Blessed Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

To feel blessed can mean many different things. To say that you have been blessed can signify how lucky you feel just to be you. Whether it has to do with money, fame, talents you may possess, to feel blessed to have such a supportive family, or to just be alive and waking up every morning.

With so many obstacles that everyone has, some a little more than others, it is always good to look toward the things you are grateful for that not everyone has the luxury of experiencing. This could amount from anything as to being grateful you have a roof over your head, food to eat, and fresh water to drink. Some have had near death experiences that change that person for the better, leaving the individual with a sense of being blessed to still be alive.

Saying that you are blessed or that you feel blessed can not only relate to your spiritual well-being, but it can be taken in a religious sense also. As a religious person, you feel as if you are blessed by your guardian angel, the invisible entity that watches over you when times get rough. A simple word such as the word blessed can remind the person they are in safe hands when they may feel scared or alone.

If you are a religious person and want the word blessed tattooed on your body for this very reason, an idea would be to get a design such as angel wings or the ‘praying hands’ with the rosary draped around them, inside the graphic or written close by the word ‘blessed’ to remind you of how lucky and grateful you are to have someone watching over you.

Since the word blessed has derived from old English bibles, it only makes sense that if you were to get this tattooed, you have a little faith in your religion. Those who work in high emergency and life provoking jobs such as law enforcement or being a fire fighter risking your life every day to protect others, have a special connection with the blessed tattoo concept.

Many of those involved in law enforcement and act as police officers get the phrase ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God’. This is the seventh verse of the Sermon on the Mount, it is also the seventh beatitude, or blessing, listed by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. This saying is popular amongst the law enforcement community because of its meaning. This phrase is meant for those who do not fight, but those who actively bring conflict of whatever sort to an end.

Not only can the Blessed tattoo have a religious meaning, it can also express your love and pride for your country. An example of this would be to get the words ‘blessed’ displayed over an image of the individual’s country’s flag. Having the word draped across the flag shows to the preceptor that this individual is very grateful to have been born in such a beloved country. More than likely these tattoos are sported by those who have served in one of the armed forces.

To have a child and bring life into this world, someone you and somebody you love to create another living being that both of you can love and raise together is a beautiful thing. You want to celebrate your child’s upbringing into this world by getting a piece of art tattooed on yourself that will remind you of the joys of parenthood whenever you look at it.

A simple reminder to yourself when things get rough or when times don’t go as desired, to look back on moments that made you smile and the feeling you had at that instant. A design that can help others recognize your love for your family and child could be as simple as a graphic of your child’s foot or handprint as an infant with the word ‘Blessed’ written across or beside the tattoo.

Surviving life threatening circumstances is always a reason to be appreciative for what you have. Whether this instance involves a disease that was overcome, or a situation in which you could have been, or were, injured to the point you did not think was possible to jump back from, the simple seven letter word ‘Blessed’ is a reflection of how things could always be worse and to look at the brighter more positive side of life. To be blessed is to be favored by God or whatever higher power your religion looks up to.

Not only does the word blessed itself have respectful properties about it, but the word also when seen says that you are a humbled individual, you take what you can and make the most of it. Just being alive is a true blessing, this has been forgotten and looked over as a society too much to the point where not many people stop to think about what they have. The Blessed tattoo sends a strong message of self-worth, humbleness, and dignity.

The phrase ‘Stay Blessed’ is another powerful message that can be inked on the skin. ‘Stay Blessed’ is a way of saying to someone that you wish them the best and you hope that circumstances keep going in the favored direction of the individual. Not only does it gratify somebody else, but it can also be taken personally as well. By staying blessed, it gives the tattoo connoisseur a strong state of mind. Reminding oneself of the trials and tribulations one went through and to finally obtain the satisfaction of being grateful by the end of the day says a lot about yourself.

However you decide to get your ink done, whether you have a graphic accompanying the words or phrase or not, the main idea is that whatever you’re blessed with makes it unique to you. Placement will be key to your tattoo once you decide what you would like done with it. Do you want everyone to see your Blessed tattoo or do you want to keep it more personal and have it be in a spot you wouldn’t normally see? Every tattoo has a story behind it. What will be your story?

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