Underboob tattoo have been a way for women to show off their shape by using art to accentuate the area under the breast. There are thousands of ways that this tattoo can be placed or displayed. It is up to the person getting this tattoo to decide on how big the tattoo will be and the style of tattoo to be had.

In this post we will talk about many examples of underboob tattoos and why are they are great choices for a woman that wants to make her body a piece of art. By the end of this post we hope you have a few more good ideas for your next underboob tattoo.

Fitting Underboob Tattoos

Generally, in order to have an underboob tattoo that looks like it flows with the body, the pattern will likely have to follow the curves under the breast. Getting something like a portrait tattoo or rigid edged tattoos don’t seem to fit the area nicely. There are many designs that can be had for an underboob tattoo, but the artist has to be aware of the natural curvature of the body and in this case, the flow of the breast.

Interestingly, there are a few different spots and ways you can have this tattoo as far as the aesthetics go. To make the tattoo look natural and fitting, it needs to follow the curves of the body but the underboob tattoo could be tattooed as two separate tattoos under each breast or one that starts under the breast and moves off to the side, following the curvature of the chest.

Even though the underboob tattoo is gaining popularity over time, it doesn’t mean it is an easy tattoo for an artist to come up with. Sure, if you are getting simple lines following the curves of the body, that might be easier. However, to make something that is going to leave a lasting impression on those that set their eyes on the tattoo, it takes time and planning. It might be a long process but, in the end, it’s worth it.

Underboob Tattoo Variations

Tribal tattoo variations have always been a popular choice for the underboob tattoo. These popular symbols and linework always look great and when formed to the body in the right way, it’ll be a tattoo to remember. Tribal tattoos have a great deal of meaning and you might use this tattoo to define who you are as a person. Be aware that you might be using a design that is special to a tribe somewhere in the world so be respectful when you get this design.

3D underboob tattoos are also great looking styles of tattoos to get for your underboob tattoo. It might take some creativity to create a three-dimensional tattoo that fits the designated area but when done properly, it looks great. We’ve seen 3D eye tattoos worked in to the underboob tattoo. Eyes symbolize the ability to more than meets the eye. The owner of this tattoo has an intuition that is unlike others and they can represent it with a tattoo like this.

Floral patterns are always a great idea for an underboob tattoo. Flowers come in all shapes and colors and can be tailored to fit the area under the breast in a flowing way. In addition to looking great, you can find a type of flower that symbolizes what represents you best as a person. Every flower seems to hold characteristics different from other kinds of flowers so if you do your research you should be able to find a flower that symbolizes who you are. You can even incorporate vines into this tattoo to help with the flow of the design.

Text underboob tattoos are also a great option. In this case, you can have the message you want to portray written out clearly for everyone to see. Not only is there no confusion with the message but the design for text and script can be shaped to run along the lines of the body. Using text as your style gives you a minimalistic tattoo packed full of whatever message you want to send to the world.

Wings are also gaining steam when it comes to popular designs for the underboob tattoo. The natural curve of the wing fits perfectly under the breast. You can use one wing under one side or use a pair of wings to spread from one side of your rib cage to the other.

These are just a few examples of all the different underboob tattoos that can be used when going into your tattoo shop. The key to getting an underboob tattoo that you’re going to love forever is to make sure you pick something meaningful and make sure you love the design. Don’t feel embarrassed to tell your artist that you are not into the first draft of the design. It’s your body so make sure you are on board 100%.

In addition, it might not be a bad idea to do a little research on the shop and artist that you want to use. Not everyone has the same experience in tattooing so if you aren’t sure, take a look at their portfolio to make sure they have done work that you would be happy with. You don’t want to end up with a tattoo you don’t like just to save someone’s feelings.

There are plenty of directions you can go in when deciding on your underboob tattoo. Make sure yours is unique to you and has meaning. It will stand out and you’ll be proud to call it your own. Underboob tattoos, like many other areas, are an extension of who you are. Tattoos say a lot about a person so remember this.

If you need help with finding an artist that will suit your needs, please ask the team at Tattoo SEO. We have years of experience in picking tattoo artists and matching them up with customers. We want you to enjoy your experience and be happy with the final product.

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