Card Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Card tattoos have long been up there near the top of the tattoo popularity rankings thanks to people’s love of cards of all types. People especially love playing card tattoos, which is what we’ll focus on in this article.

If you were interested in finding out about different card tattoo designs and some great meanings that are attached to them, then you’ve come to the right place!

If you are a card player of any kind and you love tattoos, chances are you have at least given a thought to getting a card tattoo. While there are plenty of great meanings that can be given to card tattoos, the first thing people will think when they see one is that the owner is a lover of card games. You don’t have to get your card tattoo in a very visible place on your body, but you might want to if you’d like to show your pride in your card-playing skills.

People who play cards professionally or simply love card games will often get tattoos of their favorite hands. The best poker hands, such as four of a kind or the royal flush are quite popular. If you are a bigger fan of Texas Hold’em, which plenty of people are today, then you might want to get two aces or a couple of kings. You can even get a hand that is memorable to you, such as one that helped you win a big pot.

You don’t have to be in love with card games to get a card tattoo. In fact, many people get card tattoos simply because of the meanings of the numbers or suits on the cards. The queen of hearts, for example, represents both determination and survival, believe it or not. Couples will often get matching kings and queens to show their love for each other.

One of the most popular card tattoos is the ace of spades, which is the highest-ranking card in quite a few card games. It is also a very meaningful card for a number of reasons. The most popular of these card tattoo meanings are leadership and achievement, but they can also represent death. You can also combine your love for the card in games with any of these other meanings.

Possibly the most popular card tattoo design for women is the Queen of Hearts tattoo. Not only does the queen of hearts symbolize determination and survival but it is also a symbol of love. Women who were going to get a heart tattoo anyways might like the idea of getting something a little different by adding in the queen playing card tattoo.

Some folks opt to remove the card shape from their card tattoos and simply get the suits and letters/numbers in their designs. This is a good idea for anyone who wants a card tattoo but wants to get a placed on a smaller part of their body. For example, if you were looking to get a card tattoo on your wrist, ankle, or finger, then you might prefer a design that does not include the rectangular shape of the card.

While there are plenty of people who get the cards by themselves in their card tattoos, some will add a symbol or two to give their designs even more meaning. Below are just some of the many symbols that you can add to your card tattoo.

If you have crowns on your card tattoo, you are showing that royalty (or power) is the meaning you’re going for. Those who get a king as one of their cards will often add in an extra crown or two to make the meaning clearer. Another popular version of this is to get a large K for king and have a tilted crown leaning off the top of it. Of course, you can also just get a classic king tattoo and put it inside a card.

Another very popular symbol for card tattoos is the skull. Along with the meaning that comes with the card tattoo itself, the skull design adds a little something extra about the owner. It can either represent the person’s acceptance of their own mortality or that they are looking to make the most of every day they have on this planet. The skulls can either be the focal point of card tattoos or they can be smaller symbols around the cards.

If you want to add to the “gaming” theme, you can very easily include dice in your card tattoos. This is a cool way to include special numbers, such as a birthdate. A good artist can find a way to make the cards and dice morph into a single image. To take it even further, you can customize the dice and cards to add even more meanings that make sense for you.

What’s great about card tattoos is that you can place them pretty much anywhere on your body. That being said, you should think long and hard about what you want to be included in your design before you commit to placement. If this is going to be a very important tattoo for you, then maybe you should think about turning it into a large back piece.

If you want everyone to see it, then maybe it can be part of a larger sleeve design. These are the types of things you should talk to your artist about after you have an idea of what you want to be included in the design.

Card tattoos are an excellent way for people to express who they are with pretty simple designs. The cards might look simple, but the fact is that these tattoos can be extremely meaningful to their owners.

If you plan on getting a card tattoo, then think of a meaning or two that you want to attach to your design, figure out the placement, and then find an artist who can bring your card tattoo idea to life on your skin.

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