EKG Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Though it’s not very popular right now, the EKG tattoo is an excellent tattoo to get for a variety of reasons.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few EKG tattoo meanings that you can choose from and plenty of ways that you can have them designed. On this page, we will go over all of the information that you will need on the EKG tattoo and every EKG tattoo meaning that you can use it if you do decide to get one.

An EKG (electrocardiogram) or heartbeat tattoo is a symbol of a heartbeat, a lifeline, a reminder to live life to the fullest. There are other ways to show that you want to live your life the best way that you can through a tattoo, but this might just be the best way for some people. It looks like a simple little design, but when people compute what the little design actually is it usually hits them pretty hard.

The EKG line is a horizontal line of sharp peaks and “V”s that represent the reading of a heartbeat on a heart monitor. The ups and downs of the heartbeat line are the waves that are caused by the electrical activity of a beating heart.

The waves are a representation of life and the pumping of blood through veins that charge the body, anybody, in everything that it does. Some get their EKG tattoos to show that they recognize the importance of everything that goes on in their bodies and they will do anything to keep it healthy. This is a good meaning to use if you take your health seriously and you never want to get to the point where you forget that it is your temple.

When this tattoo design is received, a literal EKG can be rendered from the image taken from a heart monitor. The line of waves is often printed out to help track the beats of the heart and maybe imitated into a tattoo. While you can get an EKG tattoo designed any way that you want to, in most cases people opt to get a realistic-looking EKG to show that there is an important EKG tattoo meaning attached to it.

Parents are able to receive the EKG of their child or couples can receive each other’s heartbeats as a part of a couple’s tattoo. Parents will get them to show how important their kids are in their lives, while couples will get theirs to show that their hearts are only full because they have the other person in their lives. This is a great tattoo idea for parents and couples who want a simple yet very meaningful tattoo.

Commonly, heart shapes are added to the EKG line or even added into the line in place of a peak and dip. In these cases, the hearts can also be simple designs or you can even take the idea a step further and make the heart a bit more realistic. These designs can be placed anywhere, but a lot of people choose to put the heart part of their EKG tattoos directly over where their hearts actually are.

Names of loved ones or a child and a date of birth are sometimes incorporated into these designs to serve as an infant tattoo or tribute tattoo. This is obviously going to be a very personal EKG tattoo meaning, but it’s also the type of design that people are often happy to show off to the world. If this is a tattoo you’re thinking about getting, you will want to check out a big list of fonts so you can find the perfect one to blend into the design.

The words “love” “love” and “you” can be added to the EKG line as well, often in cursive as a part of the continuous line. These lines of text can be added to couples tattoos or they can even work if the EKG tattoo is meant to honor someone in your life. This can be a tricky tattoo to design because you want it to look like a real EKG but you also want the words to be legible.

In place of “love” or in addition to it, “faith”, “life”, or other hopeful and positive messages are included. This is an easy way to show what means the most to you since you really can add any word into the EKG as long as it isn’t too long. You can even put in a full phrase if you can find a way to make it fit and keep it looking like a real EKG readout.

Infinity symbols are sometimes included in EKG tattoos to profess an undying love for another symbol included in the design, like a name or animal image. In these cases, the EKG design is not the focal point of the design, but it is a vital part of it. An example of this is putting a favorite pet in the design and then including the EKG tattoo above or below it.

In some designs, other images are incorporated into the EKG line such as the outline of a favorite animal or pet, cartoon character, music notes, angel wings, crosses, or anything else that reveals a passion or characteristic of the individual.

This means you really can have any type of EKG tattoo meaning that you want simply by tweaking the design with other things that mean a lot to you. You can even get a full collage of interests in a single design and just find a way to include the EKG line.

Cityscapes or landscapes such as a mountain line or a series of waves are used in the center of an EKG line to highlight an affiliation with a particular city or region. If you are really creative, you can make the line and the images you use in the tattoo blend together to make a very cool-looking tattoo.

If you don’t have the artistic skills to draw the tattoo yourself, you can hire an artist or ask your tattoo artist to help come up with some ideas. In either case, you should know exactly what you want in your EKG tattoo so you can fully explain to them what you expect it to look like when it’s done.

In some designs, the EKG line runs through a shape or image, using negative space to create the peaks and dips of the line. The heartbeat often will move through a heart shape to emphasize the vibrancy of life running through the individual’s veins. If you already had a symbol in mind for another tattoo, you probably can make it work with the EKG design as long as it doesn’t cover too much of the line and make the design too confusing.

Other images can take the place of the heart shape like a star to symbolize the whimsical or an animal, transforming the EKG into a tribute to a pet or to a specific beloved animal. In all of these cases, the EKG tattoo meaning that you are going for is a love for an animal of some kind that will never waver.

These are the types of designs that can work with or without a name and they look good with realistic-looking animals and silhouettes of animals. Obviously, this is a really good idea for anyone who happens to be an animal lover and wants to get a unique design.

The EKG line is used in friends’ tattoo designs where the words “best friend(s)” are also included or in sibling tattoos where “sister”, “brother”, or the names of each sibling are added. What’s great about these versions of the EKG tattoo is that they can work just as well on the ankle or wrist as they do in the chest area.

The phrase “Just Breathe” and other similar phrases are appropriately added to the EKG line as well, highlighting the connection between breathing and the heartbeat. This is a great EKG tattoo meaning for anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression and wants a cool tattoo to help them through when times get tough.

The EKG tattoo is a symbol of life and the importance of existing at the moment rather than worrying about the past or future. It’s one of the better motivational tattoos and what’s really great about it is that so many people are great fits for these designs. We all want to do good things in our lives, and the EKG tattoo represents that want.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons why people decide to get the EKG tattoo. And what’s really special about these tattoos is that you can use one or more EKG tattoo meanings if they make sense to you. They look great as simple line tattoos and they can also work in larger, more complex designs.

The EKG tattoo isn’t extremely popular right now, but chances are it will gain in popularity as more people realize what these tattoos represent.

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