Buffalo Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

One of the sweetest-looking animal tattoos around, the bison tattoo has certainly grown in popularity as the years have gone by. What’s great about the bison is that it both looks great on the skin and it has an assortment of meanings that you can attach to the tat.

On this page, we will go over some of those bison tattoo meanings and some of the ways that you can get these tats designed.

The meaning that just about everyone recognizes right when they first see a bison tattoo is strength. Right away when someone sees a buffalo they see a crazy-strong creature that can probably handle anything that is thrown its way.

This is a great tattoo for anyone who feels like they have that type of physical strength or even for those who take pride in their mental strength. There are quite a few animal tattoos that symbolize strength, but few make that meaning as obvious as the buffalo.

There are a lot of great freedom tattoos out there to choose from, but the buffalo gives you a unique way to show that you either seek freedom in your life or you’re proud to be a free person. Believe it or not, the buffalo tattoo can even be included in a patriotic tattoo even if your country’s official animal is something else. Buffalo loves to roam free, so this is a fantastic tattoo to get if you love being out and about with no worries on your mind.

Those who simply want to get an animal tattoo as a sacred symbol should definitely look into getting a buffalo tattoo. Native Americans have always thought of the buffalo as one of the more important animals found in nature, so this is a meaning that many people like to use today. It can be combined in a larger “sacred” tattoo or it can be used as the focal point of one of those types of pieces.

The white buffalo has long been a symbol of prosperity. This is because it is one of those animals that, when seen in a dream or in a vision, is said to be a sign of good luck. This is a great animal tattoo to get if your top goal in life is to have as much financial success as possible; the fact is that many people have this as their top goal, so the white buffalo tattoo is an excellent choice for people all over the world.

As with any animal tattoo, sometimes people will get their buffalo tattoos simply because the buffalo is their favorite animal. That isn’t necessarily a strong meaning on its own, but if the owner of one of these tats has their mood perked up every time they see their buffalo, that is definitely a good enough reason to have one. Another benefit of being a huge fan of the animal you want to get on your skin is that you probably already know the design that you want to get.

Even though it is always best to attach at least one meaning to any tattoo you get, no one would blame you for getting a buffalo tattoo for its looks alone. This is especially true in the case of the buffalo tattoo since it does hold so many meanings that most people would love to have attached to their ink. Even if you don’t have a significant buffalo tattoo meaning to use right away, there’s a pretty good chance you will find one to use later on in life.

In most cases, people only include a buffalo’s head in their designs, and there are a couple of reasons why. First off, the buffalo’s head is what most people recognize right away, so it just makes sense to focus on that part of the animal’s body in the tattoo. And secondly, choosing to just get the buffalo’s head allows people to easily place their tattoos since the design is more circular.

Another popular way to get a buffalo tattoo designed is to get multiple buffaloes running across the skin, perhaps with a mountain landscape in the background. This is a great option for those who want to combine their buffalo tattoos with a nature or landscape design. This is a fantastic idea for people who wants a more detailed and striking-looking tattoo on their forearms.

Buffalo tattoos really can be placed anywhere on the body as long as you have them designed the right way. For example, you shouldn’t make a long horizontal buffalo tattoo design if you wanted to place it on your wrist. If you are having any issues coming up with a cool buffalo tattoo, be sure to talk to an outside artist or even your tattoo artist about how you can make one that fits exactly where you want it.

Regardless of whether you are getting a highly detailed buffalo tattoo or just an outline of the animal’s body, you should definitely get a good artist to do the work for you. Since these are portrait tattoos, you want them to be as accurate as possible and look amazing on your skin.

You don’t have to hire someone with 20 or more years of experience, but you should look through a couple of artists’ portfolios before you make your final decision. Do that and chances are you will end up with the exact buffalo tattoo that you had imagined all along.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to get a buffalo tattoo and we only expect these tats to continue to rise in popularity. They are majestic animals that hold meanings that plenty of people can relate to, and they happen to be included in some of the coolest-looking animal tattoos out there today.

If you do plan on getting a buffalo tattoo, make sure that you find one or two meanings that work for you, create a great design, and then hire an artist who you trust to do the job right.

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