Praying Mantis Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The praying mantis is a nightmare for other insects like crickets, grasshoppers and moths. It is the perfect hunter and its prey doesn’t stand much of a chance when it comes to evading capture.

The praying mantis is an extremely unique looking insect and favorite by insect lovers. They might even go so far as to getting a praying mantis tattoo. These tattoos aren’t just inked only because they look cool. The praying mantis tattoo has a great deal of meaning and symbolism. When someone gets the praying mantis tattoo, they do so with the idea of getting something that will stand out. Because of its unique way of hunting and it’s look, the praying mantis tattoo is

In this post we will talk a bout the praying mantis and what it symbolizes. The meaning can also change depending on the way the tattoo is portrayed. However, we will get into all that and we hope you have a better understanding of the praying mantis tattoo when you are finished reading.

What is the Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is a carnivorous insect that grows to about six inches in length. It lives for about a year and feeds on other smaller insects. It’s a supreme hunter as it is fast and can blend in with it surroundings. It’s prey usually doesn’t have a chance. In addition to the praying mantis’ quickness and stealth, it can also turn it’s head a complete 180 degrees and scan its surroundings. In addition to eating other small insects, praying mantis will also feed on each other and this is especially true with females eating the males after mating.

The praying mantis gets its name because of the way its front legs are bent which resemble the shape of praying hands.

Praying Mantis Tattoo Symbolism

There are a few different meanings and symbolisms when it comes to the praying mantis. It is said it is a sign of good luck to find a praying mantis. It is also said the praying mantis has a hypnotic effect as it performs its elegant dance. With its slender body and large eyes, the insect in its crosshairs is also hypnotized.

Many say that the praying mantis tattoo invokes the abilities of the insect itself. It’s intelligence and ability to hunt are amongst these. On a spiritual level, the act of hunting symbolizes the act of intention in the spirit world. While it hunts for food, it is also hunting for answers from the other realm during the hunt. The praying mantis tattoo symbolizes the search for spiritual knowledge in this instance.

Another meaning for the praying mantis tattoo is to be calm which is represented by the praying mantis’ ability to stay motionless when it wants to go unnoticed. In the stillness of the praying mantis, it is assessing its surroundings trying to find the right time to strike. In fact, the praying mantis does less moving than it does hunting. It lets the prey come to it. This ability of staying still also represents a meditative power that one might want to invoke. In addition to the praying hands, its natural calm is something that most of strive for in life.

The praying mantis tattoo also symbolizes intention. Your intention is created through focus and to have that reminder tattooed onto your skin is a great way to boost your intention. In the same way the praying mantis hunts with intention, you will also increase your intention by getting this tattoo if you believe in the symbolism.

Attainment is also a trait that comes with the praying mantis tattoo. This is one of the main attributes associated with the praying mantis. By donning the praying mantis tattoo, you are allowing the power of the praying mantis’ attainment penetrate your soul. In the way the praying mantis gets its next mean, you can also conjure up the power to get what you need. If anything, you can look at the tattoo and remind yourself to go and get what is yours.

Finally, one thing to not about the praying mantis is the propensity for the female to eat the male after mating. In this way, we see many women with the praying mantis tattoo to symbolize their femininity and their strength. The idea of a woman eating her mate isn’t ideal but the meaning behind it is that of a “take no bs” attitude.

Praying Mantis Tattoo Variations

The praying mantis tattoo can be tattooed in multiple ways depending on the message you are trying to convey. Below are a few of the more popular ways we have seen this tattoo inked on the body.

Feeding Praying Mantis Tattoo

The feeding praying mantis tattoo is a popular choice. Many times, you will see a tattoo of one female praying mantis eating a male. This seems to be the choice of many women as a show of power over the oppression they have felt throughout their lifetime.

You might also see a praying mantis tattoo eating any of its prey. Their fast striking means they end up with a lot of easy meals and this image is one that is popular and it’s just cool to see a praying mantis snatch up its next meal.

Flying Praying Mantis Tattoo

You might also see a flying praying mantis tattoo. Not only can the praying mantis stay as stiff as a board, they are also able to fly which gives them an opportunity to find the next unsuspecting group of prey. The flying praying mantis tattoo isn’t one we see a lot of but is still out there and means a lot to the person with the tattoo.

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