Squid Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

We have probably all heard the stories of the unknown things in the depths of the ocean. In the dark caverns and cold waters hidden far below the Earth’s surface are creatures that we don’t even know about yet and other creatures that we’ve heard rumors about.

One of the creatures that is storied to be down there but also a creature we know about is the squid. Squids aren’t an uncommon sight but there are stories of very large ones in depths of the ocean. The stories and traits of the squid have created a lot of interest this creature. It’s a great choice for a tattoo if you are into it.

The squid tattoo is a solid choice because it can fill a number of spaces on your body. The tentacles flow in a way that is beautiful and efficient. Your squid tattoo will be the talk of all your friends and onlookers. The squid has a meaningful and symbolic background that will lead to some great conversation with those interested.

In this post we will talk a bit about the squid and some of the traits and characteristics that make such an interesting creature. We will also delve into the symbolism behind the squid tattoo and talk about what it means to those that have it. Symbolism changes with imagery so depending on what variation of the squid tattoo you have will tell the story of what your tattoo means.

About the Squid

Around the world, there have been more than 300 different kinds of squid that been discovered. However, it is said there are many more out there that we just haven’t seen yet. This applies to the depths of the oceans where we haven’t been able to research enough.

The size of the squid varies greatly. The biggest squid that we know of is the colossal squid which can weight in at an incredible 1,700 pounds and reach up to 46 feet in length. On the other side of the spectrum is the pygmy squid which can be as small as one inch. This is an example of the variety of squid on this planet.

Because squid are soft and a favorite kind of food for all types of predators, the squid had to develop a self-defense tactic that would be one of the ways we define this cephalopod. When threatened, the squid will release a dark ink to muddy the waters allowing them to escape. Another fascinating defense mechanism of the squid is that there skin can change colors to blend in with their surroundings. They are able to do this because their skin is covered with chromatophores.

Squid are known to be highly intelligent which we will talk about more in the symbolism section. They are very active and adaptive when it comes to their surroundings. They are great problem solvers and able to get out of situations where most creatures wouldn’t.

There is still a lot of research to do on squids but what is known is they are very important to their environment. One reason for this is because many species feed on the squid.

The squid has three hearts. The main heart is the one that pumps blood around they body while there are two other branchial hearts that feed the gills.

Squid Tattoo Meaning

When trying to determine the symbolism of the squid tattoo, you should first look at their characteristics. Squid are highly intelligent and masters of disguise. The squid tattoo is known to represent intelligence and the ability to blend into your environment. This doesn’t always represent a physical change but more of a personality trait. The person taking on the traits of the squid can get along in any room. No matter the kind of people or personalities, the squid tattoo represents the ability to get along.

The squid is also very mysterious. There are legends of giant squids deep in the oceans. The mystery of these monsters under the sea represent a mysterious personality when taking characteristics from the squid tattoo. In addition, because they live it water, they represent taking on new challenges and experiences that life will throw your way.

Squid Tattoo Variations

Squids have long been an image in stories and movies. There are many variations of the squid tattoo that could represent new meanings depending on how they are depicted.

Squid Ink Tattoo

One popular variation of the squid tattoo is an image of the squid shooting ink in the atmosphere. This variation also works well with the watercolor style of tattooing as the ink flows within the water and can take any form you’d like. By getting the image of the squid in its defensive form, you are saying that you are able to protect yourself against your enemies. Whether it physically or with your wit, your enemies will not get the upper hand on you without a fight.

Anchor and Squid Tattoo

Because the anchor is such a well-known sailor symbol, the squid is often paired with this image as a depiction of life at sea. For sailors, life on the open sea was very hard and they faced many foes. This includes weather, famine and other unforeseen issues. The anchor and squid tattoo are a representation of life at sea and the courage it takes to endure in that environment for extended periods of time.

Squid Attacking Ship Tattoo

This image goes back to the stories that sailors would tell. Many of us know about his now because of the Pirates of the Caribbean films but if you look back, there are many stories about the giant squid attacking ships. This image shows the sheer magnitude and power of the squid. Whether the stories of these attacks are true or not, the imagery in this tattoo is a depiction of your own power in addition to the courage it takes to face your enemies.

We hope this combined with the pictures below give you some ideas on your next squid tattoo. Make sure the artist you work with has experience in the style of tattoo you want and if you are having trouble finding someone to work with, let us know and we can help.

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