, the shin, or the calf. For example, one popular thigh tattoo idea is to get larger, circular images in this area since it covers the thigh so well. These often work better than putting the tattoo on your back or your stomach because you have less empty space, making the tattoo look like it really does belong on the thigh.

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Some animal tattoos, such as the elephant tattoo, simply fit better on the thigh than on most other parts of the body. If you have an animal tattoo idea in mind, think about how wide the head or torso will be and you might find that the thigh works better than the original spot you were thinking about.

Sometimes the shape of the thigh itself makes it the perfect place for certain designs. Unless you already know where you are going to place your tattoo, it’s a good idea to at least consider how well it will fit on your thigh. You could even find a way to stretch a design into a more attractive form and then, boom, you have yourself a brand new thigh tattoo idea. As we pointed out earlier, there are a lot of great designs that work on the thigh, but often times people just don’t consider this area for their tattoos.

One tattoo that is often placed in the thigh area is the flower tattoo. This is the spot to put a flower if you want to get a very large design, though a longer vertical flower can work very well here too. Flower tattoos are excellent choices because you can choose a specific type of flower based on the meanings that you want to use. You can even group different types of flowers together to make a brand new thigh tattoo idea.

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In recent years people have used their thighs for matching text tattoos, with one piece of the text on one leg and the other piece on the other. With these you will want to put equal focus on the words and the font that you’ll use. Choosing fonts can be a bit of a challenge for some people, but that extra research is definitely worth it if you end up with an amazing thigh tat.

Sometimes thigh tattoos are simply one part of a larger leg tattoo, and this area is often the focal point of these designs. These can definitely be challenging to design since you will have to make sure that your tattoo looks good regardless of how much of it is showing. For example, if you are wearing longer shorts or a skirt that goes down to your knee, you still want the tattoo to look good even though people aren’t seeing the whole thing. We recommend working with a good artist to ensure that your thigh tattoo always shines even if it is partially covered.

Interestingly, thigh tattoos are the one type of tat that some people assume are for women only. It’s true that the majority of thigh tattoos are found on women, but there are also quite a few great designs that work well on men’s thighs. The only big difference is that women’s thigh tattoos are shown more often since they will wear shorter shorts. Guys need to be creative with their thigh tattoo ideas, but some of them definitely can look great.

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The difference between a good and a great high tattoo often comes down to whether or not it was properly placed. If you have a thigh tattoo turned too far inward or outward, you run the risk of cutting it off from certain angles. You want to think of your thigh tattoo idea from all angles and then figure out the best way to make it look good from all of them. Often the safest approach is to go right down the middle, but some thigh tats actually do look better off to one side or the other.

The thigh is not a spot to get a tattoo if you’re not willing to show it off, so make sure the piece fits properly and you’re in love with it. Too often people think that since the thigh is not the most visible spot that they don’t have to be as precise with their designs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is, especially on women, a spot where many people will get a close look so you really do want it to be as perfect as possible.

Regardless of which thigh tattoo you choose to get, you really should have an experienced artist do the job for you. As we pointed out earlier, these are usually larger designs so there’s a lot of work to be done. You up the chances of getting exactly what you imagined if you have an experienced hand doing the work for you. You definitely should not just walk into the nearest tattoo shop and hope that you end up with the exact thigh tattoo that you wanted. That little bit of extra research could be the difference between getting an okay tat and a great one.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why people choose to ink their thighs rather than putting their designs on the more popular parts of the body. They are often very attractive and sexy tattoos that turn some heads and get compliments. You have plenty of great options to choose from, so chances are you can come up with a thigh tattoo idea that works for your leg. As long as you take your time during the idea and design process, put on the perfect part of your thigh, and hire a good tattoo artist, you should end up with a thigh tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life.
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