Trust No One Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The Trust No One tattoo is a very interesting text tattoo because you can never really be sure why a person chooses to get that particular text on their skin. Popularized in recent years by star singer Lana Del Rey, this tattoo gives people a chance to express themselves in multiple ways, which is pretty impressive considering it’s only a three words long. ]

On this page we will take a look at some of the reasons why people choose to get the Trust No One tattoo and what you’ll want to think about before you get one.

We should start out by pointing out that the Trust No One tattoo can have multiple meanings to everyone that gets one, so it’s hard to nail down the exact meanings when you see this type of tattoo on someone’s skin. To some people that is a great thing because the tattoo has an air of mystery to it even if that wasn’t the owner’s intention. Just know that if you get one of these tattoos there’s a pretty good chance that people will be wondering what it means and might actually ask you about it from time to time.

The most obvious reason why someone might choose to get the Trust No One tattoo is because they really don’t trust anyone and they feel like that approach helps them in life. Some people might see that as an unhealthy way to go about things, while others see it as a great way to stay focused and to not let people (especially people they don’t know) derail them.

Another reason why you might want to get a Trust No One tattoo is because you have learned not to trust people too early in your relationships. This is a mistake that most of us make and it can definitely backfire on us. Using this meaning shows that you are the type of person who really does take the time to get to know others before you put their trust in them.

What’s interesting about the Trust No One tattoo is that it usually isn’t meant to be taken literally since owners of this tattoo might trust plenty of people but have their reasons for getting this text design. It’s a way to show that while you do trust some people, you won’t trust them automatically. It could also mean that you have trusted easily in the past and you are not going to make that mistake again in the future.

The Trust No One tattoo could be looked at as the ultimate personal tattoo since owners of these designs often don’t say why they chose to get those words in tattoo form. Sure, people will assume that you have trust “issues,” but that shouldn’t be a problem for most people that get one of these designs.

Since the Trust No One tattoo is a text tattoo design, you are going to have to find a great font to use if you decide to get one. Since the primary meaning is right there in the words, you really don’t have to focus on choosing a font that makes the message any clearer.

You can go with a very creative font that gives a bit of pop to the words, or you could even get a simpler font that has a more natural look to it. The key to picking a font for text tattoos is looking for one that you will always be happy to see on your skin even after years of owning the tattoo.

Images and symbols are sometimes added into Trust No One tattoos to give a fuller picture of who the owner is and what’s important to them. The image could connect directly to the words, or it might have nothing at all to do with them. A lot of people like to add symbols and texts to these types of tattoos when they know it’s the only ink they’re going to get. If you didn’t know, many small symbols have some great meanings attached to them that can give outsiders a better understanding of who you are.

Finding a location to place a Trust No One is actually pretty easy since it’s only three words and it can easily be enlarged or shrunken down to fit anywhere on the body. You might find that it works best as a wrist or hand tattoo, or you might even want to blow it up to fit on your chest or back. The most important thing is getting it to line up in an attractive way on your body, which a good tattoo artist should be able to help you with. You’ll also want to factor in any images or symbols you want to use before deciding on a place to put it.

The Trust No One tattoo is one of those designs you should think long and hard about before committing to it since it is borderline controversial and might get you some feedback that you don’t like.

They are pretty powerful words and the truth is that some people might not even give you the time of day if they feel like they have no shot at making you trust them. However, if the words simply make sense for you or they motivate you in some way, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one of these tats and you shouldn’t worry about what others might think of it. Just be sure that you will always want to have those words on your skin before you sit down in any tattoo artist’s chair.

We hope you now have a better understanding of what Trust No One tattoos are and some of the reasons why people like to get these text tattoos. It’s a small text tattoo that happens to have multiple deep meanings, so it’s not too shocking that so many people are interested in getting one. If you do end up deciding to get a Trust No One tattoo, be sure to hire an artist who has done good work on their text tattoos in the past.

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