Tooth Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

We are all aware of what a tooth is and what teeth do for us. We probably also remember the nights when a magical little fairy would come in through our windows in the middle of the night and give us money for the teeth we have lost. There are many kinds of teeth going from our incisors and canines to our premolars and molars. Each tooth has a different function which gives each tooth tattoo a possible different meaning.

If you look around, you will see that tattoos have become increasingly popular over the years and you’ll almost anything tattooed on a body. The tooth tattoo is one we see and believe it or not, there is some meaning behind it. We will discuss some of the different variations of a tooth tattoo and what it might mean to the person wearing it. By the end of this post, we hope that you will have a better understanding of the meaning of the tooth tattoo.

Variations of the Tooth Tattoo

As mentioned before, there are many variations and styles of the tooth tattoo and we have seen them all. There are so many ways this can be done that we might have to write a 10-page report to fill in all the information. However, we will discuss some of the more popular versions of the tooth tattoo and the meanings behind them.

Tooth Tattoo

In generic terms, the tooth represents the exterior intellectual and the natural truth. The function our teeth is to mill and grind our food to prepare it for digestion and nourishment. In addition to nourishing our body, the tooth tattoo can represent a nourishment of the soul. In the ways we chew and nourish our body with food, intelligence and wisdom is the food for the soul, so a tooth tattoo can also be a reminder to keep feeding the soul with goodness and wisdom.

Molar Tooth Tattoo

The molar tooth tattoo is probably one of the most common version of the tooth tattoo that you will see. The molars are the largest teeth in the human mouth. They have a wide flat surface for biting. The function of the molar is to grind and crush food, so it is easily digestible. We have eight molars in our mouth which might be why we see this tattoo a lot.

Everyone has a different meaning behind their tooth tattoo but in this case, we see a lot of symbolism coming from moving forward and to keep on living. Because the molars grind our food and prepare it to be eaten, it is in a way fueling our bodies and minds. The molar tooth tattoo can be a reminder to keep pressing ahead and making progress.

Canine Tooth Tattoo

The canine tooth has a sharp edge and is used for gripping and tearing our food for consumption. We have four canines in our mouths and they are located at the corners of our dental arch.

The canine can have a couple meanings. First, because of the function of the canine, it can represent an aggression of sorts. The gripping and tearing function of the tooth is an aggressive one that we liken to meat eating animals. Animals that hunt have extremely large canines so they can take down their prey. So, by getting a tattoo of a canine tooth, we might be tapping into our animal tendencies.

In dreams, canines represent the head of the household and the other teeth represent the family. The upper teeth represent the men of the family while the lower teeth represent the women in the family. Therefore, the lower canine represents the first lady in the family while the uppers represent the men.

Wisdom Tooth Tattoo

Oh, the wisdom teeth. These teeth can literally be a pain, but they are also a popular choice for being tattooed on our bodies. They are the third molar in our mouth and the furthest back. Sometimes these teeth have room to grow but, in many cases, we must have these teeth removed because there isn’t enough room in our mouths.

The wisdom teeth appear much later in life than our other teeth. Usually they start showing up between the ages of 17 and 25. Therefore, many believe this is why these teeth were named the wisdom teeth. They start appearing later in life when we have much more life experience and are really starting to enter and thrive in our adulthood. In addition, some scientists say that our brains don’t stop growing until we’re about 25 years old, so these teeth are a reminder of adulthood and our maturation.

Shark Tooth Tattoo

When I was a kid, the shark tooth necklace was a badass thing to have. The cool kids were wearing them and I wanted to be like them. But why were we wearing them? Sharks are cool and all but maybe there was more meaning behind it. The shark tooth represents male strength, potency and masculinity. So instead of having a shark tooth necklace, which might be a bit outdated, people choose to the shark tooth tattoo instead.

The shark tooth tattoo is also a totem symbol and represent self-trust, self-confidence and momentum in life.

Tattoos on Teeth

Also known as a “tattooth”, this process has been done by dental labs across the country for a couple years now. It started about 20 years ago but in recent years, almost anyone can get a tattoo on their tooth. However, there is one stipulation to getting a “tattooth”. You must get a crown. A crown is used to cap damaged teeth, so the old tooth is completely covered up. You might get a crown if you want to make your teeth look better, protect a sensitive tooth or replace a filling.

For around $200 dollars, the lab will send back a crown with whatever you want etched into the new tooth. The nice thing is that it can always be removed if you decide you’d like to go a little more main stream. The dentist will simply buff the tattoo off your tooth.

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