Twin Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Having siblings is a wonderful thing. No matter what they do or how badly they annoy you, there will always be an undeniable love for one another. Brothers and sisters have each other’s backs no matter what is going on in life.

They are there to confide in and to console. I’m sure I am speaking for most people when I say that I love my siblings with all my heart even though I hate them sometimes.

That being said, to have a twin sibling might be another level. The bond between twins is something that is unique on many levels. Most of us will never understand this bond as only about one in every 30 babies born is a twin. Whether you are identical or fraternal the bond between twins is something special and some say they even have telepathic connections with each other.

Because of their devotion to one another, many twins choose to get tattoos representing their strong connection to the other. Much like sibling tattoos, these tattoos will have some sort of connection to what the other one has. Maybe parts of a poem or matching tattoos. However, twin tattoos might hold even more importance and we will talk about some different examples of twin tattoos in this post.

Symbolism of Twin Tattoos

The symbolism of twin tattoos is pretty apparent. It symbolizes a connection that most of the population cannot understand. To share a womb with another human at the same time is really a unique occurrence by the percentages so by getting a twin tattoo, you’re letting the world know that your connection didn’t stop after you were born.

Variations of Twin Tattoos

There are many variations of twin tattoos. These can range from almost any object or set of words. Anything that means something special to the twins can be used in a tattoo to represent their love and connection to the other. Below we will talk about some examples that we have seen.

The Yin Yang Tattoos

The Yin Yang tattoo is already a popular tattoo but when worn by twins, it really hits the mark. The yin yang are two halves the come together to complete a whole. Together, they mean something is whole that doesn’t need to change. However, when split up, the equilibrium is upset and the wholeness is no longer in existence. These halves chase after the other seeking balance.

In the case of a twin tattoo, this image represents the wholeness the twins have between each other when they are together. One twin will have the yin tattoo while the other has the yang. Therefore, it represents their connection forever. On the other hand, it might represent the difference between the twins. A duality exists between the two but together they have balance.

DNA Double Helix Tattoos

The DNA strand tattoo or the double helix is also a popular choice amongst twins when getting matching tattoos. It’s understandable why this image is tattooed on so many twins. Identical twins are born from a single fertilized egg that happens to split into two different eggs. In DNA for identical twins, there is a 99.99% similarity between the two. Because the twins are so close to the same DNA, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two. Therefore, you might see TV shows or stories revolve around this concept or how they can’t be told apart. Therefore, the DNA twin tattoo is a representation of their likeness and how similar they are to one another.

Even in the case of non-identical, or fraternal twins, the DNA will be between 50% and 75% similar. Therefore, fraternal twins have good reason to get the DNA strand tattoo as well.

Dates or Quotes Tattoo

Another tattoo that twins might decide to have inked on their body are dates or quotes. Dates being the obvious choice of tattoo as they were both born on the same date. They might get this tattoo in roman numerals, script or any other font but the point is to honor the other with their date of birth.

If the twins would like to get more creative in their quest for their twin tattoos, they could each get a quote or sentence that completes the other. They might have sayings the used growing up or funny little stories that only mean something to them. Anything like this is an ode to the other and shows the devotion the twins have for one another.

Heart Halves Tattoo

Heart halves tattoos aren’t just reserved for people that are in love with each other. However, you will see this tattoo on couples and family members alike. They idea behind the half heart tattoo is that you have one half and the person you connect with has the other. When combined, these tattoos form one heart. By having this twin tattoo, you are letting the world know that you love the other and if something were to happen to them, your heart would never be whole again.

Heartbeat/EKG Tattoo

This tattoo coincides with a couple others that we have already talked about but the idea behind this is that the twins shared their mother’s womb at the same time and their hearts were beating in a very similar way while they were in there. It’s almost as if they shared the same heartbeat. This is also an analogy for life in that the twins share love for one another and their closeness can be represented by one heartbeat.

There are literally millions of different images and phrases that one could use as a twin tattoo. It is ultimately up to the twins looking to get the tattoo. There might have been a favorite stuffed animal growing up or a pet that the two shared responsibility for that would make a great tattoo. The possibilities are endless and there are a plethora of ways to show your devotion to your twin.

We hope by reading this you have a better idea of a twin tattoo that you would like to get and if you need a little guidance in finding an artist, let the team at Tattoo SEO help you out.

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