Psalm 23 Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The Psalm 23 tattoo is a Christian religious tattoo that happens to represent one of the most famous prayers found in the bible.

Those who find the words in this psalm meaningful and who are looking to get some nice ink might find that this is the perfect tattoo to get. Below you will find information on the Psalm 23 tattoo and some of the ways that you can get it designed if you plan on getting one.

Psalm 23, also called the “Shepherd’s Psalm,” is a key psalm found in the bible because it defines how a Christian should act. The text reads that God makes people to live freely and without fear, since they were created to be able to live fulfilling lives. Obviously, that is a very powerful message that plenty of people would be proud to have in tattoo form.

Probably the most common meaning attached to the Psalm 23 tattoo is “control.” People will often get this tattoo to show that they have control over their own lives and that they will not let anything or anyone stop them from doing what they feel they were born to do. Sometimes people get the tattoo because they have always lived with that mentality, while in other cases people will get the tattoo to show that they are ready to start living that way even though they have not always been that confident.

Many people will also get their Psalm 23 tattoo to simply show that they love their religion and that it is the most important part of their lives. The fact is that Psalm 23 is a very recognizable psalm, so most people who see the tattoo recognize that the owner is a Christian and is proud of it. We recommend getting a psalm or verse that has a special meaning for you, but we don’t blame people for choosing Psalm 23 simply because it is recognizable.

Instead of getting the full passage in their Psalm 23 tattoos, many people choose to use this part: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” It is a quote that has been used in many books and movies over the years, and it seems to have a strong impact on whoever reads it. Plus, many people don’t want to have to cover their skin with the entire psalm, and this part of the text can fit on most parts of the body.

Rather than using any of the words found in the psalm, plenty of people will simply get “Psalm 23” as their full tattoo. This is a fantastic option for anyone who is working with a smaller area of skin but still wants to use all of the meanings found in the psalm. Another option that you have is to include both the name of the psalm and the psalm itself.

One of the keys to choosing a Psalm 23 tattoo design is to figure out how much text you want in your tattoo. This is going to come down to the words that you really like in the psalm and how large you want your tattoo to be. What’s great is that no matter how many words you get and how you design your tattoo, you can use all of the great meanings found in the psalm.

Because there are so many different Psalm 23 tattoo variants, you can easily make one fit wherever you want to place it. For example, you can get the entire psalm tattooed across your ribs in a very large font, or you can make it work as a sleeve tattoo if you are willing to shrink the letters down a bit. It’s usually a good idea to come up with the placement first and then get to work on the design, but you can do it in the opposite order with this type of tattoo pretty easily.

If you want to add more design elements to your Psalm 23 tattoo, such as parchment or a cross, then you will want to factor those things in when you are choosing a place to put the tattoo. You’ll need to decide what the focal point of the design is and then come up with a way to make it work wherever you want to place it.

Another key thing to think about if you want to get a Psalm 23 tattoo is which font you are going to use in the design. So many people forget about this step until they are ready to have the tattoo done and then they have to quickly choose a font that they might end up regretting later. With bible tattoos, people usually want a simple font so as to not take away from the meaning of the words, but you can get whatever makes you happy.

Just keep in mind that some fonts look better in certain sizes than others, so it’s a good idea to see the text written out with the words you want to use before you commit to anything.

A lot of people assume that Psalm 23 tattoos are easy to make since they are all text or mostly text, but you definitely do not want to hire an amateur to make such an important tattoo. Not only can an experienced artist help to make your tattoo look great, but they will also realize just how important the tattoo is to you. Look around in your area for artists who have made religious tattoos in the past and you should have an easy time finding the right one to make your tattoo.

Hopefully, you can now see why so many people see the Psalm 23 tattoo as one of the top religious tattoos that you can get. There are dozens of great ways that you can get one designed and is the type of tattoo that people are proud to have on their skin. This is definitely not one of those tattoos that you will regret getting.

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