Brick Wall Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

You may or may not have seen someone with a tattoo of a brick wall. This is a tattoo concept that is not seen very often, but when it is seen it makes a lasting impression. Brick walls are usually constructed as a way of keeping the outside world from getting inside whatever it is that is beyond the bricks.

Brick walls are some of the sturdiest and longest lasting walls out there, that is why there are so many buildings built out of brick.

It is also the reason why the three little piggies were able to escape a treacherous death from the big bad wolf. Brick walls can be made in all different sizes and shapes, colors can also differ from one brick wall to the other as well. Even though brick walls are just solid foundations of concrete shaped in little blocks and then paved together to make an impenetrable force.

Throughout history, bricks have changed in what they are made out of. The classic brick was first constructed with clay, sand, and lime. This worked very well, but it is only a matter of time before bricks such as these start to crumble and fall apart. Concrete is the best option for the production of bricks and is proven to last very long periods of time with little to no reinforcement.

Not only does a brick wall create a unique tattoo but it also has a fair amount of symbolism behind it as well. Down below will be examples of this tattoo, different designs, and ideas for this piece.


Brick walls are built to provide shelter and to keep the outside world away from whatever it is that lays beyond the bricks. Many homes are constructed with brick as well as basically any building. These cement blocks that are paved together to form one giant wall of concrete have been the best building material that has been readily available for humans to use. Having a tattoo of a brick wall can say a lot about the individual that is sporting it.

Strong Foundation

Brick walls are very strong and almost impossible to destroy and bring down without the proper tools. Because of this, it shows the brick wall has a strong foundation. A tattoo of a brick wall could say just that about yourself. It can say that you are a strong person who does not fall or crumble easily. It says that you have a strong foundation yourself built upon strong roots and reinforced with brick and cement. A tattoo of a brick wall can signify that you are a protector against those who might try to huff and puff and blow your house down.

Not only are these ideas relevant to the image, but it can also say that you stay cool. Bricks and clay are not only great for building, but they are perfect materials to use to stay cool indoors. When brick is used and constructed for a house for instance, the material is so thick and rock-like, that when the sun beats down on the brick the heat does not transfer to the other side.

This is because the cement absorbs the sun rays and, in a way, deflects them from reaching the other side, keeping it nice and cool on the inside. This can be said about yourself as well. A tough exterior but stays cool and calm on the other side of the wall.


The idea of brick wall tattoos has been around for quite some time, but as technology and new ways of tattooing have come about, this idea of the brick wall tattoo has been better than ever. There are many different ways you can display your brick wall tattoo and many different styles you can have this done.

Under the Skin

If you have ever seen a tattoo that looks as if their skin is pulled back exposing electrical wires and metal almost as if they are a robot under the layer of skin, this is basically the same concept. Having the graphic of a brick wall that looks like it is protruding from your skin can set off a couple of ideas.

It says that you may look normal on the outside, but on the inside, you are a brick wall that cannot be knocked down. This particular idea also gives off the vibe of being ‘The Thing’ from the Fantastic 4. Because ‘The Thing’ is made of rock, he is one of the most deadly and strongest superhero’s, having a brick wall tattoo can represent and show off your strong side.

Super Mario Bricks

The classic Super Nintendo video game, Super Mario Brothers is filled with adventure, challenges, and puzzles. Perhaps one of the more notable aspects of this game is that when you, the protagonist, Mario, jump headfirst onto a piece of brick wall, the brick shatters and you can collect an item that benefits your player. The brick walls are laid out throughout the entire game and the Super Mario games that came after.

Having a tattoo of the cartoony, pixilated bricks along with familiar items or characters such as a gold coin or Mario himself can really add a whole new meaning to the brick wall tattoo. Not only does this design show a more playful side of you, it shows that the brick wall tattoo does not have to be taken so seriously. This particular brick wall design is sure to turn heads and many people will compliment you on your video game inspired brick wall piece.

A tattoo such as this should be displayed for the public, a great place for this piece would be somewhere on the upper arm or even the forearm.

Brick Wrap Around

A ‘wrap around’ tattoo is one that makes kind of a band around your arm, wrist, ankle, or leg. If you are thinking of getting a wrap around tattoo that both looks neat and somewhat subtle, a brick wall wrap around would be perfect for you. The colors of the bricks are entirely up to you, however the most common form of brick are a deep red, brownish color.

Showing the bricks stacked on top of each other and wrapping around your arm looks as if you have a wall protecting that part of your body. This is a great concept and looks good on anyone. Deciding on whether or not you want your brick wall to look more cartoony or realistic is also up to you, either one however is sure to catch the attention of others.

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