Sunset Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

For centuries, people have stood in amazement as they watched the sun slowly crest over the horizon. The sister of sunrises, sunsets are a brilliant spectacle that allows anyone who sees them to be gifted with the magical colors that overcome them. Countless romantic walks on the beach and dinners have been had under the setting sun.

Although these sunsets are appreciated by almost every human that sees one, they are also an awe-inspiring site for the creatures on our planet to see as well. One of the amazing things about sunsets is that there is always a sunset happening at some place and sometimes in the world.

A sunset can be happening on one beach while somewhere else there is a sunrise. This is such an incredible way of knowing that their life will go on and that there is an eternal cycle of life. That is the beauty in each sunset, knowing that although the sun may be setting where you are, blasting colors and every spectrum of light into the sky, someone else somewhere is seeing the sunrise and is just starting their day.

People who may find an interest in the phenomenon that occurs when the sun sets, may be interested in a sunset tattoo. Sunset tattoos can look like sunrise tattoos but will typically portray more dark, rich tones such as deep purples, orange blues and reds. On the opposite, sunrise tattoos will have lighter tones such as light yellows and lighter reds and oranges.

These can be easily confused but to make sure that you are getting a sunset tattoo, ensure that the scene has a darker ambiance to the scene such as some rich, deep colors and black underlays. Go for the deep essence of purple and blues with black set in the background and around the images in your sunset scene and you will be guaranteed to show everyone who sees it, your love for sunsets.

Sunset tattoos may be some of the most iconic, brilliant, and subtle ways of showing artistry in the world of tattoos today. Getting a sunset tattoo can speak volumes for the person getting this tattoo. A picture is a thousand words and in this case, that statement is confirmed. Thousands of people all around the world have gotten a sunset tattoo in some way, shape or form.

Whether it is a full back piece sunset scene mixed with trees and a beach with flowers bordering the tattoo or a highly detailed calf piece that shows every ray of sunlight coming through the clouds with birds flying in the air and water crashing on the beach, this tattoo will be a gorgeous site on any part of the body and anyone who is looking to get one.

Even though sunset tattoos are seen as a beautiful scene that can be enjoyed by anyone who sees it. They can also be used to show a sad time in your life as well. Plenty of songs, stories and poems have been written about sunsets and not all of them are happy but for the most part, they are. Sunsets, again, are a reminder of the eternal, seemingly endless cycle that we call life and with that cycle comes life and death. These tattoos can have many meanings that can be a sign of beauty, life, death, hope, peace, inspiration, and love.

When deciding to get a sunset tattoo, there are many options of scenery you can do to display your vision. You can get this tattoo simply with just a sun setting over a beach or mountain range, or you can get a highly detailed piece that includes other elements in the piece. You can get a sunset tattoo with palm trees or pine trees, script, the ocean, birds, ships on the water, etc.

There are lots of options out there for you to decide from. Be creative and maybe add some things to the scene that are significant to you. An example would be if you are signifying your newfound peace, add a dove or two in the scene flying over the sunset to show your newfound peace in life. Script such as poems or famous quotes also are very good way to express the meaning of the tattoo to you.

You can get this around the border of the tattoo or incorporated throughout the tattoo. If you decide to go this route, be sure to decide on a font that will work well with the vibe of the tattoo.

When it comes to the placement of a sunset tattoo, anything flies. Sunset tattoos work well as arm and leg tattoos as well as feet and hand tattoos. Generally, women will choose to get a sunset tattoo on their wrists, forearms, ankles and half sleeves. Men will go for the chest piece, back piece or the half sleeve as well. There is no better option than another and anything that you think will look good, most likely will. These tattoos can also be done small enough to put on the top of your hand or large enough to cover your entire stomach.

A sunset tattoo design can be similar for men and women and is a very unisex tattoo which makes it a good choice for couples or friends looking to get matching tattoos as well. Whichever placement and size you choose, make sure to consult with your favorite tattoo artist and ask what they would suggest as they will usually have excellent input on how the tattoo will look based on your muscle structure and available space.

So, you have decided to get a sunset tattoo. Now start to do your research to find what elements you would like to include in your tattoo. Try to develop some unique symbols that might have a deep meaning to you. There are many styles of sunset tattoos out there ranging from cartoon-like and playful, to highly detailed and realistic.

Find what style best matches your personality and then think about whether you want to have a large or small piece done. Remember you can incorporate all sorts of elements like scripts, birds, trees and waves. Have fun with this tattoo and we promise you won’t regret it.

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