Wanderlust Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Wanderlust tattoos are becoming more and more popular with travel enthusiasts and lovers all over the world. You can see this tattoo amongst the hostels in Thailand, the beaches in Brazil, the jungles of Costa Rica as well as many other backpackers and travel buffs dream destinations.

Wanderlust translates into the need or desire to wander. Wandering the world and traveling is a big draw with these tattoos. You will commonly see everything from compasses, maps, and arrows to palm Trees (representing beaches or tropical locales), globes, GPS coordinates and simply the word wanderlust. Wanderlust tattoos represent a culture of freedom to travel and the love for being a spontaneous individual that loves to explore.

Someone who loves to travel to Argentina on a Sunday and wake up in Panama the next day might consider getting a wanderlust tattoo.

If you are considering getting a wanderlust tattoo, it is important to note that you don’t need to already be an avid travel to get this tattoo. Even if you love to travel or have a desire to explore the world this may be a wonderful tattoo for you to show off how you feel. This tattoo represents learning new cultures and seeing places that few have discovered. Wanderlust tattoos to some may be a symbol of a spiritual journey they plan on taking or already have.

Wanderlust tattoos are quite honestly about the adventure a person seeks in life. If you are that person and have always thought that sitting in an office all day and living a typical life is not for you, then a wanderlust tattoo might be right up your alley.

Many times, when people have wanderlust and get a wanderlust tattoo, its a sign that they are ready to discover who they truly are. Backpacking around the world and staying with a family that you would have never known are examples of this wanderlust.

Compasses were once used to show explorers which direction they were sailing in a wide open sea of similarity. The compass tattoo is a great example of wanderlust because it shows people that you love travel and exploration. It also shows that in this huge world of unknown, you are willing to find your next adventure. A compass can also symbolize you getting through rough seas or times in your life and now you are ready to take on the next thing life has to offer. It also ensures that you will travel safely and explore the world with knowledge and insight.

World maps are a very popular example of a wanderlust tattoo. This allows you to keep track of your explorations and discoveries. You can get an intricate designed world map that shows the beauty of the world we live in and all the possibilities of places there are to visit. You can also get a simple empty world map where you can put stars or any symbol you choose on the locations you have visited each time you travel to a new place.

Palm Trees represent beaches or tropical destinations that brings people to a place of peace. Typically, people will get this tattoos to represent the paradise that they are trying to discover. For someone seeking a simple and beautiful way to represent their wanderlust, a palm tree may be a perfect way to show that.

Globe tattoos are a very desirable wanderlust tattoo as well as it shows the earth and all its splendor. With a globe tattoo you can position the globe either showing where you are coming from or where you intend on traveling. Whichever you choose, a globe is a ‘wanderful” way of showing just what interests you. What means the world to you?

Coordinates tattoos have been used to show places people have traveled to or have come from. Coordinates can also show where you have had significant events in your life such as where your kids might have been born or where you met the love of your life. Some people get coordinates to exemplify where they live so that if they are found, the finder will know where to return them.

Sometimes people have a magical experience in a distant land that they can never forget and will get coordinates of that locations to remind them of where they have been and where they need to go back if the opportunity presents itself. These can be many examples of coordinates that you choose to get. Whichever one you choose will be a guaranteed conversation piece as many people will want to know what that location means to you. Then you will be able to relive that special moment that made you get that tattoo in the first place.

Tiny planes are also a symbol of travel and have been widely used to display a person’s wanderlust tendencies. Everyone recognizes a plane and almost immediately associates that with traveling. So if you want to get a tattoo that represent your wanderlust without having to explain it too in depth, then a plane may be perfect for you. The ankle and wrist are good places to put this tattoo because they are clearly visible to display your wanderlust but small enough to not be gaudy.

Wanderlust written out for a tattoo is the most simple and direct way of showing your love for wanderlust. This can be written in all different forms of fonts such as cursive or bubbly text. Some people even choose to get the word wanderlust written in the language of their favorite destination. Classic and simply stated, the words wanderlust will be sure to impress as you show off your love for adventure and travel.

Overall, wanderlust tattoos can be shown in a variety of ways. From the direct word, wanderlust, that shows exactly how you feel. To symbols such as compasses, globes, maps and planes which show your love for travel and adventure, but are also small conversation pieces that will be sure to get some questions thrown your way.

It is important to remember that no matter what wanderlust tattoo you decide on, it should always have a special meaning to you, don’t forget the meaning behind wanderlust; a strong desire to wander and explore. So, if this is something that means a lot to you, go get a wanderlust tattoo and show the world just who you are.

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