Warrior Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Warrior tattoos are extremely popular because they can be designed in so many ways and they represent many of the traits that people want to have represented in their ink. These tattoos can symbolize someone’s personality, or they can even represent a person’s culture.

On this page we will take a look at some of the many ways that you can get warrior tattoos designed and some of the best meanings that you can attach to these tattoos.

A warrior can be described in countless ways and taken from countless myths and legends. And these are the reasons why so many people feel like the warrior tattoo is perfect for them. The designs and meanings change depending on the warrior you choose to get in your tattoo. Some will be extremely tough warriors that see fighting as their main purpose in life, while other warriors could simply be soldiers on duty.

The definition and description of a warrior changes from culture to culture but can generally be equated to a few simple words; courageous, dedicated, fearsome. You pretty much have always had to be courageous to be a true warrior, so anyone that gets a warrior tattoo is showing that they either have a lot of courage or they aspire to be more courageous in their lives. Obviously, a true warrior also has to be dedicated to their craft since the more skilled warriors have always had the upper hand in fights.

Warriors are equipped with armor and weaponry and serve as righteous individuals who fight and battle for a population that cannot fight for themselves. This is why warriors are often included in military tattoos. Soldiers have to have the mindset of a warrior since they are fighting for people from their home countries so that they don’t have to.

Warriors are the heroes of a culture who have endured a rite of passage, proving their worthiness as a protector. This is why some people will get their warrior tattoos to honor their parents or siblings since they see those people as the heroes in their lives for one reason or another. Of course, you could also see yourself as the hero (or potential hero) and get the warrior tattoo to represent yourself.

In Japan, a samurai is the ultimate warrior. He is almost always depicted in full armor, covered from head to toe, with a long katana sword. The samurai wears a mempo, the fierce mask often carved into a terrifying expression, adding to the ferocity of the warrior. This warrior represents hundreds of years of military prestige in Japan as well as the devotion to protecting one’s culture, land, and people.

In ancient Rome, a gladiator was a fierce warrior that came from all social backgrounds and provided the people with entertainment. The gladiatorial games of violent battle were an enormous facet of Roman culture and showcased the proficiency of the Romans in combat. They are adorned with intricate steel helmets and swords or other weaponry.

Women were also included among the gladiators, often fighting wild animals with little armor and long spears. It’s important to point out here that both men and women can get warrior tattoos. A lot of people assume that this is the type of tat that only men should get, but the fact is that there have been men and women soldiers for centuries now, so this is definitely a unisex tattoo idea.

Nordic history describes Vikings and other ruthless conquerors with spiked metal helmets and thick beards, a result of the cool climate. Their weaponry is heavy and fierce, consisting of swords, battle axes, knives and spears with which they terrorize their enemies. They are often pictured in longboats, traveling by sea as a group, symbolizing a clan.

Aztec warriors are striking and serve as a representation of a culture of the past. The more decorated a warrior, the more successful he, or she, has been. The most prestigious warriors wore the skin of a jaguar and carried ornately decorated weaponry. Their faces would be painted as well, creating a more unique appearance to stupefy the enemy while relating their prestige on the battlefield.

Regardless of the culture, warrior tattoos place focus on the bravery of the individual. In most cases people are either showing their pride in someone else’s bravery or their own, but there are also some cases where people get their warrior tats to show that they want to be braver in their own lives. The fact is that most of us want to be brave when we need to be, so in some cases the tattoo can be a constant reminder to work on our own heroic instincts.

Taking the “bravery” meaning a bit further, some people will get their warrior tattoos to show that they have been brave in the past. For example, a cancer survivor might opt to get a warrior tattoo over the cancer ribbon to show that they “fought off” the cancer like a warrior.

The armor and weaponry in warrior tattoos represent the customs and traditions of the culture, conveying a national pride. That’s why you will often see the flag of a person’s country either in the armor or on the warrior in some other way. This is especially true in military tattoos since the owners often want to make it clear what that specific warrior represents.

If you are planning on getting a warrior tattoo or at least considering it, make sure that you come up with designs that are as personalized as possible. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can make warrior tattoos unique. The downside of there being so many choices is that it’s hard to pinpoint the exact details to include in your design.

One of the best things about warrior tattoos is that they work great on their own and they can easily be combined with other tattoo designs. In both cases, though, the warrior is usually the focal point of the tattoo and if other images are included, they are usually off to the side or in the background.

One of the things that you’ll want to think about when designing a warrior tattoo is how large you want it to be. Sometimes that decision is easy for people since they know they want this to be their main tattoo and can make it any size they want. In other cases, though, it can be hard to figure out what size to choose if you are starting from scratch or you have other ink on your body.

One of the keys to placing a warrior tattoo is making sure that the focal point of the design is clearly visible from as many angles as possible. For example, if you are getting your warrior on your shoulder you want to make sure that none of the key parts of the image are too far towards your chest or back. Ideally every part of the tattoo can be seen from most angles.

Since most warrior tattoos are quite detailed, you should definitely get a great tattooist to make the design for you. The more experienced artists will know exactly how to do the shadow and line work on your tattoo, and they will go all-out to make sure the image pops on your skin. These are very meaningful tattoos most of the time, so you definitely do not want to just walk into the closest tattoo shop and hope that you get exactly what you had hoped for. Doing some research on the artists in your area and you will greatly up the chances of getting a fantastic warrior tattoo.

Considering all of the great ways that warrior tattoos can be made and all of the fantastic meanings that they represent, it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in getting these tats.

They are that perfect blend of looks and meanings, so if any of those meanings make sense for you, you should definitely have someone draw up some warrior tattoo designs for you to choose from. Warrior tattoos have been and will continue to be some of the most popular tattoos that you can get, and what’s great is that you can very easily design one that has never been created before.

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