Lioness Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The king of the jungle is the lion and he runs things. From watching documentaries on National Geographic to watching Disney’s, The Lion King, we all know who runs the show in the animal kingdom. However, behind every good man is a good woman and, in this case, we are talking about the lioness.

Most would even argue the lioness is really running the show behind the scenes. She is the one who takes care of the cubs. She is the one who does the hunting. The lion would be nothing without the lioness and we are going to talk about why.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. The people that do understand this are the same people that would get the lioness tattoo instead of the lion. They know the lioness is the one that runs the show. But the lioness just stays in the background taking care of business. Her symbol in this world is a very strong one and it’s no wonder people love to get the tattoo of the lioness.

In this article we are going to talk about what makes the lioness such a badass and talk about why she is different than the lion. We’ll also go over the meaning of the lioness tattoo and what it means to the people that wear it. In addition, we will go through some of the different variations of the lioness tattoo and talk about what those symbolize as well. By the end of this post we hope you feel more informed about the matter and maybe get a few more ideas for your lioness tattoo.

About the Lioness

The female lion is known as a lioness. She is the glue that holds the pride together and is the subject of this post. The pride generally consists of about 15 lions with most of them being cubs or lioness. There be a couple males in the pride and they will most likely stick around for a few years before being replaced. It goes to show the females are the ones that make a pride.

The lioness is also the lion that does all the hunting. She is the one that goes out there and works with other lioness to formulate a plan of attack. Even though the lioness is smaller in stature when compared to the males, she is fast and cunning. Even with all the hard work they do for the kill, the male still eats first. When they hunt, the females will usually do it at night.

All lions live in savannahs, grassland, open woodland and scrubs. They don’t live in the jungle like many think. The space of these open areas gives them room to work with when they are hunting.

Long ago, lions were found in Asia, Europe and Africa but today they are only found in Africa. All but the Asiatic lions, but they are being protected right now and are endangered. The lions that make their home in Africa are found only in the South Sahara Desert and a few parts of East and South Africa. You only find them in the South Sahara these days because the population of lions in Africa has been depleted over the years and is now around 21,000 versus double this number in the 1950’s. They are one of the most endangered species on the planet and it really is a shame as these animals are truly works of God.

Lioness Tattoo Meaning

The lioness tattoo has multiple meanings. First off, probably one of the most well-known characteristics about the lioness is about her motherly instincts. The lioness will fight to the death to protect her cub. As much as a male will fight for his territory, the lioness will fight for the safety of her offspring.

The lioness tattoo also symbolizes strength, beauty and wisdom. She is the queen of all animals and she is a powerful entity. The lioness is cunning and intelligent as she, with her fellow lionesses, will work together to hunt and take down animals much larger than themselves.

In Ancient Egypt, the face of the lioness was on the goddess Sekhmet. She was as powerful as she was fierce. She was also a guardian of women and of those that had respect for women. Therefore, the lioness tattoo is a symbol of femininity, motherhood and courage. It takes a lot to be a woman in times like these so if anything can be taken from the lioness tattoo, it should be.

Lioness Tattoo Variations

When looking through all the different lioness tattoos, you are bound to see some variations. Below are some different ideas for you in case you were thinking of getting your own lioness tattoo.

Lioness and Cub Tattoo

The lioness and the cub is a very popular version of the lioness tattoo as much of their life is dedicated to being a mother. The lioness is a fierce mother and will protect her child with her life so when you see a woman with this tattoo, you know she will do the same.

King and Queen Tattoo

The king and queen tattoo generally involves a tattoo of a lion and a lioness. Sometimes you will see crowns on these images as well. Quite often you will see a couple with this tattoo as they are king and queen of their domain. It is a representation of the strength of their relationship and how powerful they are when they work together.

Floral Lioness Tattoo

The lioness tattoo with floral patterns is a celebration of womanhood and the strength that comes along with that. After reading this post you should understand all that goes into being the lioness and the importance of her role in the pride. She is a powerful figure in the group and the males know it as well. This tattoo represents the feminine parts of the lioness.

Roaring Lioness Tattoo

The roaring lioness tattoo shows her in her form of aggression. It is a testament to the power of a woman and all the she is able to accomplish. She is fierce and is willing to do what it takes for her and her young to survive. So be warned, if you see a woman with this tattoo on her, you can assume she is not the kind of woman you want to mess with.

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