Wolverine Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

When discussing the wolverine tattoo, there are two different ones that come to mind. First and foremost is the Marvel character Wolverine.

Then you have the cute looking, yet ferocious, wolverine from the Mustelidae family. Both are popular subjects for tattoos and have some similarities as the character was built around many of the characteristics the animal has.

In this post we are going to discuss the history and meaning of the Marvel Wolverine tattoo and the animal wolverine tattoo. To understand why someone would want to get a tattoo of either of these subjects, one should know a bit about their story.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Wolverine was initially introduced as villain in the 1974 issue of The Incredible Hulk. In this issue, the Hulk is fighting The Wendigo when suddenly, Wolverine comes out of nowhere to attack both of them.

This is the first issue where Wolverine shows up and it’s the starting point to a long and popular journey for the indestructible being.

Some know the Wolverine as Logan but his real name is James Howlett. Howlett was born with the power to regenerate and he was also born with super human senses. Later in life, Howlett had an adamantium skeleton injected into his body. People often wonder where he got this.

Sometime in the 1970’s, there was a project dubbed Weapon X that had expanded into Canada. This was run by an agency called Department K but still backed by the CIA. The goal of this project was to use agents currently in the program and enhance their current skillset. Members of program included Deadpool, Sluggo, Slayback Ajax and Garrison Kane. However, these subjects didn’t fare as well in the program as past subjects, even killing some.

The other members that survived were put into “Hospice” where they would be guinea pigs for Dr. Killebrew and Ajax. Deadpool escaped and exposed Ajax and Dr. Killebrew. Project X was effectively shut down, but Dr. Horatio Huxley was able to resuscitate the program for a brief time.

The is where the American project comes in. In 1972, a “doctor” named Professor Thorton was experimenting on many mutants. A couple recognizable names would be Sabertooth, Mastodon and Wolverine. He was responsible for injecting Wolverine with adamantium and laced his entire skeleton with the highly poisonous metal. Because of Wolverine’s ability to recover, this didn’t kill but instead caused him so much pain and stress that became extremely volatile. In addition to the pain, the procedure wiped his memory of all his past.

For these reasons, Wolverine has been on a lifetime journey trying to learn about his past without having any prior memories to use.

Wolverine is one of the top Marvel characters ever and it’s pretty apparent by how many Wolverine tattoos you will see out on the street.

The Other Wolverine

The other wolverine happens to be the animal. You probably won’t see as many of these tattoos as you would of its counterpart above but nonetheless, it is a tattoo you will see from time to time that holds specific meanings.

As is with the Marvel character, the wolverine is also aggressive and unpredictable. As the largest member of the weasel family, it has a strong energy that cannot be matched by many animals. These animals travel alone and aren’t afraid of anything.

There is a plethora of different meanings to the wolverine tattoo. Most of the symbolism revolves around aggression, fight and assertion. The wolverine will do whatever it takes to survive. In this, the wolverine has accepted what it is and we should too. We all have some darker undertones and as nice as we look, there is a ferocity under that facade. The wolverine is aware of this and is ok going outside the social norms we all know so well.

The wolverine tattoo also represents fighting through hardship. People that have grown up in tough situations or have known struggle might get this tattoo. It takes a special brand of person to understand what it takes to survive when everything is on the line.

The wolverine tattoo also represents control. The wolverine has an addictive personality. When it knows it likes something, it will stop at nothing to get this in its belly. The wolverine is synonymous with gluttony, and it will eat until it can barely move. The wolverine tattoo can be a reminder to stay in control. People with drug or alcohol issues might use this tattoo to remind them to stay strong and ferocious when attacking their addiction or looking at a reminder of something that has no control will keep them on the straightened path.

We’ve also talked to people that got a wolverine tattoo to represent overcoming adversity and adapting. The wolverine cannot be stopped when it wants something. No matter if it’s bad weather, competition or scarce resources, the wolverine will adapt. It’s even been known to switch to a plant based diet when they can’t find any meat. These mammals are resilient and the person wearing this tattoo will be reminded of it daily.

The wolverine tattoo also represents being unfazed by anything. It’s thick skin, strong jaw and sharp teeth make this animal a real task to mess with. It is ready for battle at a moment’s notice and is usually more persistent and tough than its opponent. The wolverine tattoo is a reminder that nothing you face will bother you. Fearlessness is the word of the day.

Whether you are a fan of the Marvel character named Wolverine or the animal, they both represent an inner strength that not many can come up with. These two are the epidemy of what tough and resilient is. If you decide to get a tattoo with one of these characters on it, know that you are getting a tattoo that represents something that you can look to for strength.

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