Bio Organic Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

You may have seen people with bio-organic tattoos and not even realize it. Bio organic tattoos can fit into many categories and each one of them is unique in their very own way. Before starting off with examples of bio-organic tattoo designs, we must first try to understand what bio-organic tattoos even are.

Bio organic tattoos are a style of tattoo that incorporates natural and raw elements of the earth and anatomy of not only humans, but animals and other creatures alike. If you are a fan of sci-fi, the bio-organic tattoo style can be right up your alley. Since bio-organic tattoos are consisted of natural elements and naturally formed anatomy and body parts, organs, bones, etc. of the earth, what about the anatomy of other worldly creatures such as aliens and other monster-beings?

No worries, there is plenty of room for them too! Down below are examples of bio-organic tattoos, the placements on such tattoos, designs, and other concepts.

Bio Organic Design

Bio organic tattoos are very textured art pieces. Bio organic, by definition, is a descriptive term that pertains to the composition and activity of a carbon-based compound. In other words, anything that is ‘alive’ is bio organic by nature. Because of this natural beauty, the bio organic tattoo design is most notably found to have vibrant colors in them.

Although they are very intricate and well-drawn tattoos, since these tattoos depict things in nature, and our human anatomy, some are illustrated in a cartoony fashion. Giving color to the bio-organic tattoo also makes the tattoo easier to pick apart and decipher what is what within the design.

The most popular style of bio-organic tattoos is the human anatomy style. This consists of parts of the body such as the digestive system, but they are highlighted and drawn on the outer body as a tattoo. Organs are just one example of what a human anatomy style of bio-organic tattoos could be. Some decide to get the anatomy of their bones tattooed on themselves.

The anatomy of the structure of our bones can look cool tattooed anywhere, this tattoo, in particular, seems to be drawn toward the feet. Showing the bones that make up the feet can be a really neat tattoo mostly for the reason that there are so many bones that form the feet, seeing how they look on the inside, on the outside with ink is a really creative and unique concept.

If you want to take your bio-organic tattoo to the next level and go all out with it, having a bio-organic chest piece that covers the whole chest not only looks interesting, but it is also impressive and when others see it, they will always comment on how great it is. Being able to incorporate the bones and the organs together could make for the perfect bio-organic tattoo.

Biomechanical Design

The concept of the biomechanical tattoo is another popular style amongst the bio-organic tattoo community. Like many bio-organic tattoos, these tattoos show an intricate yet cartoony side of the human anatomy. Although this is true, bio-organic tattoos do not have to be just human organs.

Have you ever seen the Terminator? As we all know, the terminator looked like a human on the outside, but on the inside, he was built like a machine. A neat concept whether you are a fan of the movie or not, is the idea of segments of your skin ripped and torn, showing a robotic anatomy filled with machine parts lying underneath the skin.

The great thing about this tattoo along with other bio-organic tattoos, is that you can have the placement of this done just about anywhere on your body that you want. Usually, this piece is done when on the arms, as a sleeve, or half sleeve. The upper arm is a great place to start, and the forearm/lower half of the arm is another place that gives that real ‘cyborg’ look. These placements are especially good if you want everyone to see this tattoo.

It’s a good indicator that you are a fan of sci-fi and fantasy world. These tattoos are even placed on the chest, the chest is a cool place to have, especially over the heart. Robots obviously do not have hearts, but valves and pumps. A bio-organic cyborg tattoo over the heart would make as a cool graphic, but instead of the heart being present, a number of switches or other robotic functions would be in the organs place. Another popular spot is the back, a series of wires and circuits that decorate the spine. These biomechanical tattoos can be done in color but are most often seen in just black ink and shadowing.

Many, many examples of bio organic tattoos can be found all over. Chances are, the tattoo artist that you have in mind to ink up your bio organic tattoo will have a little insight on this style of art. Because this tattoo concept is so different from other tattoos and it involves mostly the anatomy, always be sure to get your graphic inked in the right spots.

Having a bio-organic tattoo that shows the anatomy of the heart chest region, it is always a good idea to double check and make sure that wherever the tattoo is, it is overlapping the heart, or whatever region of your body you are getting tattooed. This makes the tattoo look a lot better, having a tattoo of a heart that is on the wrong side of the body will just look silly. With all of this in mind, bio-organic tattoos are fan favorites and will always be a fantastic conversation starter.

Bio organic tattoos mainly use vibrant and bright colors suggesting for a clean uplifting affect. Pure black ink and nothing else alters the feel for the tattoos, it will be your decision on whether or not you choose the bright side, or the dark side.

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