Quotation Marks Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Punctuation tattoos seem to be all the rage these days due to the fact that they take up a small amount of space on the skin yet usually hold deep meanings to their owners. This is definitely the case with quotation mark tattoos, though they aren’t quite as popular as some of the other punctuation options.

As you’ll find out on this page, though, most quotation marks tattoo meanings work for just about everyone, making them an excellent tattoo option.

If you are interested in a quotation marks tattoo, you should get to know all of the meanings attached to it before you commit. There’s a pretty good chance that you will learn something about the marks that you didn’t know before. You might find out that it actually isn’t the type of tattoo for you, or you could actually find that it’s even more perfect than you had previously thought. Either way, you should always know as much about the tattoo design that you are getting before you have it inked on your skin.

Popular Quotation Marks Tattoo Meanings

Easily the most common reason why people get their quotation marks tattoos is because they want to show that they have the power to create their own story. This meaning is excellent for anyone who wants to live a unique life rather than living the “normal” life. Interestingly, this meaning can be very personal to the owner or it could be the type of meaning that they want to share with the world. It’s one of those meanings that most people don’t know about but makes sense instantly once you tell them about it.

Another cool reason why some people get quotation marks tattoos is because they want to show that they have a lot to say even when they aren’t speaking. It’s a great meaning to use if you are a quiet person with a big personality just underneath the surface. The truth is that there are millions of folks who have a lot to say but have a hard time saying it out loud, so this is a meaning that could be a great fit for plenty of people.

If there are words between the quotation marks, you can be sure that the owner of the tattoo finds those words to be extremely meaningful. Some will argue that a quote tattoo is different from a quotation marks tattoo, but you could very easily use the meanings associated with the punctuation marks along with the words themselves.

Other Quotation Marks Tattoo Meanings

“Forgetful” is a lesser-known quotation mark tattoo meaning that some people like to use. This could be seen as a love tattoo meaning in some cases because the person wants to show that they often have a lot to say to the one they love but forget the words when it comes time to say them. Of course, it could also just mean that the person is forgetful.

Another semi-common reason why people decide to get their quotation marks tattoos is because they want to show that they are proud to be writers. Their passion is finding the right words to say while they’re writing and can use the tattoo as inspiration while they’re working. The classic writer’s tattoo is a pen and ink, but the quotation marks can be a great idea if you want to get something a bit different for that meaning.

Similarly, someone who is a public speaker might find that the quotation marks tattoo is perfect for them. They regularly have to find words to fit inside of a time frame, so you could actually call them perfect candidates for this type of tattoo.

Quotation Marks Tattoo Designs and Placements

In most cases the double quotation marks tattoo is placed somewhere on the arm so the owner can see it at all times. This is especially true when they get the tattoo to remind themselves to get the most out of their lives or when they are using the tattoo for other inspirational reasons. These tattoos are usually very straightforward; the quotation marks are designed to look as they do in word processors and typewriters.

Just like with most other tattoo designs, you can get quotation marks tattoo in just about any size. It all depends on the look you’re going for and if it’s going to be one of your primary tattoos. Regardless of the size, you can use all of the meanings mentioned above, though keep in mind that the larger and more visible the tattoo is, the more you’re going to be asked about it.

While the majority of quotation mark tats have a classic typewriter design in black ink, some people will fill them in a bit differently. You can add just a bit of color to the marks to liven them up a bit, or you could even put images inside of the marks to give them even more meaning.

Is the Quotation Marks Tattoo Right for You?

If you found that any of the quotation marks tattoo meanings mentioned on this page make a lot of sense to you, then maybe you are a great candidate to get one of these punctuation mark tats. Before you do decide, though, keep in mind that there may be other tattoos that hold similar meanings, so you should do your research to make sure that quote marks are the perfect fit for you.

If you end up deciding to get a quotation marks tattoo, be sure to get your design created by a top pro in your area. The best ones will know how to place the tattoo perfectly on your skin and they will usually even help you out with the design if you ask them to.

Even though quotation marks might seem like an easy design to make, you still want to get a reputable artist to make yours for you to ensure that the line work is done right and it looks great on your skin for many years to come.

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