Mind Over Matter Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

When people get tattoos, they do so for various reasons. Many just love the way tattoos look. It gives them a feeling of being a human canvas. It’s a way to represent the art of the world on a canvas that walks breaths and talks.

Others get tattoos because they hold meaning to them. They might have a tattoo to represent a loved one lost or it might be a way to represent a friendship that has lasted for years. These are all very valid reasons to have a tattoo. In fact, nobody should tell you why or when to get a tattoo if you want one.

The reason for this post is to talk about a tattoo that is inspirational to you on a daily basis. This is another reason people get tattoos. You might have grown up in a broken family, experienced trauma in your life or dealt with depression. There might be times your body doesn’t want you to do something but if you just had a little push, you might be able to do what needs to be done.

Sometimes an inspirational message is just enough to get you through those moments of hardship. It might be the one thing that you see to get you up in the morning. There are many reasons people get these inspirational tattoos.

In this post we are going to talk about the mind over matter tattoo and what it means for the people that get this phrase inked on their bodies. The mind is a very powerful tool and even though something physical might seem like it can slow you up, if you put your mind to it, you can get it done. By the end of this post, we hope you have a better understanding of why someone might get the mind over matter tattoo and what it means to them.

Mind Over Matter Meaning

Mind over matter is a saying that has been used for many years. I suppose it is more than a saying, it is actually proven that the mind is capable of many powerful things. The point of the expression is that your mind is capable of doing things that you would never think your body could do. Below is an example of how powerful the mind is.

The Tibetan Monks have the ability to meditate for hours on end. Not only this but they go without food for days and can be silent for a long period of time. It is well known that Tibetan Monks have powerful minds and are able to do things that normal person couldn’t.

In an example of the power of their mind, the Monks allowed physicians to conduct a study to determine how powerful their minds were. The test was to track the monks’ changes in their bodies while they engaged in their meditation called g Tum-mo. In this test, the monks were draped in wet blankets that were in 49-degree water and they were sitting in a room that was set at 40 degrees.

Most people would be shivering uncontrollably but not only were the monks not having an issue with the cold, they increased their body temperature. Within minutes of the test starting, doctors noticed the monks creating steam from the sheets solely based on their body heat. By the time an hour went by, the sheets had dried completely.

While fascinating to doctors, the monks are well-trained in meditation and know how strong the mind is. Not only is it not a surprise to the Tibetan Monks, but they actually hold competitions to see who can dry the most sheets in one night.

The point of the statement is that your mind can push you to do things that you didn’t think were possible. If a monk can increase his body temperature and dry sheets, you can make yourself go to the gym or get yourself out of bed in the morning if you’re tired and not feeling well.

Mind Over Matter Tattoo Variations

When it comes to mind-overmatter tattoos, there are a few different ways you can get this tattoo inked to portray the message you are shooting for. Below are a few variations of the mind-over-matter tattoo so you can get a better idea of the tattoo you want before you go into the shop.

Mind over Matter Text Tattoo

Having just the mind over matter text tattoo is a simple, yet effective way to get your message across. You might not be the flashy type and you just want a tattoo that will get your message out to the world especially for yourself. This tattoo can be placed anywhere. It can be a very small font that you might want on the back of your shoulder. You could even get the text huge and have it spread across your back or on your arms.

Mind over Matter Tattoo Using Images

The mind over matter tattoo using images is a really creative way to get the message across that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. In the case of this tattoo, you will usually see some kind of image representing the words. Many times you will see an image of a brain, then a horizontal line, followed by an atom (which represents matter).

It’s a fun way to get the message across and it will have people asking you what it means. When you look at this tattoo in the morning, you can be proud of the art and also take from the message.

This inspirational tattoo has long been a favorite for those who are looking for motivation in small ways. The mind over matter tattoo can be just the push you need to do what you need to do. You can read a book but for that reminder you need, to get a tattoo. Take a look at local tattoo artists and if you are having trouble deciding on an artist, let us know and the team at Tattoo SEO can give you a recommendation.

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