Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Many people are attracted to the yin yang symbol because they know it holds deep meanings and has a cool-looking design.

On this page well will take a look at the history of the yin yang and all of the popular yin yang tattoo meanings that people like to attach to their designs.

The yin yang symbol, or Taijitu, is a black and white image that derives from Ancient Chinese philosophy and is significant in Taoism today. In tattoo form, most people still like to get the classic yin yang symbol, but the look of the symbol can be tweaked in many ways without losing any meaning. Still, if you want to get a genuine yin yang tattoo and use those classic yin yang tattoo meanings that we’ll go over later on in this article, then you might want to stick with the original design.

The yin yang shows a complete symmetry within the structure of the symbol, a representation of the harmony of the balance of the universe. The cosmic forces of the universe require complete balance in all aspects; dark and light, feminine and masculine, fortune and misfortune, hot and cold.

This is the type of yin yang meaning you’ll want to attach to your design if you are either looking for more balance in your life or are happy how everything has come together. The two halves of the yin yang tattoo make this meaning clear to everyone that sees it, so you don’t even have to get additional symbols to make the meaning clearer.

The yin yang, a Chinese concept known as Taiji, is a reminder of this harmony, a paradigm to follow for contentment within life. Taiji might be a concept derived in China, but people in all parts of the world can get a lot of use out of this meaning and, therefore, the yin yang tattoo.

We all want to be contented and a yin yang tattoo can be an excellent motivational tool and a constant reminder to not be thrown off our paths. This simple symbol can actually help people do more with their lives, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

Both sides of the yin yang are dependent on the other as they complement each other, creating the balance. The characters of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ themselves denoted this balance, the first meaning ‘sun’ or ‘light’ and the second meaning ‘cloudy’ or ‘dark’. Some people who look at their yin yang tattoos like to label the two sides so they are more personal to them. For example, the dark area may represent someone who doesn’t treat you right, and the light area symbolizes your family and anything else that makes you happy.

The first half, the white half, of the symbol is the ‘yang’ with a black dot, while the black half with the white dot is the ‘yin’. As we pointed out before, you don’t have to use these two classic colors of the yin yang, but they really do make sense with the meanings that come along with the symbol. Of course, the key is to show that they are two halves of a whole, so you can keep those meanings intact even if you tweak the colors a bit. Just make sure that one is light, and one is dark if you want to ensure that people recognize those meanings.

The white and black dots within the opposite-colored fields show the necessity of the ‘yin’ in the ‘yang’ and vice versa. One side does not function well without the other. One is needed to balance, complement, the other in order to maintain harmony, and happiness.

This image, therefore, is the ultimate representation of the calm tranquility of Taoism, a belief in the supreme wisdom of the design of the universe.
Some people will use this yin yang tattoo meaning to show that they are well-adjusted. It can serve as a source of pride for folks who have put in the hard work to bring balance into their lives. You can almost see it as a kind of gold medal for balance.

Other people use a variation of this yin yang tattoo meaning by showing that they have brought balance into their lives thanks to another person. This is why the yin yang tattoo is such as great matching tattoo for friends and couples to get. If you do want to go the matching tattoo route, you can both get the exact same yin yang tattoo, or you can get it cut in half to show that you are only balanced when you are with that other person.

The yin yang is an inseparable image of two halves. It portrays a trust in the cosmic forces, the fate of the universe. Someone who uses this yin yang tattoo meaning is showing that they have accepted their own mortality and want to make the most of each day they’re alive. That may seem like a bit of a downer meaning, but it isn’t to people who know that they have a limited time on this planet and who plan to be happy before they’re gone. The yin yang tattoo is a fantastic way to simply say that you are not going to let people or bad situations get in your way of happiness.

The yin yang conveys a constant path taken towards finding and maintaining balance. If this is the meaning (or one of the meanings) you want to use, then you can make it clearer by putting the symbol at the end of a path in your design. This shows that your main goal in life is to achieve balance and that it is extremely important to you. You could also put a keyhole in the middle of the yin yang tattoo for the same reasons.

The negative reinforces the positive, the shadows depend on the light to exist. The yin yang symbol is both of these things and serves as a diagram of the balance of the good and bad of fate. This is a slightly altered version of “balance” in that you are saying you understand that you need to accept that there will be bad times in order to have a more balanced mind. This is a very healthy mentality if you think about it, though it could be seen as a slightly less positive meaning for the yin yang tattoo.

What’s great about yin yang tattoo meanings is that most people will want to use more than one of them because they really do make sense for them. And that is completely up to you if you decide to get one of these designs. You can use any meaning that you want to as long as it makes you happy and it’s something that you’ll believe in for the rest of your life.

Most people want to get unique tattoos that they can be proud of, which is a bit tricky with the yin yang symbol since it is known for having one set look. The trick to design one of these symbols in a new way is to make sure the lines are recognizable while slightly tweaking the inside of the shapes or putting more designs around it.

Once you have come up with a design that you love and a yin yang tattoo meaning or two that match who you are, then all you have to do is pick a good artist to do the work for you. Even if you are just getting a small yin yang tattoo, you’ll want a good artist to do the work, so the lines look great, and it is aligned with the natural lines of your body.

As you can see, there is a pretty long list of yin yang tattoo meanings that you can use to make your design that much more special. Just be patient with the design process and choose a location on your body where you think it will great.

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