Violet Flower Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

In terms of flowers and their symbolism, there are lot of them out there. From the deep love of the rose to the happiness of the sunflower.

There is a flower for every occasion and many people associate with these flowers to represent the kind of people they are or t he type they are aiming to be. There are many ways to represent the flowers that you love but the one way that stands out a little different than the rest is by getting a tattoo.

Floral tattoos are one of the most popular styles of tattoos to get this way. Whether in color or black & grey, the floral tattoo looks great on men and women alike. However, the difficult part isn’t deciding to get the tattoo, it is deciding which flower you are choosing to put on your body.

In this case, you are here because you are looking for more information on the meaning of the violet flower. The violet flower tattoo meaning can differ depending on what you believe in and what other images you have tattooed with the violet. As long as you know you want the violet flower to represent who you are, we just need to talk about what it symbolizes.

In this post we are going to talk about what the violet flower tattoo symbolizes and what it means to those that have chosen to get the tattoo. We will also discuss some of the different variations of this tattoo. We hope that by the end of this post you will have a better understanding of the violet flower tattoo meaning and the different traits that it represents.

Violet Flower Tattoo Meaning

The violet has a great deal of meanings and symbolism. It’s also been adapted to represent the 50th wedding anniversary. The story of the meaning behind the violet starts with Christianity. “Our Lady of Modesty” has also been called Viola odorata which is why this flower is a representation of Mary’s devotion and her humble nature.

The violet is also said to be a symbol of connections and protection because Gabriel told Mary that she was pregnant with Jesus and violets started to blossom. Because the Angel Gabriel communicates and watches mankind, the violet took on this meaning.

The violet flower tattoo is another way to represent a person with insights that are deeply spiritual. You can find this symbol throughout the Renaissance period as parts of Classical works. This might lead you to wondering why the violet represents modesty and some think it is because the heart shaped leaves hide the violet spirit.

The violet flower tattoo is also said to symbolize glamour and loveliness. The violet had many uses in ancient times and one of these was in beauty preparations. They would use them in many ways to make to person look and smell more extravagant.

Violets were often considered funeral flowers in the days of the Romans. It is said symbolize remembrance of the dead. The people of the time also felt that carrying violets would protect against air borne illnesses. Some think this meaning came from the story of Pluto taking Persephone to the underworld when she was picking violets.

The violet flower tattoo has some of the above meanings but can also symbolize sovereignty, spiritual passion, subconscious, awareness, profuseness and inspiration. All of these meanings can be used when talking about what your violet tattoo symbolizes.

When choosing the colors for your violet tattoo, there are some cool facts to take into consideration. It might be an interesting coincidence that the violet flower hides behind its flower while the color violet is one of the hardest for the eyes of humans to distinguish. It is also said that women prefer the lighter shades of violet in a color while men prefer the darker shades.

Violet Tattoo Variations

When you spot a violet flower tattoo, you are probably going to see it in a lot of creative ways. The great thing about floral tattoos is that they can be the focus of the tattoo or used as filler and this can change the meaning of the tattoo altogether. Below are a couple of the versions we enjoy.

Basic Violet Flower Tattoo

This tattoo is just like it sounds. It encapsulates everything that is beautiful about the violet flower and puts it in a tattoo. The vibrant purple colors combined with the beautiful patterns and shapes make for a very noticeable tattoo that will symbolize the beauty in life. It can also mean any of the above things we talked about.

Black & Grey Violet Tattoo

The black & grey, violet floral tattoo is one for those that either have a theme that isn’t colored already, or they just enjoy the shapes and flow of the violet flower. This design is really simple and might be done with fine lines or a traditional style which offers more bolding of lines.

Watercolor Violet Tattoo

The watercolor style is the perfect style for any floral tattoo and when combined with the colors and shapes of the violet flower tattoo, it makes for a really eye-popping tattoo that you will be proud of for a long time. The whimsical style of the watercolor really captures the beauty of this meaningful flower.

Violet Flower Facts

Violets have been around and used in ceremonies and culture for centuries. The can be traced back to being used in around 500 BC by the Greeks and Romans.

Most of the species of the Viola family are herbaceous while a lot of them are acaulescent by habit. This means that the foliage and flowers seem to rise from the ground, and they don’t have any noticeable stems. The rest of the species have flowers and foliage made in the axils of the leaves and have short stems.

The leaves are heart shaped and therefore get associated with beauty and love in certain circumstances. However, make these flowers mean whatever you want when you get the tattoo. The key is to make sure you get a tattoo artist that you feel comfortable with.

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