While anti-possession symbols are found in various cultures that harness a belief in magic and the supernatural, the most common anti-possession image is a pentagram, usually encircled by a ring of flames taken from the television show Supernatural. The pentagram is a symbol that was used in Christianity centuries ago, serving as a reminder of the five senses but also the five wounds of Christ. The pious image denoted one as a Christian and under the divine protection of God.

The circle of flames is a solid black that lies just around a pentagram surrounded by an additional circle, broken to show the five black points clearly. The image is tattooed on the chests of the two main characters, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, and used as a means of protection from being possessed by demons. This has led fans of the show to receive the tattoo themselves as a tribute to more than a decade of lore that it has created.

In most cases, the tattoo is duplicated exactly, in order to maintain the same properties of protection as the original. The television show relies on the Christian template of a just God in Heaven opposed by an evil Satan in Hell and so the symbol protects against demons and evil from the pits of Hell. The five points of the pentagram represents the elements air, earth, water, fire, and most importantly, spirit. The symbol is meant to ground the individual to the earth, keeping them from the unearthly elements of Hell. It is incredibly significant to the plot of the show and the wellbeing of the main characters.

The image can also be designed with large wings, spanning on either side of the symbol. The wings are most often done in thick, black lines as well, keeping in style with the flaming pentagram. The wings are a representation of the Archangel Castiel, another integral character in the show who provides protection to Sam and Dean. The addition of the wings strengthens the symbol, taking another element of protection to enhance the first.