Gun Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Gun tattoos are extremely popular all over the world not only because they look cool, but also because they have an assortment of meanings that can be attached to them.

Obviously, there are some people who would never get a gun tattooed on their skin – and who might not understand some of the meanings that they have – but there are plenty of folks who find these designs to be the perfect way to define who they are.

If you are interested in getting a gun tattoo, whether alone or with other designs, then this is the page for you!

The two most common meanings that people use with their gun tattoos are strength and power, which are similar but also have slight differences. These are the types of meanings you’ll want to use if you take pride in your mental or physical strength.

You can use the “power” meaning for a couple of reasons, including having the power to get through the tough moments in your life. What’s great about these meanings is that they can be used regardless of what your gun tattoo looks like.

There are also plenty of people who like to get their gun tattoos to show off their rebelliousness. As with the previous meanings, you really can get any design that you want to show that you have a rebellious side.

If you are the type of person who takes pride in providing security for the people you care about the most, then you might be a perfect candidate for a gun tattoo. This is a great way to show that you feel like you have a purpose in life, and that purpose is to provide for and defend your family and friends. Usually, when people get gun tattoos to represent security, they will put them in a visible place so everyone can see that they take care of their own.

There are a lot of tattoos out there that represent freedom, but some folks see the gun tattoo as the best way to show their pride in living in a country that gives them freedom. You will often see these gun tattoos with the owner’s country’s flag above or behind it to clarify the meaning. In the United States, people will also sometimes include an eagle when they want to go all out with the “freedom” theme.

Another common reason why someone might get a gun tattoo is because they want the world to know that they are an outlaw or they feel like an outlaw. They may or may not want others to fear them, but they definitely want others to know that they are not to be messed with. These tattoos often have skulls or other images that give off the outlaw vibe.

While meanings are very important when people are getting gun tattoos, the design itself is probably equally important. You’ll want to think about the type of gun that you want to have tattooed on your skin, and you will want to think about where you want to have it placed.

The type of gun will come down to your personal tastes; you might choose one that you own or you might like the look of a particular gun. As far as placement goes, you will want to have the gun angled so it works with the natural lines of your body, which will add to the overall look of the piece.

One location that is quite popular is the arm, specifically the forearm since it fits a gun tattoo so well. This is an especially great place to put handguns since you can have the grip going behind your elbow and the barrel going straight down your arm. The arm can also be pretty great for smaller designs since you can easily fit one right there on your wrist or even higher up near your shoulder.

If you want to get two guns in your tattoo, then you will probably want to get it placed in the middle of your back, up on your chest, or on your stomach. One popular type of design is to have the guns facing opposite directions and have another image in the middle of them, hopefully adding to the meaning that you are using.

The reality is that you can get gun tattoos pretty much anywhere, but you will want it to work with the natural lines of your body. You don’t just want to choose a design and pick a random place on your body where you think it might work. Guns are oddly shaped, so it’s definitely better to test multiple concepts out before you commit to anything.

Many people will also want to include other images or symbols with their gun tattoos. This will come down to the message that you want to send with your gun design. Of course, if you want to encapsulate everything that you are in one tattoo design, you could always have many images around the gun; just make sure that the design as a whole looks good.

Regardless of how you get your gun tattoo designed, you will want to be sure that you have a great tattoo artist who does the work for you. There is often a lot of detail in gun tattoos and a good artist will be able to make all of that detail look amazing on your skin while also getting all of the line work right. This is not the type of tattoo that anyone can do, so do your homework on the artists around you before you head out to the shop.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to get gun tattoos. They look great when done by a good artist and bring with them many meanings that mean a lot to their owners.

We highly recommend figuring out what type of gun you want to get tattooed on your skin and then tweaking it to make it your own.

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