Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Looking for a jellyfish tattoo meaning? Well, as you will see below there are plenty to choose from. The jellyfish tattoo has been pretty popular for a while now, but it has definitely gained in popularity in recent years thanks to new-age tattooing techniques that give this creature an even better look on the skin.

In fact, this is a tattoo that looks great in any capacity. Whether you are looking for a full back piece or a smaller tattoo that might go on your wrist, the jellyfish tattoo fills all roles. The tentacles of the jellyfish spread all over the place with their colorful and iridescent look. They can make a back piece look really full or just fit in somewhere.

Outside of the looks, the meaning is what we are here for so that is what we will get into. In this article, we are going to be talking about the meaning of the jellyfish tattoo and discussing some of the variations of the jellyfish tattoo. Depending on how the jellyfish is displayed might be something to consider when trying to determine the meaning of this tattoo. By the end of this post, we hope you feel a little more informed on the subject of the jellyfish tattoo.

Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

Jellyfish are actually not fish but a type of sea creature with its own category. They are an ancient sea animal, dating back hundreds of millions of years, making them one of the oldest evolved creatures. Because of this, some people decide to get a jellyfish tattoo because they want people to know that they have an old soul. This isn’t the most obvious jellyfish tattoo meaning, but it is a great way to show it.

While they are ancient animals, they do not rely on gills, lungs, or a heart like most other creatures, making their function complex and very simple at the same time. It also makes them quite mysterious, which is yet another meaning that people will give to their jellyfish tattoos. Again, most outsiders will not recognize the “mysterious” meaning, but that might actually be a good thing for the owner of the tat.

Their long, trailing tentacles serve as protection, stinging potential threats as it float by. People who feel like one of their best qualities is protecting those around them might decide to get a jellyfish tattoo. They could also be protective of themselves and use the tattoo to tell others to keep their distance.

While the jellyfish appears to be a docile creature, soft and gentle, its sting can cause a lot of pain to those affected. When someone gets the jellyfish tattoo for this reason, they might see themselves as the type of person who can’t get close to others. They think that once they do get close to someone, it usually results in the other person getting hurt.

Many jellyfish are unable to see, but some species have the ability to detect light and shadow, and even fewer can see color. This can be seen as a darker jellyfish tattoo meaning since it means that the owner has a tough time socializing and/or going out during the day. It could also mean that they are night owls and have an easier time functioning during the dark hours.

Their ancient anatomy is highly developed for their surroundings in order to perform all the necessary functions of survival. This is why one of the most popular jellyfish meanings is survival. Someone who has had a lot of hardships in the past might get the jellyfish tattoo to show that they have the strength to move on with their lives. This could also be a great tattoo meaning for soldiers who have made it through a war.

The jellyfish is a symbol of tranquility, although the jelly has a stinging edge. This perfectly describes certain types of people, which makes the jellyfish tattoo a great design for them. They might be the type of people who aren’t very talkative, but they are also the type who will defend their closest friends and loved ones when they are needed.

While its calm and serene appearance is a peaceful symbol, the jellyfish is a predator. This is yet another jellyfish meaning that will only work for certain types of people. For example, someone who is known for being a kind person in private but is also an MMA fighter might choose the jellyfish tattoo to show off their two very different sides. Again, this is also a tattoo that might work for certain types of soldiers.

In Japanese mythology, the jellyfish is often used as a servant of the gods. The jellyfish relies on the influence of the currents around it to transition through the water, a quality that makes them ideal for use by the gods and goddesses. In this way, they are divine creatures, thriving on earth since the dawn of time. A very spiritual person might love these meanings for their jellyfish tattoo.

The jellyfish is a symbol of ancient wisdom, an acceptance of the cosmic fate that spurns the universe. With hundreds of millions of years evolving with the ebb and flow of the earth, they contain a primal knowledge. The jellyfish is a representation of the creation of our modern world and ancient wisdom developed over eons.

The jellyfish is also a creature of complete instinct, having few senses to determine the world around it. This is a very unique ability that is not found in many creatures throughout the world. Someone might want to use this jellyfish if they feel like they are different than other people. It could also be great for people who rely on their instincts while doing their jobs, such as police officers or those in leadership positions.

Jellyfish Tattoo Variations

The jellyfish tattoo usually looks just like what you think it might. However, there are many styles that completely change the look of the jellyfish tattoo and might add or take away from the meaning of the jellyfish tattoo. Below are a few examples of the different ways that jellyfish are tattooed.

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

The watercolor jellyfish tattoo just seems to fit as the jellyfish lives in the ocean. The whimsical and magical watercolor style really fits the jellyfish and adds to the mysterious meaning of the jellyfish tattoo. The way a jellyfish moves around can put you in a trance. It’s a strange animal so to have it tattooed in this style adds to the magic around this animal.

Realism Jellyfish Tattoo

When the artist is found, the realistic jellyfish tattoo is a sight to see. This tattoo gives you the feel that you are right there with the jellyfish and the image can be captivating. When looking for an artist to do your realistic jellyfish tattoo, make sure they are well-versed in the realism style or you could end up with a tattoo that you are not happy with.

Jellyfish Ocean Scene Tattoo

The ocean scene is just fitting for the jellyfish tattoo. You might see this tattoo in tattoos that need to fill a lot of space. Whether you are covering your back or a large part of your leg, the ocean scene and jellyfish can be the topics of a beautiful mural on your body. We often see other fish, or coral reefs in these tattoos.

Traditional Jellyfish Tattoo

The traditional jellyfish tattoo is popular among the fans of the American traditional style. It really is a fitting tattoo as many of the original American traditional tattoos revolve around images that are related to the ocean. We often see this tattoo in more of a neo-traditional style as the artist will tend to use a variety of colors that aren’t generally associated with the American traditional style.

About the Jellyfish

In the spirit of this post, we thought we would share some interesting facts and information about jellyfish. Some of these jellyfish can be as small as a pinhead and others are bigger than a human being. They are also food in some countries but you might agree that something that has been on the earth for this long might have been used for food at some point.

The word ‘jellyfish’ comes from the look of this animal. Their ‘jelly-like’ or gelatinous look has earned them this name. Of these jellyfish, nom

ot all of them sting you as you may have thought. Comb jellies or ctenophores don’t sting while medusae do sting.

One fascinating fact about the jellyfish is they can show up in a bloom. A bloom is when any group of plants or animals suddenly appear and jellyfish are known to sometimes swarm together in numbers up to the millions. You may have seen or heard about this happening on some beaches across the world. It can be a real problem for people who are swimming or even the people fishing.

These blooms happen because of the tide of the ocean. Jellyfish aren’t strong swimmers so as they go about their journey in life, they are at the mercy of the currents in the ocean. In some cases, two currents will meet together and bring all the jellyfish that have been riding this current together.

It is said that there is a surplus in the jellyfish population but it is hard to tell for sure. Nobody has really tried to study blooms of jellyfish, but it is said that when the conditions are right like the temperature or amount of food, the jellyfish population can spike.

There are a lot of conditions that need to be right but scientists think that the conditions of the oceans are changing and it might be because of humans. The combination of climate change, introduction of new species and overfishing might have led to a growth in the jellyfish population worldwide.

If you were wondering how long a jellyfish lives, you aren’t the only one. The research shows that jellyfish live for about a year on average. Some smaller jellyfish only live for a couple of days. A good portion of their lives aren’t in the most familiar stage of their existence called the medusa stage.

This is the jellyfish we see on TV. The jellyfish with all the tentacles floating through the sea. However, for a period of time, the jellyfish lives in a planulae which are small larvae that live on the ocean floor. They connect to oyster shells and rocks to form polyps that look like little sea anemones. When these polyps bud, many small jellyfish come out and set out into a new world.

We hope this article has helped give you some ideas for your next tattoo. Take your time and research your tattoo artist. Make sure they can do what you are looking for.

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