This Too Shall Pass Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The This Too Shall Pass tattoo is one of the most popular inspirational text tattoos in the world, and for good reason. It’s one of those rare tattoos that can inspire both the owner and anyone who happens to see it when they need some inspiration.

Below we will take a look at some of the reasons why someone might get a This Too Shall Pass tattoo and some of the ways that it can be designed.

The origins of the phrase This Too Shall Pass date back to the 11th century, though no one is quite sure which Persian writer created the famous line. While the line has been around for centuries, it came to most people’s attention when English poet Edward FitzGerald used it during the 1800s. Since then, it has been a very powerful phrase that thousands of people have used.

As with all other text tattoos, what makes the This Too Shall Pass tattoo so popular has everything to do with its meaning and very little to do with the looks of the design. People who choose to get these tattoos do so because the words have had some kind of impact on their lives. Maybe they saw them at a time when they were feeling low and they felt better, or maybe the words just remind them of a specific time in their lives. Regardless of the reason, no one will get one of these tattoos simply because they think the words will look nice on their skin.

What the This Too Shall Pass tattoo means to most people is hope regardless of what they are currently going through in their lives. They know that they will eventually be able to get past whatever happens to them and that they will be able to come through it whole. Even people who have not had too many issues in their lives will get this tattoo because they want that constant reminder that things are going to be okay regardless of what happens. If you think about it, this is a tattoo that just about anyone can get for these reasons.

Interestingly, sometimes there will be a somewhat negative meaning attached to the This Too Shall Pass tattoo. For example, someone might get this tattoo to show that they don’t think the good moments in their lives will last very long. It’s one of those rare tattoos that can have an equally positive and negative message depending on the person and what they’re going through. It’s also a tattoo that can have its meaning changed based on how the owner changes over time.

One of the most common reasons why people choose to get the This Too Shall Pass tattoo is because they just lost someone in their lives and they want words that can inspire them to move forward. The words don’t mean that they want to forget the person who passed, but instead, they are meant to help them find the strength to keep living their own lives.

A lot of people like the This Too Shall Pass tattoo because it allows them to have a powerful line of text on their skin and the meaning can be kept private. As we pointed out earlier, these words can have multiple meanings across the spectrum of meanings, so you can never know why someone chooses to get on unless they tell you. Even someone who gets these words tattooed on a visible part of their skin can keep the meaning private, which is a great thing for some folks.

Some people will even get their This Too Shall Pass tattoos to inspire other people who look at their ink. The fact is that we often feel very alone when we are feeling at our worst, and just seeing a tattoo like this could get us out of our funk. It’s certainly rare for someone to get a tattoo completely to inspire others, but it does happen from time to time.

What’s great about the This Too Shall Pass tattoo and all other text tattoos is that you can choose any font that you want to use in your design. You probably don’t want to make it too flashy since that might take away from the meanings you’re using, but you can certainly try to make it look nice on your skin. These days you have literally thousands of great fonts to choose from, so it can be a pretty fun process sifting through all of them until you find the perfect one.

One of the key decisions that people have to make when they get the This Too Shall Pass tattoo is how they are going to format the words. You can choose to get the words all in a horizontal line, or you might want to put “This Too” above “Shall Pass.” It will completely depend on where you plan on placing the tattoo since each format will look better in some locations over others.

For example, you would probably choose to go with the horizontal version if you were planning on getting the tattoo on your forearm, but the two-line version might look a lot better on the chest. It’s a good idea to figure out placement before you start working on the design so you know which direction to go in.

We hope you now have a better understanding of where the This Too Shall Pass tattoo came from and why so many people choose to get one of these designs over all of the other text tattoos out there. It’s a text tattoo that many people would love to have since the words ring true for just about all of us, and it also happens to be a very fun tattoo to design.

If you are thinking about getting a This Too Shall Pass tattoo, be sure to figure out where you are going to place it, find a great font to use, and then hire a good artist in your area to apply for you.

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