Indian Skull Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Indian Skull tattoos are some of the most sacred, divine and powerful tattoos that a person can get. Typically packed with interesting and culturally powerful symbols, Indian Skull tattoos spark interest. People who decide to get an Indian Skull tattoo will be proud to show off their tattoos.

This tattoo will show everyone who sees it the deep culture and history that the wearer is trying to portray. The tattoo can also be just a beautiful tattoo on the wearer and doesn’t have to have any meaning at all. Whatever your reason for getting an Indian Skull tattoo, this article will help define some of the symbols and meanings behind the tattoo just in case you were wondering what a certain aspect meant before getting it.

Indian Skull tattoos are great tattoos for both men and women alike. The powerful symbology and rich cultural link to the past draws people to get them. These tattoos can be drawn in black and gray or full color. The designs can vary from full headdress adorning the skull, partial headdress or even animals on top of the skulls.

More often than not, the tattoo will be a skull wearing a feather headdress from a front viewing angle or a profile angle. You can always up the ante by placing jewels, ribbons, furs, and on the headdress as well. An intricately designed headband where the feathers stand up is also a common design for the tattoo.

Men and women all over the world are taking part in the Indian Skull tattoo craze. Showing power and heritage while still being elegant and beautiful are reasons why both sexes continue to get this tattoo. Some designs may be more masculine while some may be more feminine but no matter what the design, they are both acceptable for men and women. A creative additive to the tattoo is a great idea to make it more custom to your personal liking.

Things such as adding roses or a singular gold tooth may be a creative way of showing that special flare. Different types of feather adornments can also be used to make the design more feminine or masculine if you so choose. Soft feathers that wisp away may be a better option for ladies looking to accent their curves.

While hard, bold lines may be used for more masculine designs if you want to make sure the tattoo shows strength and power. But remember either of these customizations to the basic Indian Skull tattoo design can be tattooed on both men and women.

The symbology and culture of the tattoo are important. If you decide to go with a traditional design, you may want to do some digging and get the correct cultural references so as to not be disrespectful to the Native American Communities. This tattoo does symbolize ancient Native American culture such as power, respect, wisdom and peace but that doesn’t mean you have to be Native American to get the tattoo.

A lot of Native Americans may choose to get the tattoo to honor their ancestors and show respect for the culture they came from. Non-Native Americans or people who have a bit of Native American in their ancestry, may also choose to get the tattoo in order to show their respect as well while displaying a beautiful design. There is no right or wrong person who can get the tattoo, just remember to remain respectful if you decide to get the tattoo in a more traditional design.

Black and grey or color, which to choose? Of course, this category comes down to mainly preference. If you like black and gray tattoos and your current collection of tattoos consists of black and gray, maybe you will want to choose the black and gray design. If you love color tattoos and you stand by the fact that all tattoos must be color, then get your Indian Skull tattoo in color. Either form of the tattoo is appropriate and will still show the culture, heritage and symbolism of the tattoo.

While there are many forms of each out there, the most popular colors for this tattoo are black, blue, white, gray and red. Typically colors can be used in the headdress or headband. When it comes to adding color to these parts of the tattoos, any colors can be used such as turquoise and green. If you want to use the traditional colors, make sure to do your research and find out what each color means based on what you are looking for.

The headdress is the dominant feature of an Indian Skull tattoo. The headdress can be made to stand out more or be more relevant by adding some tasteful shading or adding a touch of color to the tips of the feathers or throughout the entire feather. This will be sure to impress viewers when they see your tattoo. Without the headdress, this tattoo would be a skull tattoo which is still not a bad option. But if you want to make sure that you have an Indian Skull tattoo, make sure you have your skull decorated with a headdress. Note that the headdress alone is tied to the wearer’s soul. There are generally not two headdresses in a tradition that were ever the same.

So make sure if you get this tattoo to be creative and add some additional, personal flare to your own design and never directly copy what someone else has or what they have pictured on the wall in your favorite shop.

Placement of this tattoo can be virtually anywhere. Many people choose to get an Indian Skull tattoo on their arms, legs, ribs, back or chest. This tattoo goes well with other pieces you may already have or it looks very good as a stand-alone piece as well. If you don’t have very many tattoos, find a large open space such as your thigh to allow for all the detail to show through without being lost in bends and wrinkles in your body.

In summation, a Indian Skull tattoo can be worn by men and women all around the world. They are sacred, divine and powerful symbols that can show one’s heritage or respect for a culture. These tattoos can be tattooed in black and gray, or in color. Details and customization are a must with this tattoo as well as keeping respect and tradition in mind. This tattoo looks good practically anywhere you get it on the body so go out there and get yourself a new Indian Skull tattoo!

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