Torch Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The image of a torch containing a flame of fire is one that can be taken in many different ways, but in the end, the meaning of this graphic remains the same. There is a reason why the image of a torch is so well adapted in our society. We look at the Statue of Liberty for instance, she wields a torch that is held high above her head for the world to see.

This particular torch being held by the Statue of Liberty represents enlightenment and a means of showing that this is the path to the land of freedom. Even ever since the ancient Greeks started the Olympic games the torch has been a main object that is used in the traditional ritual of starting the event itself.

The torch used for the Olympics symbolized the fire that was stolen from the Greek God Zeus by Prometheus. Because of this theft, the fire was used to burn all throughout the games in the Olympics as a way of paying homage to the ancient event of stolen fire. The flame that is used in the Olympics is started by using the most natural source of heat we have, the rays of the sun.

The flame within this torch is a symbol of the struggles that one must overcome to achieve victory. The Olympic games involve the best of the best, the obstacles that are overcome by the athletes themselves are the very meaning of the flame. Although they shed blood, sweat, and tears, the flame inside themselves still burns feverishly.

The symbol of a torch holds the very essence of life, spirit, and the power to overcome any challenge that gets in the way of your endeavors and pursuits. Down below are not only examples of the torch design tattoo, but reasons others get them and placement ideas as well.

Symbolism of Fire

Before you decide to get the tattoo of a torch, it is a good idea to first understand the meaning of the very element that the torch holds. When the image of fire occurs, it can be looked at as either a tool for human kind, or an element to be feared. Wildfire that is not contained can be a very disastrous thing to humans, especially back in the day when the discovery of fire was first found.

Fires have been known to destroy entire villages, leaving nothing left and even causing many deaths. Fire has even been used as a weapon against others in times of war, setting things on fire or using the fire to kill enemies and burn whatever they can to the ground. Although there are many negative aspects to the element of fire, this element also does wonders when used properly.

Without the flame of a fire, it would be very difficult to cook food properly or even keep warm with in times of harsh cold weather. Fire makes living in cold areas of the world very possible, especially back in the times before residential heating took place, nomadic people that travelled in such places needed a source of warmth so they would not freeze to death. Instances such as this gives people the utmost respect for this element, for if it was not for fire, many civilizations would have fallen off the face of the Earth completely.

Since fire is such a wild element that can be dangerous if not controlled properly, having a device such as a torch to contain it changes the game completely. The image of a torch holding fire not only says that the fire is contained, it says that there is a fire burning deep inside you, this fire is not loose however.

You show that you have the power to control this burning urge inside of you, for a flame that runs wild can be treacherous, a flame that is contained can be used to your advantage. This is a symbol of triumph, perseverance, courage, loyalty, and leadership.

Designs and Placement

When it comes to torch tattoos, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. These crucial details can ultimately make or break your tattoo. First, you want to come up with a torch design that is easily recognizable as such. Second, the image of fire has to be present, if not, then the torch seems to hold little to no purpose.

Another thing to keep in mind when getting this tattoo is where on your body you will have this graphic and whether or not you would like to add any additional details such as phrases, or words to go along with the concept.

Since the founding of the element of fire, there has always been a way of containing it. The torch may perhaps even be the tool that was first sought after in one way or the other in order to contain the flame. Not only did the torch represent a means of triumph and perseverance, it was also a way of guiding oneself through dark territory where there is little to no light. A torch can be as simple as a long stick wrapped in a flammable material set on fire.

A design such as this however puts the idea of an angry mob in your head. This is because we have seen so many movies such as Frankenstein for example where the town and village people quickly form mobs, since these mobs are formed at sporadic moments, the people would set a stick on fire and chase the monster that they are afraid of out of their villages. These forms of torches were basically used as a quick threat to the beast as well as a way of guiding the mob through the dark to destroy said monster.

A more admirable torch design however is a better way to go for this concept. This is because someone who gets the torch tattoo wants to show the positive aspects of the invention instead of the negative, ‘run you out of town’ aspect. Tattoos such as this can portray the torch as a sacred tool. Dressing your torch with things such as jewels, gold coloring, and silver show that you have sense of class and royalty. A tattoo such as this is the epitome of hard work and dedication to something.

Torch tattoos are a great piece to add to your tattoo collection. They even look great on all parts of the body, especially areas where you have enough room to fit an entire graphic of a handled torch and its flame such as the forearm, upper arm, and the legs. This tattoo is most popularly seen on the forearm however. This gives the tattoo the illusion of behind held up high when the arm is stretched out above the head, signaling the sense of freedom and pursuit of happiness.

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