Witch Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Witch tattoos can take several different forms and come in many design styles. A witch tattoo may simply mean that the person enjoys celebrating Halloween. Or it may show that the person practices Wicca or witchcraft. It can also symbolize femininity, power, and healing.

In this article, we’ll look at different witch tattoos and learn what they represent.

All About Witches

During Medieval times, people who practiced witchcraft were seen as evil. These individuals were persecuted, punished, and often killed. This happened most famously during the Salem witch trials which took place in Massachusetts in the 1600s. During these trials, 15 women and four men were hanged.

In the 1930s, a new practice or Pagan religion called Wicca was introduced in England. This was seen to be a reincarnation of traditional witchcraft but has been much more widely accepted. During the 1950s and 1960s, Wicca spread through North America and Australia. 

People who practice Wicca celebrate occasions such as Yuletide, Samhain, and Beltane, among others. Many Wiccans practice magic, use spells, and make sacrifices. Since there is still some discrimination against Wiccans today, those who practice are often selective in who they share their identity with.

Witch Tattoos

There are two main types of witch tattoos. The first type is a tattoo that is based on images of witches traditionally seen in popular media or for Halloween. These tattoos typically feature a woman with a pointy black hat, a black cat, and/or riding a broomstick. 

The second type of tattoo is one that is based on witchcraft or Wicca. These tattoos often show a woman with different objects such as crystals, plants, the moon, or a pentacle. They often incorporate elements of nature into the image.

There is a wide range of witch tattoos–everything from small silhouette pieces to full-back tattoos. Color is frequently used in witch tattoos, though there are plenty of black and gray pieces as well. While women are likely to get a tattoo of a witch, it is not unusual for men to have these tattoos.

Witch and Pentacle Tattoo

A common tattoo is that of a witch and a pentacle. A pentacle is a star with five points surrounded by a circle. For witches, this symbol represents the five elements: air, earth, fire, spirit, and water. Witches use this spiritual symbol for protection and when practicing magic.

A person may choose a tattoo of a witch and a pentacle if they use the symbol in their own practice. Any object used in a ritual will hold a special significance for someone. Since the pentacle is used in part for protection, the tattoo itself can offer a sense of safety for the individual.

Witch and Moon Phases Tattoo

The moon is very significant to those who practice witchcraft or Wicca. In total, there are eight phases of the moon, each of which holds a different meaning. Some tattoos show all of the moon’s phases while other tattoos show five or three phases.

A common image found in witch tattoos is the triple moon symbol, also called the triple goddess. This image consists of a waxing crescent moon, a full moon, and a waning crescent moon. These three phases represent the three stages of life that a woman goes through. 

The waxing moon represents a maiden or new beginnings. The full moon represents a mother and giving birth. The waning moon symbolizes a crone and her wisdom. A person who chooses a witch and moon tattoo likely feels a strong connection to the power of the moon.

Witch and Spell Ingredients Tattoo

Another popular tattoo depicts a witch with one or multiple ingredients used in casting spells. These objects can include crystals, plants, skulls, herbs, flowers, or metals. In some tattoos these items are held by the witch; in other cases, they are adjacent to her.

Someone who regularly practices casting spells may choose this tattoo because it represents a significant part of their beliefs. They may have had success in the past with various spells and wish to continue that in the future. Having this part of their identity illustrated in a tattoo shows others what she is capable of.

Famous Witches

There are several witches that have been made famous in popular culture. The film and book series, Harry Potter, features many witches. Hermione Granger, Professor McGonagall, and Bellatrix are a few examples. 

The Wizard of Oz also helped popularize witches; this movie included Glinda the good witch, and the wicked witch of the East. Other popular witches can be seen in shows like Bewitched, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed and the movies Hocus Pocus and The Craft.

Some individuals may choose to get a witch tattoo based on their enjoyment of any of these films, television shows, or books. The tattoo may look like the character or it may just be inspired by it but have its own design. These witch tattoos simply show that the person appreciates the character’s powers and abilities.


For some people, witches represent the power of femininity. Witches can be seen to symbolize women who do not back down in the face of threat or persecution. These women are inspirational to many women who feel subjugated by men.

Many witch tattoos show a voluptuous woman who is scantily clad. In some cases, these tattoos are found on women who see these illustrations as a source of power.

A woman might choose to get a witch tattoo because it symbolizes the power that she wants to have. The idea that she could practice magic and have some control over what occurs in her life is very appealing. Alternatively, a man might choose a tattoo of a witch simply because he likes the aesthetic of it.

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