Perseverance Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

People love to get a wide variety of inspirational tattoos these days, and a perseverance tattoo is a great way to have that constant bit of inspiration on your skin. There are a lot of different types of perseverance tattoos that you can choose from, so it really comes down to the exact message that you want to send out, how much skin you want to cover, and how much detail you want in your design.

On this page, we are going to give you some perseverance tattoo ideas and some of the meanings that come along with these designs.

Anyone who gets a perseverance tattoo wants to show that they have the strength or want to have the strength to get over the toughest hurdles that they come upon in their lives. If you think about it, these are the types of tattoos that just about anyone can get. What’s great, though, is that no matter how many people have these types of designs, you can always find a way to make your perseverance tattoo unique by simply coming up with a new design idea on your own.

Trees are excellent symbols of perseverance, and the great thing about these tattoos is they are the types of tattoos that are very easy to customize. On top of that, you can choose a specific type of tree to use in your tattoo, which can add even more unique meanings. Tree tattoos look just as amazing in black ink as they do in full color, so you have a plethora of design options with these tattoos.

Another great natural image to get as your perseverance tattoo is a mountain design. The reason why mountains represent strength and perseverance is because they are able to handle all of the different climates that nature throws at them. This is a great option for people who already like the look of landscape tattoos and maybe want to keep the meaning a bit more private.

If you want to get an animal that symbolizes perseverance, then you might want to look into getting an elephant. On top of perseverance, the elephant also symbolizes wisdom, confidence, and awareness among other things. This is a great animal tattoo to get if you want a large, detailed design or even if you were looking to get a silhouette tattoo that you can fit on a smaller area of your body.

Snakes are great tattoos to get for a number of reasons, but one of the main meanings that people like to use with them is perseverance. They survive brutal attacks, they are patient, and they usually get what they want at the end of the day. People love to get snake tattoos because they are so meaningful and they have that cool shape that can be stretched in a number of different ways on the skin.

Yet another animal that can work very well in perseverance tattoos is the bull. If you’ve ever seen a bull in a fight, they will not stop until there is a winner in most cases. They are very prideful and that trait makes them very determined to accomplish whatever tasks that are on their minds. Most people choose to get just the bull’s head, but full-bodied bulls can look amazing in tattoo designs as well.

A closed-fist design can also work quite well as a perseverance tattoo. The closed fist is meant to represent fighting no matter what comes your way, so it is actually perfect for anyone who likes the look of it.

If you like the look of weapon tattoos, well you’re in luck since just about all of them can be used to represent perseverance. Weapon tattoos look great as arm tattoos or blown-up-to-be-great back tattoos, but you really can place them anywhere. The key is to find a weapon that you will always be happy to look at on your skin and one that truly represents perseverance to you.

You could also go with a very literal perseverance tattoo and get a text design with “perseverance” or other similar text written across your skin. If you do choose to go this route, you will want to find a great font that makes the meaning come to life. You can also go all out with this meaning by getting an image and some text to make the meaning make sense to anyone who sees your tattoo.

Some people do find that text tattoos are the easiest way to get their messages across, so you could look around for an inspirational phrase or quote to be your perseverance tattoo. The key is to find words that inspire you and that might inspire others, and it’s also finding text that will look great on your skin. You might like the look of one or two words in the design, or you might find a full phrase that you can have going down your arm or across your ribs. You have a ton of design options with any type of perseverance tattoo, and that’s especially true with text versions.

There are so many ways that you can symbolize perseverance in your tattoo design and some people will choose to use more than one of these symbols in their tattoos. It really comes down to how much perseverance means to you and how much skin you want to cover. In most cases, people are satisfied with just one element in their designs, but there are definitely plenty of cases where people find that their tattoos simply look better with multiple elements.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of what perseverance tattoos are and some of the ways that you can mix and match these symbols in your tattoo design. This type of meaningful and personal tattoo is the type that people very rarely regret getting, so there’s a great chance that you will always love having a perseverance tattoo on your skin.

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