Willow Tree Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are many trees on earth but there aren’t many that look like the willow tree or weeping willow. This unique looking tree is one that is well known by even the most amateur of outdoor enthusiasts.

When you see a tree like this, you get the feeling that there is more than what you see. There is a symbolism attached to this tree that not many other trees can claim. It’s the same reason that so many people love this tree. Different is good these days and for those that enjoy getting tattoos, the willow tree might be a great option.

Trees, in general, have a lot of symbolic meaning. This is why they make such popular subjects for being tattooed. You can usually find a tree that means something to you. Whether you are looking for a tree that symbolizes traits you are looking to take on or you are looking for a tree that represents who you already are, you should be able to find it.

In this case, we are going to be talking about the willow tree. We will talk about why this is such a popular tree to have tattooed and what the meaning is behind the image. We will also discuss the different ways that people choose to have the willow tree tattooed and talk about what these variations mean to them. By the end of this post you should feel like you have a better understanding of the meaning of the willow tree tattoo.

About the Willow Tree

For those looking for a little more information on the willow tree, we’ve got it right here. The willow is a tree that is part of the Salicaceae family. The tree originated in China but can now be found all over the northern hemisphere and this includes North American, Asia and Europe. You’ll find many willows close to bodies of water as they required a lot of moisture to thrive.

Willow trees aren’t small, and they take up a lot of space on the body, so placement is important. In reality, the willow tree usually grows to a height of between 35 and 50 feet, but they have been known to grow as big as 70 feet. The crown of the tree can grow to the same size.

This willow tree is also known as the weeping willow. The reason this is the case is because when it rains, the water runs off the drooping branches and resemble tears. This is symbolic in many cases and if you ask the person with this tattoo, they might tell you why it was important to them.

The willow also has elongated leaves that are white underneath but green on top. They also change colors seasonally like most trees. This tree is also very strong with a very well-developed root system. The root is often even bigger than the stem of the tree. This makes the root system of the willow very problematic for septic systems, drains and sidewalks.

Willow Tree Tattoo Meaning

In China, where the willow tree started, it is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. While in other parts of the world the willow represents the idea of superstition and mysticism. It is said that witches made their brooms out of the wood from a willow tree.

The willow tree is also representative of sadness. Because this tree is also known as the weeping willow, it can be symbolic of a sadness the person with this tattoo is dealing with. The rain that runs off the tree branches make it look like a sad tree so in a way, you can use this symbolism as a way to represent the sadness you are facing.

The willow tree is also symbolic of some positive traits. This tree has a large, brown trunk and is known to represent a sense of support, structure and stability. The color brown also symbolizes a sense of responsibility and duty. The green on the leaves represent fertility, life and nature.

There are also a great deal of references in Celtic and Christion tradition to the willow tree. One of the most important traits of the willow tree is flexibility. The willow can bend in some of the most awkward ways that you have seen a tree bend and still be strong and healthy. This is a powerful symbol for those that want a tattoo that represents a spiritual path or recovery. In this way, the willow tree represents being able to adapt. The willow tree can survive some of the harshest of conditions but not only survive but thrive.

Willow Tree Tattoo Variations

There are some pretty creative variations of the willow tree tattoo that we’ve seen and below are a few examples of some of the fun willow tree tattoos that we’ve seen. We know this isn’t every variation, but it should give you some ideas.

Celtic Willow Tree Tattoo

Willow wood has long been used in Celtic ceremonies to enhance psychic abilities. Druid priests recognize how willow trees need the water. It is a symbol of inspired imagination from those who wear the Celtic willow tree tattoo. The also looked at the willow tree as holding the powers of the moon and water. This tree helped bring clearer understandings of the world they reside in. In addition, it just looks cool to have the willow tree tattooed in a Celtic style.

Watercolor Willow Tree Tattoo

The watercolor willow tree tattoo holds many of the meanings we talked about before, but the imagery just fits. The way the watercolor style flows and blends with its surroundings seems to fit well with the willow tree tattoo. The branches of the tree flow downwards like a waterfall and works in unison with the watercolor style. It just looks great, so this variation is one of our favorites.

Willow Tree Blowing in the Wind Tattoo

This is another tribute to the flexibility and durability of the willow tree. This variation is representative of the ability to adapt and survive. We all go through tough times in our lives so to have the willow tree tattoo is a reminder that we’ve done it before and we can do it again.

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  1. I love the willow tree. When I see a willow tree I think of a mother wrapping her loving caring arms around her family and holding on tight to protect them to block as much of the hate and the dangers the world has to offer. The way the branches flow out and droop leaving a world of wonders and imagination within. She will take the blunt of the pain and weep the tears for her family so they don’t have to. The leaves look so soft and gentle that makes me think of the vulnerable side, women are strong but we can only take so much so they need support too that’s where the roots take place she will branch out and make sure she has the resources and foundation she needs


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