You Are My Sunshine Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The You Are My Sunshine tattoo is a nice way to show that you have someone in your life that you care a lot about.

On the surface of your skin, it just looks like a simple text tattoo, but just about everyone who sees it will recognize that it is a very meaningful tattoo that is a bit different than the more commonly seen love tats.

On this page we are going to go over some of the reasons why people choose to get the You Are My Sunshine tattoos and a couple of things to keep in mind if you do decide to get one of these tattoos.

The You Are My Sunshine tattoo idea comes from the popular 1939 song that has been remade countless times throughout the years. It has been covered by some of the most famous singers around, so it is definitely in the public’s consciousness. That’s why people who get these words inked on their skin will know that just about anyone who sees in anywhere in the world will recognize what the words are from and what they represent.

Most people see the You Are My Sunshine tattoo as a great romantic love tattoo, but it can also be an excellent design for anyone looking to get a friendship tattoo. Friends who get these tattoos are saying that the other person brings “sunshine” into their lives no matter what mood they happen to be in. If you think about it, it almost works just as well as a best friend tattoo as it does a love tattoo.

The You Are My Sunshine tattoo is also a great idea for any mothers and daughters who want to get matching tattoos together. It works so well in this regard because mother’s often sing this song to or with their children when they are younger, so it is already a big part of their relationship. Both parties can get the tattoo to show that they are the most important people in each other’s lives.

The fact is that you can get a You Are My Sunshine tattoo to show that you love anything or anyone in your life. Heck, you can even get one of these tattoos to represent your love for everything that is special to you. If you do get your tattoo to represent multiple things, you can even combine the lyrics with some other images of the things that are important in your life.

Unsurprisingly, many people like to add a sun into their You Are My Sunshine tattoos to make them pop a bit more. The sun is usually a simple design that either sits to the side of the words or is somehow integrated into the text.

Another popular image added into some You Are My Sunshine tattoos is a sunflower. What’s great about this idea is that the sunflower brings with it many of its own meanings. Some of those meanings include loyalty, adoration, and good fortune, so if you already wanted to include one or more of those meanings in your tattoo, you might just want to add in a sunflower to you design.

Some people like to add in the You Are My Sunshine text to complete a larger tattoo design. In most of these cases the text isn’t the focal point of the tattoo, but it can bring the entire design together. This is a good idea if you know that you want to include the text, but you also know that you are only going to one to get one tattoo and you want to fill it with as much meaning as you possibly can.

Since the You Are My Sunshine tattoo is a text tattoo, you will need to come up with a font that makes the words look great on your skin. A lot of people like to use calligraphy in these types of text tattoos, but you really can choose any font that you like. It could take a while to find the perfect one, though, since there are now thousands of great fonts out there and it can take some time to settle on one. We recommend finding a font family or two that you really like and then look through those for one that you think works well with the words.

As with most other text tattoos, the You Are My Sunshine tattoo can look amazing on the arm or even across the ribs. This is the type of tat that most people are very happy to have out in the open, which is why you will usually see it running straight up their forearms. The rib area is a great spot to place the title of the song itself or, if you want to take the idea a step further, you can include your favorite lyrics from the song in the design.

Even though the arm and the ribs seem to be the most popular spots for the You Are My Sunshine tattoo, you really can place these designs anywhere you want them. If you want it to be a private design, you can just as easily make it work somewhere on your body that is usually covered up. The key is to find a place where you think the tattoo will look great and where you can look at it and feel a bit happier by thinking about the relationship that it represents.

We hope that this page has helped you to know if the You Are My Sunshine tattoo is the right design for you. It really is a great tattoo idea for anyone looking to honor someone who has made their lives better for one reason or another. It might be a simple text tattoo in most cases, but it is also extremely meaningful and the type of design that people are very proud to have on their skin. If you are thinking about getting a You Are My Sunshine tattoo, be sure to find a tattoo artist who can make it look amazing on your skin.

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