Fearless Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Being fearless isn’t always a good thing when it comes to life. Fear keeps us sharp. Fear is what creates moments of courage. Fear is what keeps us safe when we might be treading into deep waters.

When you hear people tell you they aren’t afraid of anything, you should start to question that person. Fear is a good thing and I think we should remember that.

However, there are times when fear shouldn’t exist in your life. There are times when fear can hold you back from attempting things that will make you a better person. In other cases, you may not have a choice but to be fearless. When faced with fear, courage takes over. This is a big part of the fearless tattoo. The term ‘fearless’ has some stigma with it but with the right scenario, being fearless is a great thing.

In this post, we will talk about the fearless tattoo and what it means to the people who have this word inked on their bodies. There are different times when being fearless is beneficial and there are many variations of this tattoo to help put this word in context. We hope that by the end of this post, you have a better understanding of why people get this tattoo and what it symbolizes to them.

Fearless Tattoo Variations

There are different variations of the fearless tattoo that we have seen. Whether it is a simple script or fashioned after TV shows and music albums, the fearless tattoo holds a great deal of meaning to the person getting it.

Love Fearless Tattoo

The Love Fearless tattoo is a common one we see out in the world. This is a mantra that some try to live by and we feel it is important to note. These days society makes it hard for us to let our feelings known to others. Society bashes us for being too sensitive and they make us feel bad for wearing our feelings on our sleeve.

What this does is create a society that doesn’t know how to express their feelings or truly love. To love fearlessly takes guts. To put yourself out there to be loved is one of the hardest things one can do.

You set yourself up for rejection and nobody likes that feeling. Broken hearts discourage us from opening our hearts again but letting go of the fear will only serve you in the best possible way. By doing so, you also set yourself up for a love that is powerful and true.

Tribal Fearless Tattoos

The tribal fearless tattoo can mean many things depending on who you ask. Tribal tattoos are already oozing in symbolism. Tribes live by a more primitive way of life. To some it might seem uncivilized but to others, simple is a good thing.

So, to get the word “fearless” tattooed on your body in a tribal style has more meaning than simply getting it tattooed on your body in print. Getting a tribal fearless tattoo could represent the way you love or the way you approach life in general.

Maybe you are a fighter and to be fearless in the face of another man trying to take you out is what you are shooting for. However you choose to look at it, a tribal style gives this tattoo more meaning and, in our eyes, adds power to this already powerful image.

Fearless in the Face of Tough Situations Tattoo

Many people face dire situations every day. One person we talked to had been battling cancer for over a year and decided to get a fearless tattoo to express their attitude in dealing with this disease. To have a fearless tattoo on your body to look at might be the reminder you need to get through another day when facing grave situations. We have seen entire families get this tattoo in support of their own who happen to be dealing with a terminal disease.

This tattoo doesn’t have to represent fighting dire situations but for that do get the fearless tattoo for these reasons can invoke the courage to keep moving forward and fight whatever you are dealing with. Whether you are currently in a battle or have beaten your foe, the fearless tattoo is a representation of how strong we can be when we need to be.

Fearless Quote Tattoos

Fearless quote tattoos have the word in them but may be part of a lyric or poem. Generally, these phrases are used to remind yourself to be courageous as well. There are many famous quotes that revolve around being fearless. These tend to be popular tattoos because they can also be shared by others.

What we mean by sharing is that one person might get half a quote while their best friend or family member gets the other half of the tattoo. In addition to reminding us to be fearless, it also expresses a bond between the two people getting the tattoo.

One of my favorite quotes about being fearless is by Martin O’Malley in which he says, “The most fearless hearts, the audacious dreamers, have always maintained a sense of optimism that often flies in the face of the available evidence.” What this quote says to me is that the best of us are fearless in the face of people who will judge us. It is a reminder to not worry about what others say or think.

Fearless Tattoo with Wings

Another popular way to get the fearless tattoo is to incorporate it into an animal or object with wings. The meaning behind this tattoo is being fearless will allow you to fly free from social restraints. We’ve seen this tattoo incorporated into bird tattoos. We’ve also seen it worked into tattoos with feathers, butterflies and even dandelions that catch the wind and float away.

The fearless tattoo will represent what you need it to. Whether you are dealing with hard times or want to remind yourself to love fearlessly, the symbolism is up to you.

If you decide that you want a fearless tattoo and need help finding where to go, let us know because we would love to help.

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