Trident Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The trident is a beautiful mythological triple spear tool and weapon that brings with it plenty of great meanings, so it’s not too surprising at all that so many people choose to get trident tattoos over all of the other designs out there.

Whether you’re already interested in these tattoos and just want a bit more info on them, or you are someone who is curious about why they are so popular these days, you’ve come to the right page! Below you will see some of the mostly commonly used trident tattoo designs and meanings.

If you are a lover of the sea, then you are a fantastic candidate for a trident tattoo. Why? Well, because the trident was used by Neptune, who is the god of the sea! Regardless of whether you just get the trident or you get a highly detailed Neptune tattoo, you can use the design to share your love of the sea with everyone who sees it. Some people will include water and maybe even waves in these designs, but that’s not necessary.

Sailors will often get trident tattoos since it gives them a unique way to show what they love and what they do. One of the more popular sailor versions of the trident tat is to have a soldier holding a trident instead of a gun or other weapon. That’s obviously the military version, but it can also work for anyone who wants to honor the military while simultaneously showing their love of the open seas.

The trident also represents power, which is a great meaning to use if you want to end up at the top of your field or if you feel that you have a good amount of control over your life. There are actually dozens of popular power tattoos out there these days, so the trident is a good choice for people who want to avoid getting a common design. You can even take that one step further by including the trident in a larger “power” tattoo.

Oddly enough, the trident can also be used to represent death, or someone’s acceptance of their own mortality. Once again, there are a lot of death tattoos out there, but the trident can be a cool and unique way to represent it. The trident can be shown sticking up out of the ground, or you might want to include a skull in the design to ensure that everyone knows its meaning.

What’s great about this is that you don’t have to design the trident in a different way to use this meaning; in fact, you could combine one of the other meanings with death and use the exact same designs.

One of the coolest and most unique meanings given to the trident tattoo is protection. You might be thinking that this is not a unique meaning, but it is different than most other symbols of protection.

The trident is specifically used to ward off evil spirits, which is an excellent meaning for some people. It shows that you do have control of your life, but need help fending off all of the temptations that come your way. This version of the trident tattoo is often either worn on the back or somewhere very visible, such as the forearm.

Even though we usually recommend choosing meanings before you choose an actual tattoo design, we totally understand if people opt to get trident tattoos for their looks first and then attach meanings to them later on. It’s a very nice looking tattoo, so we don’t blame anyone for not being able to pass up getting tridents inked on their skin. However, to ensure that you don’t regret it later on, we highly recommend finding at least one meaning that truly does work for your personality. That way the trident tattoo that you get will be special to you even after you have seen it hundreds of times.

You can go in many different directions as far as trident tattoo designs go. Some people will just get the trident itself, while others will add in Neptune, water, animals, or even other symbols to emphasize the meanings they chose to use. Because you can go in so many different directions with the design, we recommend having at least two or three drawn up so you can be sure that the one you pick is the one you really like the most.

Most people choose to get trident tattoos because they can be highly detailed, yet they also fit just about anywhere on the body. You can get a large trident tattooed on your back, down the middle of your chest, or even running down your leg. Medium-sized trident tattoos are fantastic for the upper or lower arm, and you can even get your trident to be designed small enough to fit on your finger. You can be sure that if you find trident tattoo meanings that define who you are, you will be able to find a place to fit it on your body.

Because most trident tattoos do have so much detail in them, you should find an artist in your area who has some experience with this type of design. They don’t necessarily have to have experience tattooing tridents, but they should have at least some experience doing detailed weaponry and other large designs. You should take a look at the portfolios of some local artists and choose the one who you think can do the best job with your trident design.

Chances are now you can see why so many people choose to get trident tattoos these days. It’s one of the best tattoos for people who want a unique way to show that they love the sea. These are also often attention-grabbing pieces that people are proud to wear on their skin. If you have a trident tattoo design in mind and have at least one meaning that really does work for you, then definitely look into finding an artist who can do the work for you.

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