UV Tattoo

A UV tattoo, also known as a black light tattoo, is a pretty new way to get inked and can look fantastic if designed correctly and created by an in-the-know artist. These tattoos look quite different than most of the tattoos that you will see, and they even use a different type of ink. If you are interested in getting a UV tattoo or you just want to know a bit more about them, check out the information below!

What makes UV tattoos what they are is the chemical mixture used in the ink. The ink has a strong (and bright) reaction when under ultraviolet light, hence the name. This ink can make the designs glow when under a black light, giving the tattoos a psychedelic look. Most people do get their UV tattoos for this effect since it can look pretty great in dance clubs and other venues where UV lights are used.

The original UV tattoos had a slightly dull look in normal light, but these days the designs can look great under any lighting conditions. It used to be that these tats would have a whitish or pinkish look to them in normal lighting, but now there are ink mixes that have other colors mixed into them to make them look more like normal tattoos regardless of the lighting conditions.

With that being said, UV tattoos aren’t going to have that same “pop” that traditional tattoos have unless they are under a UV light. These are not tattoos that you will want to get when you are going for an “epic” or striking look since this type of ink does soften the appearance of the design quite a bit. While you can see many UV tattoos regardless of the lighting, these are not the types of designs that will usually catch people’s eyes the way that larger, traditional tattoos do.

Some people will actually like the idea of getting one of these tattoos because they can be somewhat hidden when under normal lighting conditions. They can get a private tattoo on visible parts of their bodies and in most cases outsiders won’t even notice them. This can be a great idea for anyone who wants a forearm or wrist tattoo but don’t want to have a flashy tat showing while they are at their jobs.

It’s also important to point out that UV tattoos are not the same things as glow in the dark tattoos. Yes, they have a similar effect under black lights, but UV tattoos are the safe way to get this effect since they use inks that have been approved by the FDA. None of the so-called glow in the dark inks have been proven to be safe, so definitely avoid getting any tattoo that uses these inks. In fact, if a tattoo artist offers to tattoo you with glow in the dark ink, you should definitely go to another shop for your tattoos.

One of the main reasons why people choose to get UV tattoos is simply because they look so different than traditional tattoos. They don’t look too much different than traditional tattoos, but that slight difference is enough to make many of them stand out. Plus, plenty of people love the fact that the ink used in these tattoos makes their skin glow under UV lighting.

One thing a lot of people wonder about is whether UV tattoos are safe or not. Well, it really depends on the ink used and the person getting the tattoo. Companies continue to test out new UV inks, but that isn’t too worrying since you can always check to make sure that they have been approved by the FDA. The one legitimate worry is that some people have is that their skin will have bad reactions to the ink, which sometimes becomes the case. Most UV inks won’t cause infections – at least, not any more often than traditional inks – but they can cause itching and burning if the person is allergic to anything in the ink.

Since UV tattoos are relatively new, we still don’t have enough information on them to know if they will still work or look good years down the road. This is a risk that many people are willing to take to get a UV tat, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you are planning on getting one on a visible part of your body. Chances are it will fade just like any other type of tattoo, but the main question people have is if the UV properties will still work years down the road.

Anyone thinking about getting a UV tattoo should take some time to make sure it is the right tattoo idea for them. The idea of having glowing skin right now might seem very cool, but are you still going to feel the same way in five or 10 years? Anyone who does get one of these tats should make sure that the design itself is meaningful just in case the novelty of the UV ink wears off over time.

If you do plan on getting a UV tattoo, we highly recommend finding a tattoo shop that is known for using the best UV ink and that has a lot of experience with these types of tats. You definitely do not want to just walk into a shop and hope that they know how to use this ink since there are plenty of shops that have never made a UV tattoo before. Do a little bit of research online before you commit to a shop or an artist.

Hopefully you now have all of the information you’ll need on the UV tattoo to help you decide if this is the right type of tat for you. It’s great that the ink itself and the tattooing process have evolved so quickly, and chances are it will only continue to improve. Many UV tattoos are very cool looking and we can definitely see why so many people choose to get them over the more traditional styles.

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