Bluebird Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Like many topics and subjects that we talk about or see, they will have meaning behind the images or words. Some objects are simpler to talk about. A lamp, carpet or a car don’t have a great deal of symbolism.

There are other specific things that have meaning but when talking about birds, there is a wide variety of meanings and symbolism. Like the flower or the fish, there are thousands of different kinds of birds and most of them have meaning that differs from the rest.

The idea of a bird does hold symbolism that would be the same no matter what bird you are talking about. When looking at characteristics of a bird; they all fly and they all lay eggs. However, there are specific birds that have personalities unlike other birds. Even colors of birds have meaning that will be different from other colored birds. In this case, we are going to be talking about the bluebird tattoo.

We will go over the history and characteristics of the Bluebird and talk about what makes them a unique bird. We will talk about this beautiful bird and what the image of the bluebird symbolizes when tattooed on your body. In addition, there are many variations of the bluebird tattoo and we will talk about the meaning of those tattoos. By the end of this post, we hope you feel more informed about the bluebird.

About the Bluebird

The eastern bluebird is a beautiful member of the thrush family. These birds are on the slight side and average around six to eight inches long and up to a 12-inch wingspan. With that frame, it is understandable the bluebird comes in at an average weight of one ounce.

Now we get to why the bluebird gets its name. The vibrant colors of the bluebird make this tiny, feathered creature stand out in a crowd. This is one reason why the bluebird tattoo is so popular. It is one of the most beautiful birds out there.

These birds are tougher than they look and happen to be really territorial. The bluebird protects its young by building its nest in cavities. They will usually lay between three and eight eggs. While the female is incubating the eggs, the male is out gathering food so there is a sort of family semblance going on with the bluebird.

The eastern bluebird has had a decline in numbers due to competition of invasive birds like starlings and sparrows. They also deal with destruction of their habitat. However, because these birds do build their nests in cavities, they love homemade boxes and use the thousands of bluebird boxes up in the U.S.

Following up on the family ritual of the bluebirds, they are generally monogamous. This is not a common theme with the animal kingdom, so it is fun to hear about it when it is true. Once in a while the male will go on and switch mates, but they mostly stay loyal to one bluebird.

Keeping with the family theme, the males will collect all of the materials for the next and collect the food while the female uses the materials to build the nest. Between gather food and materials for nesting, the males stay on guard so no other males will come in and try to mate with their mate.

Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of the bluebird tattoo revolves around happiness. This symbol goes back thousands of years and depending on the culture, but the theme is pretty uniform in that the bluebird represents happiness. If you happen to be going through hard times, you can look to your bluebird tattoo as an omen of happiness. The bluebird is said to represent an angel looking over your shoulder.

In Chinese mythology, the bluebird is the omen of happiness. One of the earliest examples of this in Chinese lore comes from the Shang Dynasty. It is said a green or blue bird was Xi Wangmu’s (Queen Mother of the West” messenger bird. By the time the Tang Dynasty came around, she evolved from a goddess and immortal to a Daoist fairy queen. Depictions of Xi Wangmu will usually include a bluebird.

In Native American folklore, the bluebird has literary and mythological meaning. The Cochiti tribe believed the first son of Sun was given the name of Bluebird. The Navajos liken the mountain bluebird with the rising sun. They sing the “Bluebird Song” to remind people to appreciate the sun.

Bluebird Tattoo Variations

The bluebird image is pretty straight forward but because of its colors, you rarely see this bird in black and grey because it would be tough to identify. Below are a few examples of ways we see the bluebird tattooed.

Watercolor Bluebird Tattoo

The watercolor bluebird tattoo is a beautiful way to have this bird inked on your body. The watercolor style flows well with the bright colors of the bluebird and gives it a whimsical look. This magical style enforces the feeling of happiness when you gaze upon it.

Realism Bluebird Tattoo

Even though the watercolor style really makes the bluebird tattoo pop, it doesn’t really need it. A realism version of the bluebird tattoo is enough to make anyone look twice as their bright blue color looks great when seen in person or sensationalized. Just make sure to take your time and find an artist with experience in animal realism or you might be regretting this decision later.

Flying Bluebird Tattoo

The flying bluebird tattoo reinforces the feeling of freedom and happiness. The bird already symbolizes a sense of freedom and no worries. When added with the symbolism of happiness, the flying bluebird tattoo can be something you look to anytime you might feel stressed or unhappy. Many legends talk of looking for the bluebird in dark times and this could be another way to do that.

All this being said, we are sure there are very creative ways to get the bluebird tattoo. If you have an idea, you love or have a bluebird tattoo that you want to share, you can email us because we’d love to see it.

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  1. Wonderful information and beautiful tats! I want a couple of small, quarter-sized, but true- colored bluebirds. I have three bluebird boxes which have produced at least a dozen babies! They are my absolute favorite flying creature. Thank you for the information and ink ideas!!! GO BLUEBIRDS!!!


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