Cemetery Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

There are a lot of meanings behind the idea of a cemetery. When you talk about a cemetery, many have a specific idea of what it represents.

In many cases it has to do with death but there are other representations as well. This might come as a surprise because a cemetery is where you can find many corpses but depending on what you believe or where you are from, the ideas behind this image can be different. In any case, many people like the idea of a cemetery. Some might think that is strange but there is something fascinating about it.

For those that have a fascination of cemeteries, there are only a few ways to show that interest and one of the ways in which we are going to talk about, is getting a tattoo. For those that are thinking about, they might be wondering; what does a cemetery tattoo mean? That’s a great question too because we all think we know but if you talk to the people that have a cemetery tattoo, it could represent many things.

In this post we are going to talk about some of the different representations of the cemetery tattoo. The cemetery tattoo meaning is going to change depending on who you ask and we wanted to talk about some of these different meanings. We also want to discuss some of the variations of the cemetery tattoo and if they mean anything different. We hope you have a better understanding of the cemetery tattoo when you’re done reviewing this.

What Does a Cemetery Tattoo Mean?

To normal people, the cemetery represents the mysterious and the mortality of human beings. Whether you want to think about it or not, we are all going to pass one day. You may think that you’re ok with the idea but it is an idea that we have struggled with forever. Because we are unable to avoid it, some people choose to get this tattoo to face their fears.

Some might consider it a form of therapy but to put the thing you fear most in front of your face can help to take the fear away. So, in this case, the idea of getting the cemetery tattoo is a way to say, “f-you”, to death and show that you’re not afraid.

Another meaning of the cemetery tattoo is a celebration of life. In many cultures, death is just the next step in the existence of a human being. The life we know now is such a small part of what is in store for us. Many believe that we are just beginning our lives when we pass to the next one so in a different sort of way, the cemetery tattoo can be seen as a celebration of life.

Cemetery Tattoo Variations

The cemetery tattoo seems pretty cut and dry but many of the tattoo enthusiasts out there love the idea changing it up. Below are a couple examples of the cemetery tattoo that might make you think of it a little bit differently.

Horror Movie Tattoos

Many horror movies have scenes or have large parts of the movie in a cemetery or having an association with one. The person with the cemetery tattoo might add one of their favorite horror movie characters to the image to change up the meaning. An example might be having a cemetery as the background image for a Michael Myers tattoo or a Jason Voorhees tattoo. It is up to the person, but we have seen many cemeteries used as background filler for a horror movie tattoo.

The Occult

This is more of an obvious choice for a cemetery tattoo. Many people that are interested in the Occult or death might have a cemetery tattoo to represent their love for the idea. Some people love to embrace the darkness and a great way to do so is to have a cemetery tattooed on your body. Skulls are another choice to represent the darkness, but a cemetery is a is the all-encompassing image to represent death and darkness.


Another reason someone might get the cemetery tattoo is to represent loved ones lost. There are obviously other ways of doing this but the cemetery is the resting place for our “vessels”. After we have left the body, our spirit remains and a cemetery is a reminder of that.


You will often see a church tattooed in the image with a cemetery. In most cases, these two images are related in many ways. Funerals are generally set in a church and there are many cemeteries outside of churches. This is a classic image that can be used in many ways. It is up to the person getting the tattoo to decide what this image means but it never surprises us to see a church and cemetery tattooed together.

Where is the Best Placement for the Cemetery Tattoo?

The cemetery tattoo isn’t a small one, so you need a place on the body that provides the artist some space to work. The most obvious choice for a large-scale cemetery tattoo is the back. There is so much “canvas” to use on the back that an artist can get very creative with the space that needs to be used. You might also see the cemetery tattoo on the upper arm or thigh. These are both areas that are spacious. On the other hand, you couldn’t get this tattoo on a finger because there is too much detail to go through.

No matter where you choose to put the cemetery tattoo or what you choose to tattoo with it, you need to make sure you find an artist that you are comfortable with to work on your body. It is an important process to find the right artist and we know it isn’t always easy. Therefore, we suggest going through an artists’ portfolio to make sure they work in the style that you like.

Once you find the artist, have a sit down with them and see if you click. If you need help finding someone to work with, let us know because we’d love to help you find an artist that will give you the tattoo of your dreams.

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