Squirrel Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

There aren’t too many people who think of the squirrel tattoo as an option when they are trying to come up with a great animal tattoo to get, but it can actually be the perfect choice for some people. Below you will find some great squirrel tattoo meanings that are out there and things you’ll need to think about if you are planning on getting a squirrel tattoo.

One unique meaning that comes with the squirrel tattoo is liveliness. If you live in an area where squirrels roam, you’ll know exactly why this meaning is attached to these guys. As a tattoo meaning, this is perfect for people who are known for being out and about during their free time, going out during their time away from work rather than sitting at home. There really aren’t too many other animal tattoos that symbolize liveliness, so definitely consider it if this is one of the things you’re known for and are proud of.

Squirrels can also symbolize playfulness, again, for obvious reasons. If a squirrel finds another squirrel, you can be sure that they will be playing together for a while. Anyone who loves the fact that they have not lost their playful side as they have gotten older can show that off with a squirrel tattoo. If you do use this squirrel tattoo meaning, then you’ll probably want to get your squirrel(s) in action rather than sitting still, though that is not totally necessary.

Squirrels are little critters that have to constantly be on the lookout for cars and other dangers, so they are also seen to represent carefulness. This is a quality that some people really like about themselves because they feel that without it they would not make good decisions in their lives. It’s an especially great tattoo for people who have made mistakes in the past and want to be sure to be more cautious in the future.

Squirrels do quite a bit of traveling throughout their days, but they are known for their stability since they always seem to find their way back home. While there are plenty of great stability symbols out there, the squirrel is a great way to express that quality in a unique way. It’s especially great if you don’t necessarily want everyone to know what your tattoo means on first viewing. You can get your squirrel tattoo designed in any way to represent stability, but many people who use this meaning opt to get a family of squirrels.

Those who find that socializing is an important part of their lives may find that the squirrel tattoo is the perfect animal tattoo to represent them. As we pointed out earlier, squirrels seem to be happiest when they are with other squirrels, and many humans feel the same way about social interactions. If you only feel complete when others are around you sharing your air, then a squirrel tattoo could be a fantastic way to share that with the world.

Another thing that squirrels are known for is being careful planners. They are constantly thinking about where they are going to find their next nut and where they can hide it. It seems like even when they’re playing or just standing on a branch they are planning out their next moves. This makes the squirrel tattoo an excellent animal tattoo choice for anyone who is constantly organizing their life and feels better once everything is written down or typed into their phone. This is yet another squirrel tattoo meaning that won’t come through clearly unless you make it clear through the design.

Along those same lines, squirrels are also quite creative as they have to hide their nuts in places where other squirrels can’t find them. They aren’t always successful in this mission, but they definitely do put a lot of thought and effort into making sure their nuts are safe. If you were looking for a unique way to show that you are a creative person and also happen to like squirrels, then getting a squirrel tattoo might just be perfect for you.

You can also get a squirrel tattoo for their cuteness alone. Even if this is not a quality that you think you have, you can get the squirrel tattoo just to show that you think they’re adorable. Of course, if your cuteness is something you take pride in, then the squirrel tattoo would be even more perfect for you. Though not necessary, some people will get a cartoony squirrel to give them extremely cute expressions.

How you get your squirrel tattoo designed is just as important as the meaning that you are going to use. You’ll obviously want to think about the meaning when you are designing the tattoo, but the most important thing is that it fits well in the location where you plan on getting it. For example, if you want to get a squirrel tattoo on your arm, then you will probably want to get it sitting down so it works better as a vertical tattoo. If you want to get your squirrel running, then you will probably want to plan on getting it on your back, your chest, or your stomach.

You’ll also want to think about how detailed you want your squirrel to be. They have very fluffy tails and hairs popping out everywhere, so realistic squirrel tattoos can be pretty complex designs. You might also decide to get just the outline of a squirrel or a silhouette, in which case you won’t have as much detail in your tattoo but you can still use all of the same meanings. Talk to your tattoo artist about all of your choices and the prices you’ll have to pay for each variation.

Most people don’t realize how cool and meaningful squirrel tattoos are. They are pretty fascinating creatures and they have some fantastic meanings attached to them, so the squirrel tattoo might be a great way for you to show off your own qualities while also having a cool-looking animal tattoo on your skin.

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  1. In Germany we have a saying “the devil is a squirrel”. This idiom can have many meanings, depending on the region you live in or the time. It’s color is red or black, which both associated with the devil. It is very quick, which makes it difficult for hunters to get them, moving with “devilish speed”, mocking and deceiving you about their real location. Then it looks very harmless, but is a carnivore. So the saying can also mean that something looks harmless at first sight, but really isn’t. Funnily, in some regions superstitious people were mocked by saying about them that they would believe the devil to be a squirrel. And in nordic mythology there is the squirrel Ratatoskr, living on the world tree Yggdrasil, communicating with the (wise) eagle high above and the creatures below (telling nonsense, gossip or mocking them). – I prefer still another meaning of this saying, referring to the fact that you may bury your nut (your bs) and feel you’re safe, but invariably it will come up one day and be found (out). I work in accounting, where this is def esp true! ;)


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