Lizard Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Lizards are some of the most interesting species of animals in the world. With over 6,000 different species of lizard, they fall into the category known as ‘squamate reptiles. Squamate reptiles range from animals such as snakes and geckos, chameleons, lizards, and Komodo dragons.

These reptiles can range from 3 centimeters to 3 meters in length. Lizards are carnivorous animals; they often sit and wait for their prey to get close to them and then they attack. Lizards eat small insects while the larger members of the lizard family such as the Komodo dragon will eat anything as large as a water buffalo.

The lizard has been a symbol and important part of human history since the beginning of time, all over the world. In places such as Egypt and Greece, the image of a lizard is associated with good fortune and luck. The lizard being a smart animal as it is, is also looked at with having great wisdom and knowledge. Wealth and and abundance are other words used to describe the image of a lizard in many parts of the world.

Images of lizards are often drawn on certain parts of houses and other areas. This is to act as a kind of talisman, or a way of warding off evil spirits. With so many attributes of the lizard, it is no wonder why these magnificent creatures are looked so highly upon. Since the lizard carries such unique talents and abilities, it makes for the perfect image for a tattoo. Down below will be examples of the lizard tattoo along with the symbolism and different design and placement ideas.


In many cultures, the lizard is a symbol that emits positive energy. Not only does the image of a lizard produce such energy, but the lizard also itself has qualities that us as humans’ envy and admire. Although a tattoo of something may mean one thing to one person and something different to another, the graphic of a lizard is something that is never taken negatively. The lizard is a versatile animal with many unique and interesting traits. These are a few ideas on what your lizard tattoo could possibly mean.


The lizard is a very flexible and bendy animal. Being able to squeeze in just about any crack and bend its body in pretty much any way possible, the lizard is a perfect representation of being flexible, or if not physically flexible, it shows our flexibility personality. Being physically flexible is one thing, being flexible with your time and other aspects of life is another. Being a flexible person shows that you are able to make things work out no matter what the circumstance.

It shows that you set toward your goals and do not give up, whether you must make adjustments to pertain those goals or not, the trait of being flexible is very well admired, the lizard is a perfect representation of that.


Depending on the size and breed of the lizard, they are all pretty fast when it comes to moving. If you are a person that has a need for speed and agility is an important trait to you, a lizard can depict just that. The first thing you may think of when it comes to a lizard is probably not how fast they are, they are however very quick and move in such a way that is unlike any other animal out there.

Some forms of lizards and reptiles do not even have legs but rather slither in such a way that can make them very difficult to catch and grab ahold of. The ‘green basilisk’ lizard for example can cover up to 1.5 meters per second and run across water. This particular lizard is also known as the ‘Jesus’ lizard’ because of its ability to run across water.


Perhaps one of the most baffling qualities and abilities that a lizard may have is the incredible ability to be able to regrow limbs. Lizards tend to have long tails, these tails and other parts of their body sometimes can get caught up in something such as a rock. Trapping the lizard from escaping, the lizard is able to sacrifice and cut off its own tail to make the escape.

This comes in handy particularly when being hunted. If a predator sets out to kill a lizard but the predator bites off the tail of the lizard and the lizard escapes, it is only a matter of time before the lizard’s tail grows back in place of its old one; sometimes the tail or limbs grow back even stronger.

The symbolism can be strong here with this one. Not only does the image of a lizard spark all of the lizards qualities and abilities, it translates into how we are as humans as well. Because the lizard is able to regenerate and grow back its limbs, this can symbolize the growth of us as individuals as well.

Sometimes in life we must sacrifice something in order to live a longer and better life. Just like the lizard sacrificing its tail in order to survive, we as humans do the same. We take a bad situation and try our best to strive past it, becoming stronger than before.


Since there are so many different reptiles that are categorized as part of the lizard family, you can get the image of a lizard in numerous ways. Lizards come in all shapes and colors, the most popular image of a lizard however is one where it looks as if it is crawling on the person.

A tattoo of a lizard can be filled with colors or kept as simple as just black ink. Many people will get a lizard that represents sort of a gecko shape with a small body and long tail. Often times, these images will be placed somewhere for those to see.

Tribal Lizard

If you are a fan of the tribal tattoo and you love lizards, this is the perfect design for you. The tribal lizard incorporates both the style of tribal tattoos along with the image of a lizard. Like many tribal tattoos, the pattern is just that, a pattern. Putting a tribal like pattern in the shape of a lizard however gives the tattoo more of a sense of creativity and uniqueness.

A tribal lizard tattoo looks great on areas such as the pectoral muscles on the chest and the shoulders or back. The tribal lizard also blends in nicely with other pieces of tribal art.

Fighting Lizards

Lizards are very territorial reptiles. Like many reptiles, the males do not necessarily get along well with each other. Male lizards are often seen fighting one another and even fight over who gets to mate with who. A tattoo of two lizards preparing to attack one another makes for an interesting piece of art. Keep in mind however, the males that fight one another are usually both very colorful and vibrant.

The more vibrant and colorful the colors on the male lizards, the more likely they are to find a mate. It is also very likely that the brightly colored lizards will have battles with one another, fighting over who gets to mate. Lizards that are not as brightly colored are less attractive to the female lizards, this is because a dull colored lizards can be filled with disease and infections that could be harmful to other lizards around it.

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