Water Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

It could be said that water is the most important thing in the world. 71% of the Earth is made of water. In addition, about 60% of the human body is comprised of water. Every living thing on this earth can’t live without it. Water is a force of nature. It has the ability to create or destroy.

A Tsunami can wipe out an entire island and the flow of water can erode mountains. On the other hand, small drops of water can nourish a small plant and gently guide it into this world. Water can fit into most spaces and can adapt to any situation.

This goes to show you the importance water in our lives. Because it is so important, it doesn’t surprise us that so many people get water tattooed on their body in some way or another. That is another great thing about the water tattoo. It comes in so many forms and variations that we will never be short of options when looking to get our own water tattoo.

In this post we will talk about the importance of water in our lives and why so many people get it tattooed on their body. We will talk about the symbolism behind water and what it means to those that choose to get this tattoo. In addition, we will talk about some of the variations of the water tattoo that we’ve seen and talk about the symbolism and importance of this tattoo. By the end of the post, you should have a pretty good idea of some water tattoos that you might want to have inked in the future.

Water Symbolism

When speaking of water in general terms, the symbolism goes as deep as the sea. From mystery and wonder to intuition and magic, water has a vast set of meanings that will really depend on what image you choose. It is a symbol of fertility and purity. Water is often viewed as life itself. This idea goes back ages when you recount numerous myths where life emerges from the water.

Water holds great symbolism within religious context as well. In Christianity, water sometimes symbolizes a cleansing of a spiritual nature that might come when you accept Christ in your life. Consider the idea of being baptized. Your sins are wiped clean with the water and you start fresh in Christ’s eyes.

In Buddhism, water is supposed to symbolize a calmness in us. It also represents clarity and purity. It is imperative for those that follow the Buddhist religion to be in harmony with nature.

In Judaism, water plays an important cleansing role. Judaism was addressing environmental issues far before the rest of the world was. They understood it was a human concern and not just a specific area. The perspective of the Talmud on the environment says that even though we use everything on this earth for our needs, we should never recklessly destroy or damage our environment.

In Islam, water is a gift from God, and it is life. Because of this, water should never be sold or purchased. Islam is very aware of the importance of water and prohibits the pollution, spillage and monopolization of water.

Water Tattoo Variations

With a water tattoo, you can get very creative. Meanings might vary depending on the cultural significance of the image along with the image itself. We won’t be able to get to every water image as there are countless ones to choose from but below are some popular ways we have seen water tattooed.

Japanese Water Tattoo

Water is used in almost all forms of Japanese tattooing or Irezumi. Not only is there a great deal of symbolism but it is great filler as well. In Japanese culture, water represents the simplicity and purity of life. In the indigenous religion of Shintoism, water is said to be a primary force and is sacred.

This is why that no matter what symbol you see in Japanese tattooing, you are bound to see some water in there.

Wave Tattoo

Water can be calm, or it can be angry. When getting a tattoo of a wave crashing down, you might be dealing with overwhelming emotions that might drown you if you don’t deal with it. However, the wave isn’t always a thing to worry about for the wearer of this tattoo. The wave tattoo can also represent a specific moment or place in your life. It might also symbolize a love for the water or surfing. The idea of the wave tattoo is to represent the power of water.

Waterfall Tattoo

Like most forms of water, the waterfall can be peaceful and calming or almighty and powerful. It shows you the ebbs and flows of life. You can either be showing signs of beauty as the waterfall is a sight to see or, you might be representing an inner power that is as strong as a waterfall.

Waterfalls tend to be carved out of mountains so when you see one, you know it has been there for a long time. Therefore, the waterfall tattoo can represent wisdom. If you stand under a waterfall, you might be able to hear whispers from ancient voices.

River Tattoo

The river, like many waters themed tattoos, shows us the power of water. It also shows us the flow of the river and the way the water follows that path and moves around anything in its path. A river tattoo is a great way to represent the idea of moving forward. It also represents “going with the flow”. There are many transitions in life, and you shouldn’t run from these. You were meant to go through them, so the river tattoo is a great reminder to just go with the current and if you do, you are bound to come out the other side a changed person.

Whatever water themed tattoo you want to get, know that you are getting a symbol inked on your body that has a great deal of symbolism. Decide on what design works best for you and if you need to find an artist and you aren’t sure on how to do it, let us know.

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