Ripped Skin Tattoo, Design & Ideas

As tattoo artists have gotten better at their craft over the years, the ripped skin tattoo has shot up in popularity. These tattoos often look very realistic and, as most realistic-looking tattoos go, they often turn some heads.

On this page, we are going to tell you all about ripped skin tattoos, including some of the types of designs people get and some of the reasons why they are such an attractive option for tattoo enthusiasts right now.

What’s kind of great is that just about any type of design can be turned into a ripped skin tattoo if it makes sense with the meanings you want to use. Most designs go on top of the skin and they are meant to look like meaningful brands, but the ripped skin versions of these designs take that idea a step further by making the tattoo look like it’s actually part of your body. This is why most of these designs are very important to their owners and you can assume that if you see a ripped skin tattoo whatever it is means a lot to its owner.

The standard ripped skin tattoo is a design that shows one or more cuts in the skin and maybe even something “inside” of the person’s body. The design makes it look like that section or those sections of the skin have been torn off and replaced with whatever the image happens to be. It’s supposed to symbolize someone finding a new part of themselves or losing something important.

Details that are often included in these ripped skin tattoo designs are realistic-looking bones. These designs are meant to shock whoever sees them, but they can also have very important meanings to their owners. For example, someone might show the bones underneath their skin to show that they recognize that they are human and that they are going to live each day to the fullest. That is not the only meaning, though, so you’ll have to ask the people who have these tattoos what theirs means.

Patriotic tattoos seem to be some of the more commonly seen ripped-skin tattoos these days. You can put a flag or armor of some kind in the open area of the skin, or you can even include one of the famous speeches or documents from American history. By making one of these designs a ripped skin tattoo, you are showing that you are proud that you are from the country you’re from and that it will always be a part of who you are.

Cyberpunk designs are also quite popular as ripped skin tattoos because they allow people to see the mechanical parts inside of the owners’ bodies. They replace bones with mechanical parts and usually get them as accurately placed as they can. In a lot of cases, people get these versions of the tattoo for their looks alone, but there can be some meanings attached to them. These are often very expensive designs to get, so a lot of people opt to get them in black and grey ink.

Smaller symbols are all the rage right now because they give people an easy way to get a lot of meaning into their tattoos without covering up too much of their skin. Some people opt to take that to the next level by getting a ripped-skin tattoo version of those symbols.

Even though most ripped skin tattoos have only a couple of “slits” in the designs, some people like to open up the skin a bit more to show off even more detail. Part of the skin might still be attached across the design, giving it an equally gruesome and beautiful look. Choosing how many slit marks to have in your tattoo will depend on the design you’re going for and the size of the design.

The truth is that you can turn just about any tattoo idea into a ripped skin tattoo, but you will want to make sure that it works with the design and meanings you plan on using. For example, if you wanted to get a heartfelt portrait tattoo, a ripped skin version probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

However, if you wanted to show that something was so important to you that it is now part of who you are, you might find that the ripped skin idea is perfect for that tattoo. A good idea is to have someone draw up different versions of your idea for you to see if it actually works.

Just about every ripped skin tattoo out there is quite complex and takes a certain set of skills to pull off, so we highly recommend getting an experienced artist to do the work for you if you plan on getting one. You might even be able to find an artist in your area who has a lot of experience doing ripped skin tats, in which case you have an easy decision to make. If you’re not that lucky, though, you will want to look through some tattoo artists’ portfolios until you find one that you think will do a good job on your design.

We think ripped skin tattoos are going to get even more popular than they are right now simply because artists just keep getting better at their craft. Plus, these designs are often some of the coolest looking tats out there and they pretty much always turn heads. As we pointed out earlier, you can turn a very basic tattoo design into something quite special by simply adding in this effect. They are usually a bit more costly than other tattoos, but they are usually worth the money if you have a good idea and it’s executed to perfection.

If you are thinking that a ripped skin tattoo is exactly what you need, be sure to have a good artist draw up some samples for you and then find a tattoo artist who can make it look amazing on your skin.

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