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From 1993 to 2002, The X Files television show was a hit for the Fox network. The extraterrestrial investigations of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Skully had a us gripping the edge of our seat. It’s no doubt this show was a hit and the numbers prove it. It also led to many episodes with famous quotes and images which make for a perfect X Files tattoo.

In this post we are going to talk about The X Files and why the show had such a following. This following led to thousands of X Files tattoos and we love seeing them. The creativity of these tattoos and the passion for the show just tell how important this show was. We hope that by the end of this post you have a better idea as to why people get X Files tattoos and what it means to them.

About The X Files

The premise of The X Files is a story following the personal lives and careers of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Skully. Mulder is a strong believer in the supernatural. Because of his strong belief in the supernatural and all things extraterrestrial, Mulder gets assigned to a department that tries to crack unsolved cases called the X-Files. Much of his belief in extraterrestrials stems from his sister’s abduction when he was 12 years old. It’s his driving force but also causes him to not always be objective when working on these cases.

This is where Agent Skully comes in. She is the yin to Mulder’s yang and is the type of person that needs to see it to believe it. What makes her such a skeptic is her background in medicine. Skully is completely objective when working cases with Mulder, even when he is not. Skully was initially partnered with Mulder to refute his claims of extraterrestrial activity with science and the seasons go, she tries her best to explain what they see with science. However, she isn’t always able to do so and when Mulder is abducted in season seven, Skully turns into a “reluctant believer” who still tries to explain these paranormal happenings with science.

X Files Tattoo Meaning

The X Files tattoo has a lot of meaning and most of it revolves around the unknown. Those that are fans of the show and end up with a X Files tattoo as well as those that believe that we aren’t the only ones in this universe.

The X Files tattoo symbolizes the paranormal part of this world that we just don’t know about. It would be foolish to think we were the only life forms in the universe and to make it known to everyone else, the X files tattoo is a great way of doing it.

X Files Tattoo Variations

Because of the longevity of The X Files, there are no shortage of X Files tattoos. They very from quotes to images and these images range from symbols in the show to the main characters themselves. Mulder and Skully filled a big part of my life and I’m sure to the people with the X Files tattoo, their heart holds a special place for this show. Below are some examples of the different variations of X Files tattoos that we have see out there.

Never Again X Files Tattoo

The never again X Files tattoo pays homage to a specific X Files episode in 1997. The episode was a “Monster-of-the-Week” episode and was an offshoot of the series as it had a stand-alone plot.

In this episode, a man named Ed gets divorced from his wife and immediately heads to the tattoo parlor. He gets a pin-up tattoo of a woman with the phrase, “Never Again” under the image. When Ed goes to work the next day, he hears one of his female co-workers call him a loser. Ed loses his cool and goes after the woman and is stopped. She claims she didn’t say anything, but Ed says different. He ends up getting fired. He then hears his neighbor talking about him and Ed goes down there and ends up murdering her. He finally realizes that it’s his tattoo talking to him.

Skully is working on an unrelated case at the time and ends up following a lead to the tattoo shop. She runs into Ed who is having a heated discussion with the artist that gave him the tattoo. Long story short, Ed asks Skully out to which she initially doesn’t accept but later changes her mind.

When Skully goes back to his place, she finds out that Ed is being investigated for the murder of his neighbor. When her badge slips out of her pocket, she picks it up, but the tattoo sees this and convinces Ed to murder Skully. He over powers her and takes her downstairs to the furnace. Ed ends up overpowering the influence of the tattoo and Skully escapes.

I Want to Believe X Files Tattoo

The “I want to believe” X Files tattoo is usually paired with an image of Skully or a UFO. “I want to believe” is the second spin off movie from the X Files. However, this phrase is about Skully and her struggle with her scientific side and the paranormal.

Many take this phrase and incorporate into their X Files tattoo as a way to pay their respects to the show and possibly give them some confidence in believing things beyond this planet.

The Truth is Out There Tattoo

“The truth is out there” is powerful phrase spoken by Mulder to his higher ups. Mulder is constantly fighting to prove that extraterrestrials exist while most of his co-workers don’t believe. “The truth is out there” X Files tattoo is a tattoo paying tribute to Mulder and the X Files. It’s a statement that lets us know that there may be more out there than we know about.

Mulder and Skully Tattoo

Finally, a common X Files tattoo are images of Mulder and Skully. They are the main characters of the show and by getting this tattoo, there is no confusion about what the person wearing this tattoo is trying to convey. This is the ultimate show of fandom that a person can get. Getting a fictional character’s face tattooed on your body is a way to show that your fandom is out of this world.

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