To Infinity and Beyond Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

There seems to be no end when it comes to the many, various infinity and beyond tattoo design ideas. The symbol that is associated with infinity is such a mesmerizing design that it has intrigued people for a multitude of generations. This design provides lots of options to personalize the perfect tattoo for you.

Some people will get just an infinity sign as a simple and elegant tattoo, while others choose to get script saying the phrase “to infinity and beyond.” This can be written in plain text, cursive, or even a different language. Another option could be mixing in scrip to the infinity symbol to add some creativity to the design.

There are even options that include using combinations of numbers and symbols such as a “2” and an arrow to depict the beyond part of the design. The options are “endless” and the most important part is to choose a design that feels unique to you.

The history of the infinity symbol begins with its place in math. The sideways eight expressed that the number was not an easy number to obtain. It is also seen as a symbol that has an ever-constant loop that never ends, hence the infinity meaning.

This symbol has given many people peace, hope, and a curious outlook on the future. It tells people that there is more than what is present and that live was there before you and after you. Some people associate it with space and the forever vastness that exists in that world. It portrays to some that there we are a part of what seems to be a never-ending cycle of life.

People from all around the world are familiar with the infinity symbol and its endless loop meaning. Therefore, some people will choose to get this tattoo. As the statement says, “a picture is a thousand words.” Whichever design you choose or if you want to make your own custom creation, it will be sure to be recognized all around the world. Then you can share your story when people ask why you got the tattoo and what it means to you.

Here are some common examples of why people will get an infinity and beyond tattoo. Some people choose to get the tattoo because they want to display an everlasting friendship they share with someone. This can also be done in a matching style with another friend or lover.

Some people want to show their bond with their families and the blood that they will share forever. Another example of why people get an infinity and beyond tattoo is to show their affinity to no boundaries, and their want to go past beyond them. This has in a way become the new way of saying, I can’t wait to see how far you will go in this world. People will also get this tattoo before they intend to embark on a large journey or challenge to motivate them.

This can also be the case for if someone just completed a major challenge and want to show off in an indirect way that they overcame this. Other examples include, everlasting faith, freedom, strength, harmony, perfection, hope and balance.

The “and beyond” portion of the “to infinity and beyond” tattoo is also important if you want to distinguish your tattoo from just the traditional infinity tattoo. The beyond part of a “to infinity and beyond” tattoo can have several meanings. In a manner, there really is no such thing as going beyond infinity because infinity is everlasting and cannot be reached. However, geometrically, if you go past the point of infinity, you will begin to make your way back to the initial start point at which you began coming from the opposite direction.

This can be seen just like crossing the half point in a circle. Some people choose to get the infinity and beyond tattoo to show that they believe that the impossible can happen. Other will get it because they want to let everyone know that they are willing to go that one extra step beyond to achieve what they want or who they want to become. There is a mystery behind going beyond infinity and that is what fascinates people the most when it comes to getting this tattoo.

Infinity and beyond tattoo designs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There is no wrong or right way to get an infinity and beyond tattoo. You can get the classic infinity sign with and arrow after it. You can get the infinity sign with the words infinity and beyond written inside of it. Another option could be getting the phrase to infinity in beyond in a cursive font. You could get “to infinity” and a friend or family member could get “and beyond.”

There is an option of just getting symbols like a number two as well as the infinity sign, an and sign, and greater than or arrow symbol. Whichever you choose will be a beautiful piece of art that will show just who are. Remember there is no better option than another so just think about what looks good to you and work from that.

Whatever the reason you choose to get a To Infinity and Beyond Tattoo, whether it’s because it means something personal to you or you just like the design, be sure that you pick a location that you like. There are many various designs so take your time when choosing your fonts, thickness of lines or just words compared to symbols.

This tattoo will guarantee to turn heads and get some questions thrown your way. However, you choose to answer them is up to you. Rest assured that the classic design of the infinity sign and your willingness to go beyond that will be reason enough to show people how you feel by getting this tattoo.

So, start looking now for designs that you think would look good on you. You can also take bits and pieces from things you like and create your own design. There is really an infinite amount of options to choose from….and beyond.

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