Pyramid Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

From the times of Ancient Egypt, the pyramid has always been a symbol that reminded people of the times of pharaohs and mummies. We see the pyramid in all forms of symbolism and the pyramid tattoo is also portrayed in different ways.

In this post, we will discuss the meaning behind the pyramid tattoo and the different ways people have gotten the pyramid tattoo.

One of the main symbols of duration and power is the pyramid. It’s essentially likened to a stairway to heaven. During these times, Egyptian Pharaohs were portrayed as gods to their people. They had the pyramids built as tombs for the Pharaoh. Now they foresaw their death as the Pharaohs knew they weren’t immortal. These giant tombs we know as pyramids to withstand the weather and be a symbol of the Pharaoh forever.

In ancient times, the pharaoh was said to be a representation of Horus and after his passing, he represented Osiris. After he passed, the former pharaoh’s job was to set the sun. Then the current pharaoh, Horus, would make the sunrise. Because of this process, it was important the pharaoh’s tomb be protected or there might be a disturbance in the cosmos.

In Ancient Egypt, the pharaoh believed death was the next step in their journey in eternal life. To be recognized as a being in the afterworld, he must be recognizable. So, the next step in protecting the body outside of the pyramid was to be mummified. In the process of mummification, the pharaoh is buried with his most precious jewels to aid him in his journey to the afterlife.

All-Seeing Eye Tattoo

The All-Seeing Eye tattoo is also a very popular one with significance to the pyramid tattoo. The All-seeing Eye is usually inside a triangle and points to the pyramid in which it sits. This is just like it is shown on the US dollar bill. This triangle is usually embroidered with some sort of design and sometimes given the appearance of a frame with mandalas and geometric shapes.

When being tattooed with the All-seeing Eye, tattoo enthusiasts usually include the triangle because it adds a different element to the tattoo and because it makes the eye stand out more.

We generally see the eye done in a semi-realistic fashion and looking straight ahead. However, it can be tattooed in a way where the eye is looking away. When trying to determine the meaning, the eye looking forward can be taken as a sign that the person with the tattoo keeps his eye on the prize.

In other words, he is always looking forward to the next step in the journey. When the eye looks away, it might represent the owner of the tattoo likes to look within themselves for the answers they are looking for.

When we talk more specifically about the All-Seeing Eye tattoo above the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill, there is a different meaning. This is also known as the Eye of Providence. This symbol long has an association with the Christian faith and was selected as the seal for the United States back in 1872. The design shows the Eye of Providence sitting above a pyramid with 13 levels. These levels stand for the original 13 states of the Union.

Pyramid with Clock Tattoo

On many occasions, you will see the pyramid tattoo with the clock. This is a combination of meanings when the two are put together. The pyramid on its own has meanings like protection, unity, determination, perseverance and longevity for a few examples. When paired with the clock, the obvious statement of time is brought into the conversation.

As pharaohs used these pyramids to protect their spirit and body for all of eternity, the focus on time is brought to the forefront when looking at the clock. This lets us know that the person with the tattoo thinks this represents ‘forever’ or a specific period of time. There isn’t a great deal of information out there about this combination, but we believe this is an option.


Pyramid tattoos can be portrayed as being large or small. With a few pyramids or just one. When you look at the larger pyramid tattoos, you can see much more of the detail. In these tattoos, the focus is on the levels of the pyramid which can represent something in itself. They are created to look realistic sometimes and you can see every stone used in the design. In addition, the tattoo enthusiast might want to add other ancient Egyptian symbols like the djed, the ankh, the was scepter and the scarab.

The Primordial Hill Tattoo

This image includes two sets of steps that meet at a plateau on top. This tattoo is meant to represent the unknown. In addition, the creation myth of Egypt tells us that hills came out of the chaos to create the dry land that we know. In this, the primordial hill tattoo also symbolizes the great marvels of Egypt including the pyramids and the Sphinx. This tattoo can be subtle or stretch across somebody’s chest.

We hope that by reading this post, you have a better understanding of how the pyramids fit into Ancient Egypt. These are powerful symbols for those who choose to have it tattooed on their body. Just like the pyramid itself, the meaning of the pyramid is vast and strong.

Before getting your next tattoo, remember to do your research. You have an idea of the image you want, and some artists specialize in specific styles. Make sure you do your research and look through our site for an artist who will work for you and make your idea come to life.

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