King Tut Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

King Tut AKA King Tutankhamun tattoos are starting to become one of the most popular tattoos among men and women in the tattoo community. Egyptian artwork is classic, historical and beautiful.

An abundance of people are starting to get Egyptian tattoos to show their classic beauty as well as show their roots in Egyptian culture and Africa. The reason people are drawn to Egyptian tattoos can be traced to their love for the fantastically intricate and historically ancient artwork that comes with it. Egyptian artwork also carries a mysterious, almost immortal aura it that attracts many.

When people go to a museum that showcases Egyptian artwork, they are stunned at the beauty in the paintings, statues, clothing, jewelry and ancient relics. Many of the items are old but still have modern touches which led some to believe that the Egyptians had connections to other worlds or had special powers themselves.

King Tut is thought to be the most iconic pharaoh in our known history. When you typically see an image of a pharaoh, it is most like King Tut that you are looking at. The most famous headdress and pharaoh’s mask is that of King Tut and is the most recognizable in the world.

When most people even say they want to get a pharaoh tattoo, they most likely inadvertently are referring to King Tut as he is the most symbolized pharaoh in history. You will not be making a bad decision if you decide to get a King Tut tattoo. Used in movies, books, comics and stories all over the world, the King Tut tattoo will be sure to turn heads. If you are thinking about getting a King Tut tattoo, there are a few things to consider.

One thing to consider when getting a King Tut tattoo is the meaning of the tattoo. This can be something that is from what the traditional sense of the tattoo is portraying or what the tattoo means to you. King Tut was a handsome boy who was the most famous king in all of Egypt.

So, you can represent your good looks or your fame if you get this tattoo. Some famous athletes and stars will get this tattoo to show just that. The King Tut tattoo also represents elite royalty, pleasure-seeking characteristics, and strength. If you are from a royal family line, this could be a unique way of showing it even if you are not from Egypt. Remember, this tattoo portrays royalty.

Other will be fascinated by the power that is shown in King Tut’s stoic portrait as well as the strength the family possessed. Being of color yet having so much power and control is something to appreciate some, so they will choose to get this tattoo just for that reason.

Some want to represent their family lineage that is tied to Egyptian culture and will get this tattoo to show that as well. Whatever the reason for choosing your King Tut tattoo, just make sure that it means something significant to you. By doing that, you will ensure that you and everyone who sees it will love your King Tut tattoo forever.

There are many styles you can choose from when it comes to selecting that perfect King Tut tattoo. You can get the tattoo with just King Tut or you can opt for getting King Tut with scenery surrounding him. You can also choose to get the tattoo in black and gray or full color. Frequently, people will choose to get a King Tut tattoo as just a portrait of the iconic Pharaoh.

This allows the focus of the tattoo, King Tut, to shine fully. There will be no questions when it comes to what your tattoo is or means if you decide to get simply King Tut’s portrait or famous headdress as a tattoo. Another option for your perfect King Tut tattoo could be to include a background and filler such as a pyramid, sphinx, scarab or other Egyptian symbology. This will help to place your tattoo in a scene which can be nice for half and full sleeves.

This also gives some added dimension to the tattoo. Now that you have decided on the type of King Tut tattoo you want, you will want to speculate between full color or black and gray. Many great King Tut tattoos have been displayed as a full back piece in full color. With the same respect, black and gray King Tut tattoos are more common as they look good on all skin tones.

Be sure to do some research before choosing which style of King Tut tattoo you would like. Don’t forget to consider having King Tut isolated in the piece or with surrounding features. Also, ponder whether or not you want color or black and gray.

This tattoo is a tattoo artist’s dream when it comes to placement. You can essentially get this tattoo anywhere on your body and it will look impressive. Generally, this tattoo is used as a shoulder or bicep piece, but it has been seen everywhere from the forearm to the calf. There is nowhere better than another to place this tattoo.

If you want your King Tut tattoo to stand out when you are at the beach in your swimsuit, make sure to get it somewhere that isn’t concealed by clothing. If you want to keep it discreet, then you can choose to place it on your feet or anywhere that will be hidden.

A King Tut tattoo will look stunning anywhere you place it. Just remember that if you want to incorporate other items into your tattoo, like a pyramid or background, make sure that you leave yourself enough room to add these options.

A King Tut tattoo is a classic and beautifully iconic tattoo that will be sure to impress anyone who sees it. There are lots of options when it comes to color, size, placement and style. Make sure to find what fits best for you and do your research to reference other styles. There are lots of examples on the internet that you can use when consulting your favorite tattoo artist about your new King Tut tattoo. remember to get something that is meaningful, and you will certainly love your new tattoo.

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