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Oregon Tattoo Artist Shelly Dax 4Oregon Tattoo Artist Shelly Dax 3

Oregon Tattoo Artist Shelly Dax 2Oregon Tattoo Artist Shelly Dax 1

Shelly Dax – Cottage Grove, OR

Tattoo Profile: Shelly Dax is a tattooer, author, artist, and mentor working in Oregon, who has been teaching tattoo for over 8 years. Shelly recently hosted the “Tattoo Sisterhood Revolution” audio series and also authored “The Tattoo Textbook” which is a wonderful companion to an apprenticeship or school experience. Shelly loves to work with womxn artists & tattooers who are struggling to uplevel their entrepreneurship skills and hoping to find their inner dazzle. You can join her community at this link: Click Here

Portland Tattoo Artist Alice Kendall 2Portland Tattoo Artist Alice Kendall 1

Alice Kendall – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Alice Kendall has been in the tattooing game since back in 2001, and she currently owns her own shop called Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, Oregon. She is willing to take on just about any client and tackle any tattoo design, but she especially loves to work on nature tattoos and any type of science design. She always wanted to be an artist, and she can often be found painting when she isn’t at her shop. Her passion for art definitely shines through in her work as she has the talent to get the most out of each one of the tattoos that she creates.


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Portland Tattoo Artist Jessi Preston 2Portland Tattoo Artist Jessi Preston 1

Jessi Preston – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Owner of Lombard Street Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, Jessi Preston is one of the best tattoo artists in the state when it comes to traditional designs. She does an amazing job with the bold lines and bright colors in each one of her tattoos, giving them that classic look while also putting her own little twist on them. Jessi has been recognized multiple times for her tattooing work, including back in 2015 when she was voted Best Tattoo Artist in Montreal. She has also been the featured artist in magazines and other media throughout her career, including Things & Ink Magazine and Juxtaposes’ Tattoo of the Day.


Portland Tattoo Artist Winston The Whale 2Portland Tattoo Artist Winston The Whale 1

Winston The Whale – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Take a look at any of the designs that Winston The Whale has made over the years and you will quickly realize why he is considered one of the top tattoo artists in the state of Oregon. He has a distinctive trippy style that everyone seems to love and he has a way of making each design pop perfectly no matter where it is located. His painting and tagging history definitely shines through in his designs and has allowed him to have something that most other artists in the state can’t claim to have: a completely unique style.


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Eugene Tattoo Artist Joshua Carlton 2Eugene Tattoo Artist Joshua Carlton 1

Joshua Carlton – Eugene, OR

Tattoo Profile: Joshua Carlton is one of the most popular tattoo artists in Oregon because of his unbelievable realism tattoos. A lot of tattoo artists in Oregon have the skills to make these types of tattoos, but very few in the country, let alone the state, have the ability to be go consistent when it comes to making their tattoos come to life on the skin. Regardless of whether the realism design is large or small, he has the talent to take the design to the next level. Joshua is the owner of Black Brush Tattoo in Eugene and he is also the co-founder of Evergreen Tattoo Invitational, Educational, and Evergreen Champions.


Oakland California Tattoo Artist 35Oakland California Tattoo Artist 36

Danielle Silva – Oakland, CA

Tattoo Profile: Danielle Silva is a native of the Bay Area and started her tattoo career in 2009. She specializes in many styles that range from color realism and American traditional to black & grey and watercolor. If you can think of the style, she can most likely handle it. Tattooing has allowed Danielle to travel all over the world where she continues to pick up new skills for her clients. If you want to get a tattoo from Danielle, don’t wait any longer. Reach out today to set up a consultation.


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Portland Tattoo Artist Ryan Burke 2Portland Tattoo Artist Ryan Burke 1

Ryan Burke – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Ryan Burke loves creating awesome anime, video game, and realism tattoo designs, but he certainly has no problem taking the time to create any other type of tattoo that his clients want. He has been tattooing since back in 2009 and he takes pride in constantly studying the greats, such as Nikko Hurtado and Paul Acker, which has allowed him to fine tune his style over the years. There are a lot of self-taught tattoo artists in the state of Oregon, but there aren’t too many that have the type of skills that Ryan has.


Portland Tattoo Artist Kyle Stacher 2Portland Tattoo Artist Kyle Stacher 1

Kyle Stacher – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Kyle Stacher is the type of tattoo artist who takes pride in being able to take his clients’ tattoo ideas and turning them into something brand new that looks amazing on their skin. He works with each person to come up with an idea that makes sense for them, and then he takes that idea and draws up something that he knows they will be proud of. He’s the type of tattoo artist that people in Oregon have learned to trust because he has been able to consistently come up with great-looking tattoos that stand out from the crowd.


Portland Tattoo Artist Shaun Nel 2Portland Tattoo Artist Shaun Nel 1

Shaun Nel – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Shaun Nel, also known as Shaun the African, is the tattoo artist to visit if you are looking for someone who specializes in creating fantastic Traditional Japanese pieces. It is a style that is very tough to master, but Shaun has taken the time to study it and stick with the traditional line and color work while also putting his own tough on each piece. He is one of the best artists to visit in the state of Oregon if you have a great Japanese tattoo idea or you are looking to get a nice abstract or minimalist design created for you.


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Bend Tattoo Artist Sean Belida 2Bend Tattoo Artist Sean Belida 1

Sean Belida – Bend, OR

Tattoo Profile: Anyone who is looking to get a black and grey tattoo design made for them will want to look into Sean Belida’s past tattoos. He does a lot more than just blackwork tattoos, but those are his specialties because he has found a way to put his own touch on the popular style. He seems to nail every black and grey design that he tackles, getting the lighting and shadows just right in each piece, making them pop in a way that few other tattoo artists in the state can pull off.


Portland Tattoo Artist Karla Yvette 2Portland Tattoo Artist Karla Yvette 1

Karla Yvette – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Pretty much always knew that Karla Yvette was going to end up being in a creative field of some kind, seeing as pretty much every member of her family is an artist. She has been tattooing since back in 2005 and she has been able to establish herself as someone who can create amazing pieces in a number of different styles. She especially loves to create blackwork tattoos that have themes of science, nature, mythology, and the occult. Karla also takes a lot of pride in creating the safest environments for her clients and she has been trained in sterile procedure.


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Portland Tattoo Artist Alice Carrier 2Portland Tattoo Artist Alice Carrier 1

Alice Carrier – Portland, OR

Tattoo Profile: Alice Carrier has the talent to make any type of tattoo that her clients need her to, but it is her botanical tattoo designs that really make her stand out from the crowd. If someone in the state of Oregon is looking to get a tattoo made with realistic looking flowers, butterflies, birds, or other nature elements, they often end up going to (or wanting to go to) Alice. Take a look at some of the designs that she has worked on over the years and it will quickly become obvious why she is often closed for bookings.


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