Sagittarius Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Sagittarius tattoos are an excellent way for people born under the sign to show their pride in the personality traits that they have. There are quite a few great Sagittarius designs to choose from for tattoos, and just as many meanings that you can attach to them.

Below you will find out all about the Sagittarius sign itself and why one of the many Sagittarius tattoos could be a great fit for you.

Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the Western Zodiac, describes those born between November 21st and December 20th. Now, anyone can get a Sagittarius tattoo regardless of when they were born, but it’s generally best for people who actually are Sagittarii to get these tattoos. That being said, if one of the designs and/or meanings makes perfect sense for you, by all means, get one!

The inquisitive thinker, the Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, most often a centaur like the constellation depicts. It doesn’t even matter if you think of yourself as a “hunter” or not since the archer represents the Sagittarius as a whole. However, if you do think of yourself as a hunter and gatherer and take pride in those traits, then you are definitely a great candidate for a Sagittarius tattoo.

The bow and arrow is a common, simpler representation of Sagittarius and can be rendered in a variety of ways. The bow and arrow represent both strength and the ability to transition in your life. You can get this type of Sagittarius tattoo as simple symbols that you can place on your wrist or forearm, or you can blow them up or combine them with other designs into a much larger piece. Obviously, the bow and arrow can easily be combined with the centaur by simply putting them in his hands.

The Sagittarius constellation makes an attractive image that represents the bow-wielding centaur, ready to send his, or her, arrow striking through its target. This is a very striking image when done correctly and it shows that the owner is someone who will “fight to the death” for what he or she believes in.

As with other zodiac sign tattoos, you can get the constellation by itself or combine it with other Sagittarius designs. You also have the option to get a very minimalistic tattoo with the constellation by simply putting the stars somewhere on your skin.

The Milky Way galaxy also runs through this constellation, adding an element to its visual appeal. The colorful swirls of the galaxy can be included with the image of the stars, emphasizing the beauty of the galaxy that contains Earth’s solar system.

This design option is a great one for folks who want to have a large spacey tattoo that also happens to represent their sign. You can even get the centaur outline inside of this type of design to ensure that people know what they are looking at. Regardless of how you decide to design this type of tattoo, it is usually a very striking image; just make sure that an experienced artist does the work for you.

The mythological centaur Chiron, the most illustrious of the centaurs, is represented by the Sagittarius constellation. Chiron was the wise mentor of Achilles, and a dozen other ancient Greek heroes, whose skills and knowledge rivaled most others, archery and hunting most prominent in his repertoire. Again, if you take pride in being the “hunter” in your family, this could be the best way to show it. Showing Chiron in your tattoo also shows outsiders that you are the type of person who expects big things from yourself, as Chiron himself did.

With satyr-like qualities and more civilized attributes than other centaurs, Chiron is a symbol of the philosophical and intelligent qualities of the Sagittarius. People who were born under the sign and also take a lot of pride in their smarts might find that Chiron is one of the best ways they can show that in tattoo form. Likewise, Sagittarii who see themselves as the rational ones in their families or groups of friends could find that Chiron is the perfect Sagittarius symbol for them.

While many people do decide to get extremely complex and detailed Chiron tattoos, it’s actually not really necessary. There are some very cool-looking all-black Chiron designs that can work as large or small pieces. You can even get a Chiron tattoo – with a centaur body and a bow and arrow – without breaking the bank simply by getting an all-black piece; these designs work quite well as wrist tattoos.

A female centaur can be used as well to highlight a strong and wise female identity. The huntress is connected to Artemis (or Diana) in this way, a vibrant, female warrior. This Sagittarius tattoo is a fantastic way to show that you are a strong woman who also takes pride in all of your Sagittarius traits. Again, you can get Artemis as detailed or as simple as you want; just know that the less detail there is, the higher the chance outsiders will have no idea what your tattoo means.

The Sagittarius symbol, or simply an arrow, is another prevalent image used to identify with the zodiac sign. Those looking for a small symbol to stand on its own or to be combined with other designs might find the arrow to be the best Sagittarius tattoo for them. If you want to take it one step further, you can attach a feather to the arrow, giving your tattoo even more meaning.

The arrow refers to the tools of the precise and direct archer of the constellation and can be depicted on its own or piercing through its target. The arrow may strike through a heart, symbolizing the individual’s compassion, tenderness, and sensitivity. Alternatively, the arrow could be rendered soaring through the air, on its path to its target. Keep these things in mind since you will often be adding in more meanings based on how the arrow is drawn up.

Flowers or other feminine details can be added to soften the look while the natural features of the arrow, the head and fletching, can be emphasized to highlight the weaponry of the object. Obviously, the meanings are important, but so are the aesthetics of your design. If you find that something can be added to your arrow or other Sagittarius design, then don’t hesitate to add it.

Other traits that you can show your pride in through your Sagittarius tattoo include honesty, enthusiasm, dedication, and even being argumentative. What’s great about this is that it doesn’t matter which Sagittarius design you choose; these meanings will be included if you want them to be. Of course, if one or more of these meanings don’t make sense to you, you don’t have to attach them to your piece.

The addition of space imagery, stars, moons, and other heavenly bodies, enhances the concept of celestial knowledge, a gift of the Sagittarius. In most cases, these are the types of Sagittarius tattoos that show the owners have big expectations for themselves. They also can help to add a more “epic” look to a Sagittarius design.

Birthdates, names, or “Sagittarius” can be added to any of the symbols in order to create a stronger identification with the image. These are the types of elements that you will want to include if you really want outsiders to understand what your tattoo represents. Any or all of them can be added in any style that you choose. If you take a lot of pride in your sign, then by all means include every symbol that you can.

Most Sagittarius tattoos end up looking very cool, but to end up with a great one you really have to take your time during the design process. This is especially true if you are getting a very detailed Sagittarius tattoo, though even the simple symbols need to be designed and placed correctly. You should always work with a top tattoo artist when getting Zodiac sign tattoos, but that is especially true with Sagittarius tattoos since they often have quite a bit more detail.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of Sagittarius tattoos and why they are some of the most popular zodiac sign tattoos around today. If you do decide to get one of these designs, just be sure you take your time with the design and find a great artist to do the work for you.

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